29 августа 2017

QA Automation Engineer

Харьков · $1200 · 3 года опыта · Средний уровень англ.

Java, C#, SQL, Objective-C, SoapUI, NUnit, JUnit, Selenium WebDriver (basic), SOAP & REST WebServces testing.

21 сентября 2017

Front End Developer

Киев · $3000 · 3 года опыта · Свободный английский

Last 2 years I'm working with Front End and a little with Backend (work with database, payment system logic etc.) Have experience with jQuery, Bootstrap, JSON, XML, MySQL, React, JSX, Wordpress, AJAX, NodeJS (not too mutch experience) Program language: JavaScript, PHP, Java Databases: MySQL Services: Git, Bitbucket, Visual Studio TFS Software Packages: Atom, WebStorm, Visual Studio Code, IIS, Apache JMeter, XAMPP

Разработка с нуля и до продакшена, веду паралельно 2-3 проэкта. Не нуждаюсь в пенделях для работы, самостоятельный.

Профессиональный рост. Хороший офис, интерестный проэкт на длительный срок

25 августа 2017

Software QA Engineer

Харьков, Киев, Львов · $1300 · 3 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

Overall: 3 years of hands-on experience in quality assurance of web and mobile projects (both: front-end and back-end parts). Confidently experienced in: Requirements analyzing/clarification; Issues/tasks prioritization in testing scope; Test documentation writing/maintenance; Test design techniques applying; Test types performing including: grey box, functional, regression, integration, exploratory, compatibility, ui; Filling in detailed issues reports in common used issue/task trackers (Jira, Redmine, Mantis, YouTrack); Using different tools to accelerate/refine testing process; Suggesting the improvements for tested application; Participation in status meetings with customers. Can confidently work alone as well as within a team.

Интересный, значимый проект и задачи; Постоянное улучшение навыков тестирования и процессов; Возможность общения с клиентом напрямую; Опытная и дружная команда, Возможности карьерного роста.

1 сентября 2017

QA Automation Engineer

Киев · $1800 · 2 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

Automated Testing (QA), Manual Testing (QA), Selenium, REST API, С#, BDD, SCRUM, SpecFlow, NUnit, git, TFS, JIRA, TeamCity, SQL.

Worked as the only QA engineer (key tester role) in a team, performed both automated and manual testing at the same time. Mentored and coordinated several Junior QA engineers within the project.

18 сентября 2017

Automation QA Engineer

Киев · $3500 · 6 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

- Requirements analysis; - Test design; - Test automation; - Test framework support; Technologies: Unix, Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Putty, Git, API, Python

- 6 years in QA/Testing. - 3 years in test automation. - Experience in testing of telecom, OSS, BSS, CRM, investment banking, Web.

Interesting project, friendly team, business trips, good level of salary, auto parking

12 сентября 2017

Senior QA Engineer

Киев · $2300 · 8 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

MySQL, Linux, GIT, JIRA, Bugzilla, TCP\IP, Black-box, functional, regression, performance, UI, usability testing, Web App testing, mobile app testing etc. Test planning, Team activities reporting Preparing test documentation(Writing of test plans, test design documents, quality assessment documents, test reports, gathering quality metrics, statistics etc.) Test resource management (people and hardware).

I hope found interesting project, where I can be useful, as a professional

4 сентября 2017

Senior Automation QA, Lead QA

Киев · $2300 · 5 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

• REST API, microservices automated testing; • Functional testing of applications; • Writing test-plans; • Strong requirements analysis skills; • Testing the security of applications and web sites; • Debugging and analysis with Olly Debugger; • Improving the crack resistance of software. Programming with Visual Studio 2010 (WPF, SILVERLIGTH, ASP.NET WebAPI, Gallio, Resharper, Telerik, Nuget) Skills development and working with databases (MS SQL, My SQL, SQLite), Entity Framework; • REST API automated testing; • Web testing with Selenide, Selenium using Page Object pattern; • Emails testing using jsoup • Continuous integration testing with Jenkins, TeamCity; Software stack: GIT, JUnit, TestNG, OkHttp, IntelliJ IDEA, Maven, Autoit, Fiddler;

• Technically oriented with strong problem solving skills including the ability to adapt to ever changing environment; • Focused on continual learning and growth; • Work with engineers, technical leads and BA to maintain the highest possible levels of quality from “beginning” to “end” of product development lifecycle; • Use independent analysis of test requirements and conditions based on software development changes; • Determine the appropriate test strategies and test methods; • Responsible for applying the proper test techniques to effectively balance the required test coverage against the available execution time.

Skilled and friendly team. Transparent management. Company with high professional and interpersonal culture.

13 сентября 2017

Senior Automation QA Engineer

Киев · $3000 · 5 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

Technical skills: Serenity/JBehave BDD, Java Core, Selenium WebDriver, Maven, Jenkins, Git, Web Servers (Tomcat), JMeter, Gatling (using Scala), Bash, SQL, JUnit, REST.

During the last 5 years I have achieved experience in Quality Assurance testing including 2.5 years in Automation testing. Strong knowledge in Automation testing and it’s processes gives me good understanding of product development lifecycle and IT company organization. Work in both Product and Outsource companies give me experience in managing of Middle Automation QA’s and in mentoring of Junior Automation QA’s. Looking for the new opportunities where I can use my experience to achieve company needs and improve my knowledge’s.

Get the opportunity to grow as Automation QA Engineer.

4 сентября 2017

Automation QA Senior/Lead

Киев · $2300 · 4 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

- Design, develop, and maintain appropriate test documentation including Test Plans, Test Cases - functional testing using Selenide (Selenium WebDriver) - automation regression testing - continues integration testing using Jenkins - programming language : Java 8 - testing frameworks : JUnit, TestNG - third-party software: rollbar, zabbix - Stay abreast of new technologies, developments, and industry standards in the Quality Assurance field. - Provide detailed analysis and trends on defects discovered in various testing phases. - Participate on enhancement or deployment project teams in all project phases - Write and run automation tests and configure Test reports

Establish Automation from beginning to CI process as tool

Professional growth in Automation Testing

14 сентября 2017

Senior QA Engineer / QA Lead

Киев · $2500 · 6 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

Senior QA Engineer / QA Lead “PulsarFour” LLC (Nov.2014 – Present Time) Senior QA Engineer Ontico (June 2014 y. – Nov. 2014 y.) QA Engineer / Senior QA Engineer QA Factory (Nov 2012 y. - June 2014 y.) QA Engineer Freelancer (Aug 2011 y. – Sep 2012y.) QA Engineer URS (TM Beeline) (Sep 2010 y. – July 2011y.) I have more than 6 years of experience in Software Testing, including 2 years of experience as QA Lead(managed up to 6 QA engineers). Have 2,5 years of eCommerce experience working with US and European retail brands.

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