Junior Python Developer

Львів · $400 · Intermediate

My pet-projects: 1. Blog. Django project for my portfolio. Represent simple blog with CRUD and login/logout functionality. What I Learned * make unique URL using slugs * use class-based forms and django-crispy-forms * use pagination (divide posts feed to many pages) * use mixins to handle user permissions 2. TodoList Django + Angular project for my portfolio. Represent simple todo list app with CRUD functionality. Main goal of this project is to learn what is REST API and how to create and use it, as well as get familiar with Angular. What I Learned * make REST API from backend (using Django REST framework) * learn what is cors-headers * create Angular app * learn Angualar basics (module, apps, router) 3. Italiano-Restaurant Django project for my portfolio. Represent web-site of an Italian restaurant. Front-end was taken from template I did back-end. What I Learned * Breaking website into templating * Interaction with Database * Customizing ModelAdmin classes * Handling basic forms and taking input from user

Python, Django, REST API, PostgreSQL, OOP, Git, Django REST Framework

I want to work on the development of backend systems, expect friendly and professional team, looking for professional growth.


Python Developer

Харьков · $3500 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

AWS, asyncio, Celery, ElasticSearch, Vue.js, Threads, BeautifulSoup, Selenium WebDriver, Scrapy, Highload, WebSockets, Python, PostgreSQL, Django, Linux, MySQL, REST API, JavaScript, Docker, Git, Redis, MongoDB, Flask, SQL, bash


System administrator

Киев · $600 · 1 год опыта · Intermediate

TrioLan LLC 09.2017 - 08.2018 - LAN/WAN building; - System and Network administration; - Scripting (automation) some tasks; - Working with network equipment (switches, hubs etc); - Configuration VLAN;

Linux, bash, Windows, Networking, DHCP, Ubuntu, Linux/Unix, TCP/IP, Python, VMware, Zabbix, DNS, Hyper-V, Virtualization, Cisco, Active Directory

- Have professional certificates (CISCO Linux, CISCO CCNA); - Working with CISCO devices; - Have experience with scripting; - Good knowledges about DNS, DHCP, VLAN, TCP/IP etc; - Experience with python; - Have good soft skills, friendly; - Have basic experience with Active Directory;

Please do not offer me position L1 level, like HelpDesk or something else. Thank You


Разработчик Python/Django

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1200 · 1,5 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Django, Flask, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Linux, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Docker, GitLab, GitLab CI/CD

CSS3, HTML5, Python, Django, Docker, REST API, Bootstrap, Flask, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Kubernetes, MongoDB, PHP


Python Developer

Киев · $2500 · 2 года опыта · Intermediate

Skills: Python (Flask, SQLAlchemy, Pandas, AsyncIO, aiohttp, Celery), JavaScript (jQuery, Vue.js, NPM, AJAX, REST, JSON, Gulp), HTML5, CSS3 (SASS, SCSS, Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation), SQL (SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL), Redis, InfluxDB. Other: Git, design patterns, TDD, Agile, linux, basic bash scripting, Docker. Languages: Ukrainian/Russian – native, English - B1

CSS, CSS3, Flask, HTML, HTML5, Adobe Photoshop, AJAX, Git, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, JSON, PostgreSQL, Python, SASS, SCSS, SQL, SQLite, SVG, Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation, MySQL, OOP

Created 'Face Recognition' and 'Object Classification' markup tools (tools for processing datasets for neural network learning), worked on another markup tool in team.

Gain new experience and improve existing skills. Working in a team with good developers.


Team Lead / Full Stack / Architect / CTO

Харьков · $6000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

15 years experience Various business areas (multimedia, accounting, e-comerce, data processing) Various positions - Developer / Team lead / Architect

Python, Django, Vue, Angular, Docker, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Flask, REST API, AWS, Git, Linux, Celery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

- built 2 development teams/offices for European customers - completed 20+ of large successful projects - these projects generated 7 figures profits (or expenses cut)

I will be perfect for your business if you: - need create MVP in a very short time to test your market - collect/hire a team of developers (with local competitive salary) - setup an office in Ukraine - build development processes (from hiring to CI/CD and integration)


Middle Android Developer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1000 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

I have 3 years of commercial experience as android developer. I use Kotlin(I also know Java), MVVM, Dagger2, RxJava, Room. I have tried a lot of services such as geolocation api, accelerometer, google maps, advertisements in my projects Here is my published app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.notibuyer.app Besides I dabble in Machine learning, python, keras.

Android, Java, kotlin, Git, REST API, MVVM, JSON, Gradle, Retrofit, Dagger2, JUnit, Multithreading, SQLite, realm, Room, OkHttp , Dependency Injection, Dagger 2, XML, Design Patterns, Android development, Espresso Test

I am proud of writing reliable custom views and compound views.

I want to work remotely on any android project, but I would prefer to develop an app with Artificial intelligence which requires importing tensorflow


Разработчик Python

Одесса · $400 · Intermediate

Без опыта работы. Скрипты для работы с API (VK, FB, Twitter). Учебные проекты DataArt IT school. Интересуют позиции Intern, Trainee

Python, Django, Git, Linux, Flask, Bootstrap, SQLite

DataArt IT school, NASA Space apps challenge, Bioinformatics summer school

Менторство и карьерный рост


Python backend developer - Team Lead

Одесса · $3800 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

Programming distributed systems and fraud detection systems from scratch.

Linux, MongoDB, Python, ElasticSearch, Flask, PostgreSQL, REST, Tornado, MySQL, RabbitMQ

Analytics solutions, distributed and high-load systems. Ability to build an effective team.

Difficult, interesting team goals


Python/Django Developer

Львов · $350 · Pre-Intermediate

frontend/backend разработка на Django/JavaScript/Html/CSS Программы на С/C++, Assembler в университете Компьютерные игры без графики на Python, C++

Django, Python, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, SQL

Собственные программы на C++/Python на различные темы Вёрстка сайтов и серверов на Css/Django

Получить опыт разработки и проектирования сложных проектов. Участвовать в командных работах Улучшить навыки программирования на Python для последующего перехода в сферу Искусственного Интеллекта.

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