Senior Software Engineer

Remote work, Russia · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

работал в сфере антиспама, мобильных игр, видеонаблюдения, бухгалтерии, трекинга, банковской сфере

Python, AWS, PHP, docker-compose, Golang, Perl, Django, Lua, Ruby, vagrant, Kubernetes, Flask, C/C++, Linux, PostgreSQL, Redis, Celery, MongoDB, OOP, Jira, Erlang, Nginx, C#, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, ExtJS, Hadoop, Docker, REST API, uWSGI, DevOps, Test Driven Development, UnitTest, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Bootstrap, Jenkins, Debian, Apache2, CI/CD, Code review, Asterisk, AJAX, NoSQL, Git, Java, MVC, pylint

внедрением в прод моих программ, они эффективны и удовлетворили заказчика и меня

интересные задачи, современные технологии, автоматизация процесса разработки


Unity Developer

Kyiv · $1000 · 2 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Летом 2016 года разрабатывал самостоятельно игру для android C осени 2016 года учусь в UNIT Factory за это время работал со многими языками и разными проектами как разработчик Полтора года работы с блокчейн технологиями Работал проджект менеджером 6 месяцев.

Game Development, Git, Unity3D, OOP, Unity, C++, GameDev, C#, Java, game design, trello, Team management, Project Management

Создание образовательных проектов для UNIT Factory За 2 недели интенсивного обучение на которое потратил 175 часов Успешно разработал такие игры: 2D - несколько мини игр, каждая из которых разрабатывается за пару часов - платформер, где необходимо управлять 3 кубами для прохождение уровня - Warcraft, работа с анимацией, логикой АИ, и другими вещами - TowerDefence, работа UI и логикой башен и другими вещами - Соник платформер - TDS игра хотлайн майами 3D игры - Cтелс игра, где необходимо было с генерировать красивый уровень с небольшой логикой, работа с освещением и другими вещами - 3D танчики, в основном работа с NavMesh, terrain и другими вещами - Hack and slash игра с видом сверху, работа с 3D анимацией, логикой врагов, боями, передвижениями, прокачкой персонажей, деревом скилов, cамими скиллами и многим другим


Python Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $1200 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Experienced with: - Python - Django/Flask - SQL - Git Experience in the development of the e-commerce and social based(e.g. blogs, social networks, etc) web applications. Experienced with data delivery and web scraping.

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Git, REST API, Flask, SQL, RabbitMQ, Cassandra, Docker, Postman

Participated in creating and supporting enterprise solutions. Participated in the full development cycle and testing of web applications. Implemented domain-driving design

I’m looking for part time/remote job opportunity with flexible schedule.


Python Developer

Kyiv, EU, USA, Canada, Amsterdam · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Python, PostgreSQL, Django, Linux, MongoDB, asyncio, RabbitMQ, Google Cloud, OOP, SQL, Celery


Розробник Python

Kyiv, Vinnitsia · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

I am a Python developer with a background working in financial markets building and executing trading strategies for Quantopian, TradingView and zipline framework. I am experienced with building reporting systems that automate recurrent tasks, and presenting visually appealing data. I have extensive experience using (Python 2.7-3.7.x,conda, pipenv, virtualenv, pandas,pip,highcharts,matplotlib,zipline) and statistical analysis to build algorithms that consume and analyse data from flat files, databases and other sources including live data streams. I have built full backtesting systems and live trading systems. I'm interested in analysing data, automating processes, and building systems both large and small to leverage statistical relationships and report clear, presentable information. So I have analysis of algorithmic strategies in Quantopian, TradingView and zipline framework. Research of trading strategies in the Jupiter Notebook (Python 3.x). tags: ==== Python 2.7,3.5,3.7 Python debuggers:pdb,webpdb,ipdb Python packages: pandas,highcharts,matplotlib,zipline,sqlite3,scrapy Packet managers for python software installations: conda,pipenv,pip Version control:TortoiseSVN,TortoiseHg,git,mercurial

Python, Linux, REST API, HTML, JSON

Looking for scrapy, conda, python, REST API, TradingView, zipline framework.


Software Developer

Remote work, Malaysia · $3300 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

C++, QT, Python, HMI/Middleware, Linux

C++, OOP, Git, Multithreading, CMake, Jira, bash, Qt, STL, Python

Not interested in embedded.


Junior Python/JavaScript Developer

Lviv · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

EXPERIENCE 2016 - 2019 Front-End Developer at "REA Octave" (Real Estate & IT) — I was regularly searching and mastering popular technologies in programming and building modern websites. Demo: Also, (prev. Researcher) I analyzed the subject area, looked for more perspective IT-directions. 2010 - 2013 Software QA Engineer at "Business-Automation" (IT) — I tested new assemblies of software products, I translated elements of the graphical user interface, and I moderated a forum of technical support on the company's website. 2001 - 2009 UI/UX Designer at Entrepreneur Makovyak E.R. (Real Estate & IT) — I developed a data model, templates for representing elements of the graphical user interface when we were creating a prototype of software tools for realtors. Also, (prev. Business Analyst) I analyzed the subject area, took part in the development and testing of software for realtors, I wrote technical documentation, provided sales, installed and provided technical support to users. TECHNICAL SKILLS - Python/Django, Java-Script/React, PHP, С - HTML, CSS, XML - TCP/IP, HTTP - PostgreSQL, SQLite - REST, OOP, DOM, MVC, AJAX, jQuery, JSON, Jinja - Linux, PipEnv, Git, AWS S3, Heroku OTHER - I have a long and successful experience of cooperation with colleagues in working groups. - If necessary, a recommendation may be given from the last place of my work.

Django, Flask, JSON, jQuery, AJAX, MVC, HTTP, TCP/IP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Git, PostgreSQL, Linux, REST API, OOP, ORM, SQL, AWS, Django REST Framework, React

1994 - 2000 I studied at the State University "Lviv Polytechnic" in the specialty "Information Control Systems and Technologies", and I got a diploma with the qualification "system engineer". Summer 2018 I studied the online course "CS50: Fundamentals of Programming" at the and I got the appropriate certificate. Autumn 2018 I successfully passed the English language test on and I got a confirmation letter with the level of «strong intermediate».

I wish to take part in the creation of advanced software products.


Python Trainee

Zaporizhzhya · $100 · Pre-Intermediate

Студент, без опыта работы. Имею самостоятельную практику. Хочу работать в направлении Python/Django Делал небольшие проекты на Django, так же реализовал MVC фреймворк на PHP и небольшой проект на нем.

Python, Django, OOP, SQL, CSS, HTML

Хочу получить бесценный опыт, состояться как разработчик и трудоустроиться.


Junior Python developer

Remote work, Russia · $800 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Python, Django, SQL, HTML

Python, Django, Git, HTML, PostgreSQL, SQLite

1. Created the website (Django 1.7, SQLite) for learning purpose. 2. Worked on the open-source project in a team of other volunteers (Django) 3. a. Created the initial website template (Django 1.11, PostgreSQL). b. Worked with the database of keywords, filtering and sorting text data (Python 3 scripts) c. Scraped data from the website (requests, BeautifulSoup) d. Collected data from Yandex Direct and Pravoved websites and write it to Google Spreadsheets on a regular basis 4. Worked with Yandex Direct API. Wrote functions for automation of advertisement campaigns 5. Worked with Google Adwords scripts (JavaScript). Wrote functions to work with database of keywords

I'm looking for a company where I could apply my knowledge of Python and Django. I'm looking for a team that I can learn from.

15 June

Frontend Team Lead 

$3200 · 8 years of experience · Intermediate

The total work experience is about 9 years. Vanilla JavaScript, Angular, Backbone, Underscore, react + redux. JS optimizations for different browsers NodeJS, work with sockets Work with Grunt, Webpack OOP, design patterns Work with Git, SVN I actively follow the trends in web development. Confident use of Linux, MacOS, Unix shell Work with highly loaded services Distribution of tasks, planning and risk assessment. Prioritization, workflow structuring. Interaction with managers and developers. Work with Redmine, Assembla, Megaplan, Asana

AJAX, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Kanban, LESS, Project Management, React, Node.js, Redmine, Angular.js, MongoDB

Launch of an international project for NTV + hybrid set-top box. Our team made UI for it, with which we won the Big Digit award. Creating a situational center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

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