Remote Python developer (part-time) 

$500 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- good knowledge of PHP, Python, Java, SQL (PostgreSQL) - hands-on experience with NoSQL DB (Redis and Cassandra) - 3 years in IT project as Software Engineer in international company (2 years in billing platform project and one year in CRM project) - 1 year in Java desktop development (using JavaFX) - good understanding of OOP principle

HTML, PHP, Python, AJAX, CSS, IntelliJ IDEA, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, C/C++, PostgreSQL, OOP, Git, Angular, Django

- Professional growth - Adequate management - Part-time job - Remote job


Python Developer

Any in Europe · $1700 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

1) Application for automation content marketing in social media – It adds new content pieces to Ads manager, then set spend limits, and calculate a CPM and CPC values, that depends on the audience volume. Use: JavaScript SDK, rebuild in Java SDK in progress; 2) Front-end and Back-end for the web application, which analyzes users behavior. It's built to find those users activities that leads to more sales. It includes data collecting, data analytics, admin panel with visual dashboards, build custom graphics and send them to users in russian social media called VK ( ). Use: Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Docker, Amazon AWS; ALSO I've made REST API for data exchange with another application, that was built by another developer on Java (CRM and online-payments system); 3) Little application for making custom dynamic cover for community page in social media (cover is changing automatically by specified event), picture for it auto-generates by application, then uploaded on server and then set as page cover (it can "draw" time, weather, user ID, user avatar and amount of Likes and Comments made by him in specified place on the canvas). Built on Python, UI and admin panel is in progress (Django); 4) Chat-bot for messenger (Telegram) that send a homework for the course clients, check deadlines, send reminders if time has passed, e.t.c. Build on Python and telegram API;

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Linux, Docker, REST API, Flask, MySQL, JSON, OOP, AWS, Business Analysis, Pandas, Git, BeautifulSoup, data analysis and visualization, Databases, Golang, Java, MongoDB, Figma, Jira, HTML, CSS, AWS EC2, dynamodb, CI/CD

It will be cool, if your project will be for e-commerce or social media. If not – it will not be a problem.


Python/Django Developer

Kharkov · $500 · Upper Intermediate

I have small experience for now. I've made a website for my wife, she is an artist. I expect to find any team job in Python/Django area.

Python, Django, Git, Linux, SQL, Selenium

I will be glad to find a job with interesting tasks and projects.


junior c++ developer

Kyiv · $600 · Upper Intermediate

I have experience writing code (and projects, respectively) in the following languages ​​(in descending order): C / C ++, Python, shell, JS (NodeJS also), Java, SQL (MySQL), Assembly (NASM), Haskell . Know english pretty good: upper-intermediate level. Can easily read technical documentation and talk fluently. Incomplete higher education (third year NTUU KPI - IASA). There will be no problems with study schedule. I have a dozen pet-projects on github, some even managed to be useful to someone and get stars :). At the same time I try to make regularly contribute to open source (in relatively small and large projects). Had a deal with software development based on microservice architecture. Know Networking protocols at some basic level. I've been a Linux user for two years. In particular, i am the fan of ArchLinux, and of the whole UNIX system ideology. Also developed sites based on Django/NodeJS, VanilaJS/JQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL. Most of my projects are academic, have little commercial value, many of them are just some algorithms or libraries to work with. I do want to develop towards non-trivial tasks, however, as far as I understand, Juniors are usually not given such, so I would just like some interesting, not routine tasks. The salary mentioned above is just an estimate of the average in the market, it can easily be discussed and corrected: an interesting project is more important than a salary.

Linux, C++, Git, OOP, STL, Python, C, Algorithms, Design Patterns, Visual Studio, SQL, bash, Java, C++ 11, C++ 17, C/C++, Asm, Django, Node.js, NodeJS, MySQL, Nginx, Docker, Linux Administration, Networking, Algorithms and Data Structures, Algorithms and Data structures, Test Driven Development, GIT, Shell, Unix

Skills - C/C++ - Algorithms and data structures - C++ Templates - Git - OOP - STL - Design Patterns - Python(with experience of extending Python with C++) - Linux - Docker - MySQL - Assembly language knowledge(NASM) - TDD - C++11 and above - C/C++ workflow tools - C/C++ manual memory management - System calls C library functions - Networking protocols - Asynchronous programming * I consider fast learning to be my greatest skill Achievements Warning: some of the information above can be repeated here, just here it is more structured. I have experience in contributing to a dozen projects. Both small projects of friends of mine and large, common libraries/programs. I am maintaining a dozen of my pet projects, most of which carry only academic value. I have experience working in a team of 50 people when writing an application with microservice architecture, and accordingly I have theoretical knowledge in this field. I regularly participate in competitions and hackathons.

First of all, i expect the environment: interesting colleagues with their view on things.


Software Engineer, Golang

Lviv, Kyiv · $1500 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Golang Developer specializing in back-end development. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for web projects. Strong understanding of OOD, Concurrency, SOLID, and KISS principles. Worked with Agile Scrum and Waterfall methodologies. - Development and maintenance of RESTful services for BI solutions - Enhancement of the ETL system - Setting up development layouts - CI/CD Jenkins pipelines refactoring - Deployment to testing environments - Conducting interviews

Golang, Docker, PostgreSQL, Git, ElasticSearch, Nginx, gRPC, Python, REST API, go, Jenkins, Linux


Python Software Engineer / ML Engineer 

Kyiv · $2500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Python: asyncio, aiohttp, Sanic, Flask, WebSockets, SQLAlchemy, OAuth2, Scrapy, BeautifulSoup, Numpy, fuzzywuzzy, gmpy2. Databases: PostgreSQL, MSSQL Server, MongoDB, Redis. AI/ML/NLP: Tensorflow.Keras, OpenCV, spaCy. DevOps skills: Docker, docker-compose, AWS CloudFormation. AWS: EC2, S3, Lambda, DynamoDB, Route53. SCM/Tools: Git, Redmine, Jupyter Notebook, Postman. Experience with third-part API: SalesForce, Zuora, Cloudflare, telegram, Google PlacesAPI. OS: Windows/FreeBSD/Linux advanced user. Software development: SDLC, CI/CD.

Python, Git, Linux, Flask, REST API, Redis, Docker, microservices, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, JSON, SQL, Aiohttp, Nginx, JavaScript

Computer Science courses: Coursera: • Cryptography I Stanford University • TensorFlow in Practice Specialization • Deep Learning Specialization ( MongoDB University: • M101P: MongoDB for developers.

Not interested in Django or Fullstack job. I am looking for a Python Software Engineer/ML Engineer job in a small company or startup related to Machine Learning domain.


Junior Python Developer

Kyiv · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Open-minded developer with more than 1 year of experience working with Python. Have a commercial practice of implementing a Slackbot. Searching for a full-time job where I will be able to work as a team-player. Have a passion for learning new skills/technologies and developing existing ones through new features.

Python, Django, Flask, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Celery, PostgreSQL, SQL, Docker, GitHub, Linux, Redis

Created from scratch a task-bot using Slack API and Flask as a commercial project.

I am looking for a job where I'll be able to enjoy capabilities to develop my technical skills. For me, crucial things are constant education and hard tasks. It is important what the community is about: values, rules, fair & transparent work conditions, and freedom of thinking. I am open to new knowledge and different professional experience.


Python Developer

Kyiv · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Scripting, back-end web-dev and machine learning Python: Django, Flask, matplotlib, pandas, DRF OS: Windows, Ubuntu Other: PostgreSQL, basic web-dev stack(HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap), Nginx, AWS, Git, Jira, Bitbucket, bash

English, Django, Python, Flask, Linux, SQL, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, AWS EC2, REST API, Django REST Framework, Nginx, Jira, Git, Pandas

Интересный проект с возможностью развития


Data Scientist

$1000 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

опыт работы в Data Science, но больше опыта в Analyics и много опыта в менеджементе. В данный момент ищу работу в где могу получить практику именно в Data Science. Есть несколько фриланс проектов - работал со кредитным анализом, маркетинговым, исследования рынка и его сегментов, предсказыванием погоды и так далее. Знаком с большинством алгоритмов, Python, SQL. Разбираюсь со Spark Сейчас предоставляю услуги консанлтига и ведение проектов в IT

Python, SQL, Data Science, Machine Learning

Django based web service to predict About Weather Scan Service With machine learning algoritms weather scan is able to predict rain and other critical weather characteristics in 49 regions in Australia. It could be used for any other locations over the world. The weather prediction system includes: - ability to predict from xls files or from external API - external REST API for handling and obtaining results - user interface profile, user registration system - visualization of prediction results - versioning of ML models, prototyping of models - maintaining prediction logs - user security system Bank marketing campaign  kaggle. com/volodymyrgavrysh/bank-marketing-campaigns-dataset-analysis Heart Disease Data Exploration github .com/VolodymyrGavrysh/My_RoadMap_Data_Science/blob/master/data_analysis/Hear_Disease_Data_Exploration.ipynb Educational project s by Data Camp github. com/VolodymyrGavrysh/DataCamp_projects

Интересно получить опыт работы в компании которая применяет DS на практике


DevOps engineer

Odesa · $3700 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Python; Jinja2; Unix Shell (bash, zsh, csh, tcsh, ash, sh); PowerShell; AWS; Vagrant; Ansible; Git; VMware vSphere/vCenter; Linux RedHat/CentOS 6/7; Debian; Windows Server 2012/2016; Active Directory; Microsoft Hyper-V; Cisco IOS; FreeBSD, MacOSX, Web Servers (IIS, Apache, Nginx); DNS Servers; DHCP Servers; VPN Servers (OpenVPN, IPSec); Firewalls (Cisco, iptables, pf); RADIUS Servers; MFA; SSO (Okta); Database Servers: PostgreSQL, MySQL, ElasticStack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)

Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, Linux, bash, AWS, Python, Networking, Terraform, iptables, VPN, DNS, CentOS, Apache, Google Cloud Platform, TCP/IP, Jenkins, Nginx, Git, nexus, DHCP, PostgreSQL, Jinja2, Ubuntu, CI/CD, Cisco, SQL, Monitoring, VirtualBox

• Adapted the Advertising Platform’s AWS infrastructure to a docker-based CI/CD flow (technology stack: AWS [EC2, SSM, ECR, RDS, SQS], Docker, docker-compose, Jenkins, Ansible, Bash, Regexp) • Built Ansible-managed infrastructure by writing custom configuration roles and playbooks. • Created declarative yaml manifests for Kubernetes Engine in GCP and On-Premises for containerized micro-services deployment and orchestration. • Raised up Docker Registry for app containers and Nexus repository for Maven artifacts. • Used Jenkins and Shell scripting for automation of application builds and tests. • Built Java micro-services applications Logging and Metrics Monitoring solution. • Created a set of ansible-roles for automated set up and configuration of my favourite features and applications on fresh Development machines (Linux/MacOS). • Created a python tool for security related research, using API for retrieving of the file hashes info from their database and output in the form of dynamic HTML table. • Set up a multi-system virtual routed network environment with VirtualBox and Vagrant. • Encrypted communication between servers using PKI (TLS Certificates). • Implemented an open source email exchange solution including SMTP services, webmail, and central user authentication. • Automated hybrid cloud environment setup in AWS with IPSec VPN using Ansible. • Configured Active Directory and RADIUS authentication integration with Okta SSO (including MFA) for PulseSecure TLS VPN moving the security of a corporate network to a new level. • Presented in RnD Dash Demo and corporate IT Lunch-and-Learn events. • Created the documentation including video tutorials for Corporate Knowledge Base. • Set up AD test environment (Domain Controllers, DNS, DHCP).

I would love to secure a position in a friendly environment, that offers an opportunity for a personal and professional growth. Among the other objectives I would like to have a chance to contribute into the enterprise infrastructure and be the part of something bigger and brighter.

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