Junior Ruby on Rails developer

USA, EU, Canada, Odesa, London, Berlin, Amsterdam · $500 · Advanced/Fluent

July-2013 - June-2019 - Software Engineer Customer: BSUIR, Project: BSUIR Learning Management System Team Size: dozens of people from different university divisions Project Roles: System Administrator, Automation Developer, Frontend Designer Tasks performed: • Participated in 2 major migrations of SharePoint server • Wrote numerous LMS automations in scope of user management and digital document flow • Was performing maintenance of BSUIR ILL faculty website and hardware resources • Participated in system migration to Moodle in 2019-2021 and proposed possible optimizations Environment: • Infrastructure: Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server • Dev: Notepad++, Microsoft Management Console • Stack: VBScript, PowerShell, JS (ES5) *** March-2019 – June-2019 – Software Engineer Customer: EPAM Systems, Project: training laboratory dedicated to technology of building modern web applications within Ruby ecosystem, techniques of writing clean and maintainable code and cloud computing systems. Team Size: Dev Team: 5 members, QA Team: 1 member Project Role: Developer Tasks performed: • Developed different parts of the system for marking and sharing places on the map with Google Maps API integration • Worked on tests coverage increase up to 90% • Configured different aspects of Ruby on Rails application from the master branch initialization to final deployment Environment: • Infrastructure: PostgreSQL, Heroku • Dev: Visual Studio Code, Linux Mint 19 • Stack: Ruby 2.6.3, Ruby on Rails 5.2.3

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, JavaScript, RSpec, REST API, CSS, Linux, HTML, OOP, Bootstrap, SQL, MVC, Capybara, Heroku, Automated Testing, Agile


Senior Backend Ruby on Rails developer

Lviv · $4000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

8 years experience in development using Ruby on Rails, 2 years commercial experience in Go. Proficient in relational databases, such as: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL server and non-relational InfluxDB, Redis. Hands on experience in GIT version control system. Knowledge of all popular Unix based operating systems. Have experience in AWS EC2, S3.

Agile, BDD, Git, InfluxDB, Jira, Kanban, Linux, MacOS, MySQL, OOP, OOP/OOD, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Scrum, TDD, bash, Golang, Highload, PostgreSQL, XML, Python, JavaScript, SQL, RSpec, Redis, REST API, CSS, HTML, MVC, AWS, Design Patterns, WebServices

* Converted few projects in not good shape into production-ready system * Framework upgrades for large scale projects

Looking for remote work, with possibility to work part time (30 hours per week). I am not full-stack engineer, however, I am ready to do some front-end


Junior Ruby on Rails developer 

Odesa · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

1.Online store(Freelance): Functional: 1.AdminPanel where seller can create/edit/delete products,subproducts users and other stuff(using gem activeadmin) 2.Customers can add products to cart and make order, they can edit amount of order items. Cart using cookie for save cart history 3.Customers have search which can show products by title,category, subcategory 4.Send E-mail for the confirmation order 5.Authentification(using gem devise) Took part in : Development, support. Used techonologies: RoR,SQL,HTML,JavaScript, MaterializeCSS 2.VPN Service(Freelance): Functional: API: 1.Authentification for users by email, phone, social medias 2.Show servers 3.Optimal servers for users(by ping) 4.User can pay for the license for not free VPN servers Admin Panel: 1.Provide create/edit/delete users 2.Provide create/edit/delete servers Took part in : Development, support Used technologies: RoR API, Rspec, HTTP, SQL

HTML, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, RSpec, REST API, Ruby, Git, SQL, JSON, MVC, AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, OOP, Capybara, CSS3, Ubuntu

Делал несколько Freelance проектов для разных клиентов

Front-end, мог бы заняться, но предпочитаю больше написание API на RoR.

7 December

Senior Ruby Developer

$5000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

My general experience is 8 years, 4 years with Ruby, I use JavaScript and React as needed, but I keep focus on the backend. I study different languages ​​as a hobby (Elixir, Go, Python). I have commercial experience in developing banking processing, crowdfunding platforms, marketing platforms, chatbots (telegram). I have experience in managing and setting tasks for other developers

Ruby, RSpec, Rubocop, Ruby on Rails, CSS, Git, HTML, OOP/OOD, PostgreSQL, Redis, SASS, Scrum, Sidekiq, SOLID, SQL, TDD, Bootstrap, RabbitMQ, AWS, Docker, Linux, Nginx, Kubernates, JavaScript

* Developed a service of interbank transfers with a multimillion daily turnover * Developed billing for an application with 500 thousand users * Won a prize from one of the largest banks of Russia on the blockchain hackathon in 2017 * Won a prize from the largest language learning school of Russia for integration with my project

I will consider different offers, but in priority: * An international company that provides relocation to the USA, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany * Highly loaded project with microservice architecture * Developers test and keep code style * A team with interesting and fun people with whom you can go to a scientific conference or have fun in a bar

7 December

Фулстек-разработчик, тимлид

Moscow · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Системы управления городской инфраструктурой, сервисы микроплатежей, площадка для размещения рекламы в соцсетях, API мобильных приложений, медиа и СМИ разной степени популярности, промо-сайты. Навыки масштабирования проектов под возрастающую нагрузку. Построение процессов и команды.

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, RSpec, Swagger, Docker, CI/CD, Git, DevOps

Не пишите мне, если на собеседовании попросите улучшить какой-нибудь системный метод, найти недостающую пару числа в терабайтном массиве (особенно при условии, что свободной памяти нет), рассказать об адресации хешей, изобразить паттерн с помощью UML, дать определение блока, поменять местами значения двух переменных, вспомнить лямбда-исчисление, написать программу на бумажке. В команду понадобился еще один академический задрот? Это не я.

7 December

Project Manager

Remote work, Russia · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Профессиональная деятельность: 1. Ведение проектов разработки сайтов на CMS платформе 1С-Битрикс. 2. Внедрение корпоративного портала «Битрикс24» в компании разной величины. Включал в себя анализ деятельности компании, ее регламентов для индивидуальной настройки портала. (От продажи, до подписания акта приема-сдачи)

Scrum, Agile, ruby, ruby on rails

В основном достижения связанны с восстановлением и поддержанием боевого духа команды и лояльности клиентов. Вел проекты по внедрению корпоративных порталов для компаний разной величины.

Хотелось бы найти интересную, перспективную работу в дружной команде. Направления рассматриваю любые от разработки сайтов до развития blockchain технологий.

7 December

Junior Full Stack Web Developer 

Kiev · $650 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have skills and knowledge essential for Junior Full Stack Web Developer. I know Python, Ruby, JavaScript (data types, control flow, algorithms, object oriented programming). I have knowledge of CSS and HTML. Also I have working experience in web scraping using Git, Bash, Nokogiri, Capybara, Selenium, Xpath, Regexp and in web development using Rails, Rspec, JavaScript, Ember and Jasmine. I'm interested in web development so I understand MVC, REST architectures and TDD, BDD methodologies. I have experience in deployment applications using Heroku web server with PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite databases. Also I'm familiar with Apache, Nginx, Redis, Neo4j, ElasticSearch, Foreman and Sidekiq. I speak English and I can read professional literature. I feel confident in my Ruby skills. Rails is a preferred technology I'm willing to use and to develop in. I see myself as a mature Full Stack Web Developer in the future.

Nokogiri, RegExp, Capybara, CSS, HTML, Ruby, Selenium, SQL, XPath, JavaScript, Rails, Python, Ember, Jasmine, ElasticSearch, bash, SASS, RabbitMQ

ruby, rails, rspec, restclient, python,, html, css, javascript, react, ember, jasmine, jquery, sql, git, heroku, sinatra, capybara, selenium, xpath, regexp, nokogiri, bash

Professional development, gaining experience as a programmer.

7 December

Python and/or Golang Developer or Big data architect

no difference · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Seeking a position of a Python, golang programmer or Big Data architect. • Strong Experience in Python (11 years), Golang, Big Data (ClickHouse, Hadoop stack, Google BigQuery). • Expert knowledge of big data technologies with extensive hands on experience. Led design & implementation of big data projects in the NLP project. Also has very deep expertise in designing & implementing large enterprise systems. • Worked in Agile environment and sprints. • Big Data Platforms: Cloudera, Apache Hadoop, Google BigQuery. • SQL Databases: Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, OmniSci (former Mapd), SQLite. • NoSQL Databases: MongoDB, Redis, Google Cloud Bigtable. • Apache Hadoop stack: Impala, Kudu, Spark, Hive. • In-Memory-Computing: MemSQL, Tarantool, Apache Ignite. • Messaging/stream processing: Kafka, RabbitMQ. • Machine learning: Keras. • Django (5 years), Flask, Twitter Bootstrap, AJAX, jQuery, Java Script. • A well knowledge on OS Windows; Unix (Linux, Solaris, Freebsd). • Hardware: Very familiar with generic PC hardware. Experience working with distributed systems and multithreaded applications Experience with designing, implementing and deploying cloud-native and microservices based architectures

Linux, Django, MySQL, Python, Oracle, Redis, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, Flask, Django REST Framework, MongoDB, Celery, REST API, Aiohttp, Docker compose, Docker, Jira, JWT, RabbitMQ

6 December

Ruby On Rails Developer 🔥

Kyiv, relocate, remote · $3500 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Ruby on Rails Developer (outsourcing company) November 2017 - Present Large enterprise project based on a sourcing event model. Responsibilities: develop backend and fronted side. RoR developer - freelance May 2017 - November 2017 Maintaining and developing new functionality for a few web applications. Responsibilities: develop backend and fronted side. Ruby developer (product company, remote) December 2016 - May 2017 Participated in the development of the ruby gem for gathering and parsing data. Automation QA - freelance February 2016 - July 2016 Developing automated scripts on C# Automation QA (outsourcing company) September 2015 - June 2016 Developing automated scripts on Ruby.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Git, REST API, RSpec, AWS, Redis, Capybara, Bootstrap, jQuery, React.js, Sidekiq, Selenium, Cucumber

certificate: - AWS Certifed Solutions Architect - Associate (2019) completed courses: - Udemy: Docker Mastery: The Complete Toolset From a Docker Captain (2019) - Udemy: Machine Learning A-ZTM: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science (2018) - Python programming - Prometheus (2014)

Strong and skilled team of professionals A new project with modern technologies Flexible working hours Ability to work remotely if desired

6 December

Ruby On Rails Developer 

Lviv · $250 · Pre-Intermediate

Закінчив Ruby summer course by Pivorak Під час практичної частини наша команда працювала над створенням сайту з рецептами та дієтами для людей, які мають алергії на певні продукти. На проекті працювали з PostgreSQL, MVC, покривали RSpec та Capybara tests, додавали стилі за допомогою Bootstrap...

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, RSpec, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Capybara, HAML, OOP

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