23 октября 2017

Разработчик Ruby on Rails

Удаленная работа · $2800 · 4 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

Backend: Ruby on Rails Front-end: HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap Scripts: JavaScript, CoffeeScript, JQuery, Angular2, React.js, Vue.js Web server: Nginx Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL5 Administration: Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS) Deployment: Capistrano, Unicorn, Docker Sidekiq SOLID, DRY, OOP, TDD, BDD

Take a part in creation of few own projects.

Effective management, clean code Looking for: - interesting, complex tasks - work with professionals - ability for professional development - ability for carrier development - working with React / Angular2/4 projects

5 ноября 2017

Ruby Developer

Львів · $2000 · 3 года опыта · Средний уровень англ.

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS

8 ноября 2017

QA Manual/Automation Engineer

Киев · $2000 · 2,5 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

Ruby, Java, Selenium, Selenide, Cucumber, Capybara, Site-prism, Junit, Maven, Bamboo, Jenkins, Git, Jira, SOAP, REST, I have more than 2 years experience in manual and automation testing. I want to find job of my dreams, maybe you know, where it is?

Внедрил автоматизацию на проекте с нуля. Покрыл 90% функционала авто-тестами. Есть опыт написания тестов на Java/Ruby стеке. More Ruby, less Java. Конкретно сейчас изучаю JS, хочу добавить в свой технологический стек автоматизацию и на этом языке.

QA ninja which open for interesting propositions. I am funny, have a lot of hobbies and want to grow up as a professional.

24 октября 2017

RoR developer

Харьков · $1700 · 5 лет опыта · Базовый английский

Ruby, Ruby on Rails PHP, Laravel 4 Git HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, Sass/Scss, Haml, Slim JavaScript, Coffee, JQuery, Ajax MySQL, Redis Nginx, Apache Sidekiq Solr DigitalOcean, AWS

25 октября 2017

Ruby on Rails Developer

Днепропетровск, Киев · $1700 · 6 лет опыта · Базовый английский

CSS, HTML, Haml, JS, Jquery, AngularJS, Ajax, CoffeeScript, PHP, Ruby/Rails, JSON, XML, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Rspec, Capybara, FactoryGirl, Faker, Linux, Apache, CMS Bitrix, WordPress.

13 ноября 2017

Ruby on Rails Developer

Хмельницкий · $1500 · 3 года опыта · Средний уровень англ.

PHP, MySQL, Linux, JavaScript, RubyOnRails, Capistrano, Rspec, Redis, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Sidekiq, Rescue

10 октября 2017

Ruby on Rails Developer

Харьков · $1000 · 4 года опыта · Средний уровень англ.

Backend - Ruby on Rails Front-end - HTML, HAML, CSS, SASS Front-end frameworks - Bootstrap v3 Scripts - Angular, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, JQuery, Ajax Web server - Nginx Database- PostgreSQL API - Stripe, Braintree, MailChimp Administration: Linux Deployment: Capistrano 3, Unicorn Background jobs: delayed_job, sidekiq Full stack web developer

Three projects made from scratch. Links available on request.

30 октября 2017

Senior FullStack Ruby On Rails Developer

Харьков · $5000 · 7 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

I have more than 7 years experience in Ruby and Node.js. Experienced in Scrum and being a Scrum-master, building A/B experiments, APIs, complicated business logic, doing basic devops role and so on. I like how Ruby is flexible and allows to write DSL, and I wrote a lot of DSLs for describing business logic, public CMS pages, forms builders and so on. I can say, I'm skilled in Rails, Ruby, Node.js, familiar with Elixir, Phoenix and Golang. React, Redux. RSpec, Mocha, Chai, Cucumber, Capybara, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Mongodb, ElasticSearch. Scrum, TDD, BDD, Integration tests, A/B experiments.

I'm initiative, I started and led a few projects: extracted some parts of a complicated monolith project in isolated services, initiated framework for A/B-experiments. I had an opportunity of being a Scrum-master and a team leader.

I will be happy to work in small teams with number of people 2-20. Would not like to work in gambling.

9 октября 2017

Ruby on Rails Developer

Киев · $2800 · 4 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

Ruby, Postgres, MongoDb, Elasticsearch, AWS, VueJS

Implementing code review as the ultimate part of the deployment process Reducing test suite run time and thus build time by 30%

Feature to legacy ration should be at least 5/1

15 ноября 2017

Elixir, Ruby developer

Киев · $2500 · 6 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

Freelancer - Elixir, Ruby, Ember, Vue, RethinkDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis and more. I was working in the project EHR (An Electronic Health Record). SNOMED, LOINC, MEDLINE PLUS for the company Vertiopia DDS. OpenSource Apps github.com/kapranov

Elixir, Ruby on Rails, Phoenix, Ember-cli, Vue, Glimmer, Node, RethinkDB, Authy, DUO, SmartStreet, Twillio, Sendgrid, PhiMail, Mailchimp, SNOMED CT, HL7, LOINC, DoseSpot and others for an electronic health record or electronic medical record. Last year worked EHR project (An electronic health record system- https://dental.ehr1.us).

Elixir, Ruby on Rails (APIs), Phoenix, Ember, Vue, Vanilla, RethinkDB, MongoDB, Redis.

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