Python Engineer / Fullstack

Kyiv · $4000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

5+ years of software engineering experience. Last 3 years in Python. Languages: Python, Javascript, APEX(SalesForce Java-like language) Frameworks: React.js, Flask Storage: Postgres, DynamoDB, Redis APIs: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, SalesForce, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, Yandex Direct Libraries: SQLAlchemy, Alembic Tools: AWS stack (AWS Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, SQS...)

Python, JavaScript, React.js, REST API, Flask, OOP

Worked with marketing platforms a lot and also have expert knowledge in digital marketing field. Worked with the team in the technical lead role changing the state of the product from "issues are everywhere and stakeholders are angry" to "product is stable and we can plan further enchantments for it". I understand how business works and can handle tasks which help company to grow on scale. If you need an Engineer with good problem-solving skills, let's talk. 1. Designed and implemented platform to manage 1MIO ads (ads creation, bid management) for E-commerce project. 2. Built and implemented algorithms for bid-management which allowed us to increase online marketing ROI by 30%. 3. Implemented account mapping solution having 85% accuracy and outperformed the solution from the company which is 5 years in the business already. 4. Scaled and accelerated business process which reducing time to followup with prospect leads from 5 days to 1 day and a half. 5. Implemented incoming leads ML project which allowed marketing team to be focused on ones with the highest value for the business.

* Want high autonomy at work (perfect case when there is a problem and I can choose, suggest and implement the solution). * Interested in building products that solve the Problem and make users happy. * Highly-interested in working with ML projects. * Mentor less experienced software engineers.


Розробник Python

Ukraina i za ee predelami · $1000 · 2.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Приветствую! Я разработчик, на данный момент фрилансер. Мой профиль - разработка digital решений и инструментов для бизнеса. Я создаю такие вещи как: административные системы, небольшие crm/erm, SaaS, сервисы, различные чат-боты для мессенджеров, веб-сайты различной сложности, интернет магазины и т д. В этом я использую как основной инструмент: Python (Django/Flask) и Javascript (React/Vue). Я занимаюсь тем, что люблю и умею. Моя цель - создавать решения которые помогут клиентам построить результативный бизнес. Решать задачи которые достигая нужного результата.

Python, Django, Docker, JavaScript, REST API, OOP, AWS, Flask, MySQL, MongoDB, Linux, Pandas, Wordpress, HTML, Git, JSON

Если в кратце то через год фриланса - перестал посещать и как либо взаимодействовать с «фриланс биржами», и при этом простоя в работе небыло. А многие клиенты стали постоянными. Я не трудоголик, просто «могу».

Интересный проект, в котором возможно будет возможность поработать с какими-то необычными технологиями из сферы моих интересов.


Computer Vision / Machine Learning Engineer

Kyiv · $4500 · 9 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

face detection and recognition, image tagging, inappropriate photos detection detection of pathogenic variations in genes large scale web crawling and data extraction detection of empty parking lots using webcamera control, navigation, route planning and map building for small 4W robot image search service Tools: Python, Keras, OpenCV, Tensorflow, pandas, scikit-image, scikit-learn. Also experience with Docker, Kubernetes, backend development and related tools.

Python, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Data Mining, Keras, scikit-learn, pandas, Kubernetes, Backend Development, Computer Vision

пару лет занимался research проектами на текущем месте работы (face recognition, robotics, image classification etc) работал над парой своих проектов (анализ медицинских текстов, поисковая система для изображений) в текущее время развиваю свой проект по анализу и поиску изображений

небольшие команды, никаких опенспейсов, командировки, нетривиальные задачи и рисерч


Middle+ Python developer 

Rovno, remote · $2500 · 6 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

- Python (commercial=6y), cisco networking; google cloud; docker; vagrant; sqlalchemy (commercial~1.5 y), alembic; mongodb; OWASP, virtualisation. - Good knowledge nix* based os (8y, commercial=4y): centos, ubuntu. - Working with: sqlite, mysql, postgresql, git, gerrit, scram, JIRA; - Scrapping, parsing, data mining; - Base knowledge of DevOps tools: ansible, vagrant, docker, packer; - Base knowledge other: bash, perl, flask, django; - Daily status meetings, progress monitoring, release planning, release notes, forming backlog (scrum), code review (gerrit), code quality control, mentoring, technical interview candidates, prepare a specification, prepare documentation, prepare internal wiki.

Python, Linux, MySQL, SQLite, Cisco, Google Cloud

Database query optimization. Code tests coverage 85%. Python code quality PEP8. Continuous integration support. Push project to production (30k servers) with minimum issues (like 20 support issue feedback).

Adequate management


Junior Java Developer

Khmelnytskiy · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Look at my CV

Java, Java Core, MySQL, Docker, Docker compose, Linux, OOP, Git, Spring, SQL, JUnit, JSON, Spring Boot, Maven, Gradle, XML, Microservices, Mockito, REST, Tomcat, JPA, Hibernate, Spring MVC

A skilled and motivated Junior Java Developer with a good technical background. Excellent communication skills and able to work in a team and the java community to define and refine new functionality. Looking for an ambitious company that will challenge my developer and problem-solving skills and allows me to continue to develop my knowledge and potential.


Python Developer 

Kyiv · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Написання великої кількості вебскрейперів з використанням aiohttp. Компонування цих вебскрейперів через rest api в єдиний додаток. Тестування та дебаггінг бібліотеки яка займалась обробкою та компонуванням різних датасетів для відправки на Spark кластер за допомогою PySpark

Scraping, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Linux, Git, REST API, Docker, Flask, PySpark, Test driven development , pytest

SEO, Asynchronous scraping

Comfy workspace, flexible hours, possibility of remote work


Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer

Kyiv · $3300 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- AB testing and significance validation - analysis of user's behavior and product's features usage and presenting results - modeling user's behavior using Markov Chains methods - TS analysis and prediction - built and deployed classifiers using sklearn - built uplift modeling and churn prediction classifiers - worked with marketing team on automating data processing and product's database improvements - developing algorithms for forecasting company income and subscription renewal rates - monitoring and alerting for changes in internal performance - making a full-scale validation of processed data - developing email strategy from scratch with email-marketing team - Acquiring data from different APIs (Google Analytics/CRM systems, Google Ads) - ETL / Data preprocessing and inserting into storage (Oracle) - Data visualization - Requirement gathering for IT dep on demand for different project - Data analysis on demand from different stakeholders, getting insights and making recommendations. tools: - Python (numpy, pandas, scipy,seaborn,matplotlib, requests, cx_oracle, sklearn,fbprophet,gspread,google2pandas, gbq) - Excel, Google Sheets - Google Analytics/ Google Tag Manager/ Hotjar/ Google Bigquery - Tableau/Metabase/Google Data studio - SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle) - NoSQL (DynamoDB) - Git/Docker

MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, Docker, Git, sklearn, Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, fbprophet, statistics, dynamodb, metabase, ETL, data engineering, feature engineering, data cleaning, time series analysis, time series prediction, OOP, WEB scraping, http/https, statistical analysis, xgboost, Catboost, AWS

I'm searching for a new challenges, interesting projects and smart teams, where could learn something or learn someone. - please don't offer job titles with Business Intelligence responsibilities!


Junior Python Developer

Kyiv · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Passed Softserve IT Academy courses (python development). Developed web application in a team of 6 people for 3 months. Application has client side on Angular and a RESTful web service on Flask. Used GitLab as version control system. Tools & Technologies: Angular, Flask, SQLAlchemy, unittest, Celery, PostgreSQL, Redis, Git, marshmallow

Python, Git, PostgreSQL, Linux, Django, JavaScript, OOP


Software Engineer

Ivano-Frankivsk · $2000 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Software Developer (Python, Pandas, NumPy, Keras, Tensorflow, Flask) - data analysis, data wrangling, building models (Machine Learning, Deep Learning) Other experience: Docker, web and app servers, Linux

Python, Docker, Flask, Git, Linux, Machine Learning, Tensorflow, scikit-learn, Deep Learning, Jupyter Notebook, Pandas, Data Science, NumPy

Please don't offer Front-End, Full-Stack positions, especially any web development. I'm only interested in machine learning, deep learning, etc.


Python/Django Developer

Kyiv · $600 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Highly motivated Python Developer looking for new opportunities. I have a proficient understanding of software development principles and OOP, worked with Python and frameworks. Got knowledge and practice in SQL & DB and Web technologies. Eager and able to grasp new knowledge quickly and easily.

Python, Git, Django, PostgreSQL, REST API, Flask, HTML, Linux, CSS

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