Python/Django Developer

Lviv · $350 · Upper Intermediate

I studied in SoftServe IT Academy, where I had an experience in design, development and management of applications, using Python, MySQL, JS, JQuery, AJAX, CSS, HTML, Git, Django etc. Our project was a web application which supposed to assist a person or a group of people with tracking and controlling their incomes, expenses and users have a possibility to manage their financial balance. Also I have created a few applications using other Python web frameworks as Flask,Tornado and aiohhtp.

Python, Django, Linux, MySQL, Flask, JavaScript, SQL, jQuery, REST API, Git, HTML5, Bootstrap, HTML, JSON, CSS, MongoDB


C++ Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have written app to support blockchain currency for Ledger Nano S and Skywallet. I have a deep knowledge of C++, experience in concurrent C++, Embedded using C for STM32, Assembler for Z80 processor, wrote simple applications using FASM in x86. Also, have experience in writing Qt applications (Vector graphical editor).

C++, Git, Python, Embedded C, Flask, Multithreading, Qt, Linux, Assembler, cryptography, Boost

I have created a computer based on the Z80 processor, with peripheral, which can communicate with a user using a keyboard and monitor. Also made distributed building system for C/C++.

Mostly, I'm looking for an interesting project, in which I can get new experience and also some money :=). Now I'm studying in university, so looking for a part-time job.


Разработчик Python

London · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

C/C++, SQL, Python, Django, Algorithms, Pascal, Linux, MongoDB, Go

Algorithms, C/C++, Windows, Django, OOP, Python, SQL, Bootstrap, Delphi, Pascal, Ubuntu, Flask, Java, JavaScript, Linux

Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент. Белая зарплата. Сложные задачи.


Lead JavaScript Developer

Berlin · $3000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

JavaScript, HTML5, Git, Redux, CSS, React, HTML, SASS, JSON, MongoDB, es6, Gulp, LESS, TypeScript, jQuery, Jira, Node.js, AJAX, webpack, REST API, Express.js, Functional programming, Agile, WebSocket, Angular 7, MVC, Responsive web design, Linux

Карьерного роста


Python Developer 🔥

Kyiv · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

My main responsibility was writing web scrappers, supporting them, deploying on the Scrapinghub and designing database for reatining scraped data. Before that i was studying in UNIT Factory and used to write in C, so I understand a bit what happens under the hood. I used python 3.5+ and Scrapy web framework in my job, had some job done via ssh. I worked with MongoDB, but first i worked with postgreSQL through SQLAlchemy driver. Interested in learning other software engineering directions, such as Swift / IOS, or DevOps direction

Python, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Scrapy, WEB scraping, Git

In the first place i want to work in a friendly team, i think that's the key


Tech lead, CTO

Kyiv · $9000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Python, Golang, JS Django, Flask, twisted, celery, rabbitmq, async, gevent, scipy, numpy, pandas, ntlk, tornado, ... Architect, growth planning, requirement analysis PostgreSQL, MySQL, Riak, Redis, MongoDB, Memcached, Cassandra... Debian, Ubuntu, Freebsd, OpenVZ, Xen Fabric, ansible, puppet, docker, lxc Clouds and bare metal angular, typescript node.js, express.js and all_the_stuff.js NO keywords php, windows dress code, corporate bullshit ... # todo: to be extended

Python, JavaScript, Golang, Linux, pmbok, babok

* 10+ years in the industry, long way from pascal to PHP, flash and flex, cf ..... to python, node.js, erlang, go * Have experience working as a Lead developer/CTO for the EU startup from seed to series A, B rounds

Gain more knowledge and experience with new stuff (like AI/ML) ... world domination Will consider relocating only to the US/CA/DE/NL

13 July

C/C++ developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $3500 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Highlights: - Source based Linux distribution maintenance for an embedded application, cross-compilation, Kconfig, autotools, Cmake. - Full stack development and architecture for a satellite data collection service, Python, Django, REST, C, React, Docker. - MCU programming STM32, CMSIS, LibOpenCCM3, Arduino, ESP8266, PIC18F, I²C, CAN, ISO-TP. - Game programming Lua, C#, OpenGL.

bash, C++, C/C++, Git, Linux, Python, Lua, Qt, Bioinformatics, OpenGL, Embedded, Microcontrollers, C, Algorithms

Becoming a generalist coder able to quickly fill any spot in the team and get on good ground with diverse stacks and abstraction levels.

Looking for either office work in Mainz / Wiesbaden / Frankfurt am Main area or remote position due to family reasons. In Kyiv, Ukraine until September 2019. Part time engagement preferred, but will consider full time as well. Open to contractual work. Can do B2B as either German freelancer (since October 2019) or Estonian LLC, Ukrainian private entrepreneur (until end of 2019).

13 July

Python Developer

Kyiv · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Основная текущая позиция подразумевает создание и поддержку GUI на базе SQL на стороне клиента. TSQL 2y Сторонние проэкты, параллельно с основной работой: JavaScript, HTML, AJAX >1y, jQuery, HTML5, HTTP, CSS3 >1y, MVC > 0,5y, OOP/OOD >0,5y, Python : PyQt >1mont, Opencv >1 month, aiohttp >3 month.

HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, HTTP, jQuery, MVC, MySQL, XML, AJAX, OOP/OOD, Python, LAMP

CRM на базе app script. Пара краулеров.

Сложные задачи. Желательно наличие менотра, адекватный менеджмент, подтверждаемый опыт.

13 July

Python/Scrapy Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1400 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

april 2015 - present time: Python developer, freelancer. Mainly focused on building/maintaining web scraping applications for complex websites using python/scrapy and data processing/analysis of scraped data.

Python, Scrapy, WEB scraping

12 July

Junior Python Developer

$1000 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Looking for a junior position at such fields: machine learning, data analysis, data parsing, python development Experience: 04.2019 - p.m. Huawei Ukraine, Tools development engineer ● wireless engineers' work automation ● analysis of the big amount of table data ● desktop tools and scripts development ● software maintenance, making up documentation and users guides ● work processes analysis and optimization ● analysis of telecom hardware condition and hardware fails prevention ● short participation in Django/Django REST development for an internal platform 12.2018 - p.m. Kaggle online competitions ● data analysis, related features search ● statistical analysis ● preparing data for ML models (regression, classification) ● ML models tuning (XGBoost, Decision tree, Random forest, Gradient boosting) for best performance and result 12.2018 - p.m. Upwork (web scraping) ● parsing of response using BeautifulSoup/RE ● formatting output data in accordance with customer’s needs

Python, Git, HTML, CSS, sklearn, BeautifulSoup, Pandas, NumPy, Django, Regex, Machine Learning, Data Science, PostgreSQL, REST API

Have a place in the top 5% in kaggle competition for beginners. Tools which I've developed save about 10 hours in only a few runs every week for the whole department which I currently support

Looking for a place where I can learn new and work hard. Self-improvement is my priority atm, so I hope to become a part of the team where I can perform it

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