Remote work, Ukraine · $700 · 7 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Опытный пользователь семейства Windows. Базовые знания SQL запросов. Опыт работы Wrike, Youtrack, Gitlab, Slack. Написание тестовой документации (тест-план, тест-кейс, чек-лист, баг-репорт). Базовые знания HTML, CSS, JS. Понимание методологий Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Kanban. Automation testing in Katalon Studio. Знание жизненного цикла ПО. Позитивное/негативное тестирование. Кроссбраузное тестирование, regression testing, functionality testing , GUI Testing, Usability Testing. Mobile testing on Android and IOS. English - pre-Intermediate.( продолжаю учить ) 2018 IT Academy «ШАГ», course of QA engineer. Есть опыт работы в Start up, freelance. Влюблённая в качество, поклонница понятных, удобных, быстрых и красивых продуктов.

Agile, GitLab, Scrum, SQL, Katalon, JavaScript, Windows, Youtrack, Mobile Testing, Smoke Testing, API testing, Ad-hock testing, Android Testing, iOS Testing

I'm looking a professional team, where i can grow as a specialist.


Test Automation Engineer 

Kyiv · $4000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

4+ years of experience as a Quality Assurance Engineer in Agile software development environment Support all aspects of quality assurance processes during the project development life cycle from requirements analyze to post release support Web and Mobile (iOS/Android native) based applications testing Backend testing — API’s Restful services Mentor Junior QAs, ensure their work is complying with company’s QA processes * Strong understanding of native mobile applications workflow and nuances, e.g. ViewControllers and Activities/Fragments lifecycle, etc. * Knowledge of Client-Server architecture, protocols and Server-Side testing * Analytical skills and design guidelines knowledge help making requirements clarified and UX strictly observed * Automation framework architecture design from scratch * Setup, integration and maintenance of mock servers, CIs, reporters and other tools required for the project * Passion with investigation new technologies/tools and looking for non-trivial solutions Programming languages: Swift, Python, JavaScript Frameworks: XCUITest, PyUnit, PyTest, WebdriverIO QA and Development tools: xCode, Android Studio, PyCharm, VIsual Studio Code, Git, Jenkins, Atlassian products, Postman, Charles, Sketch, Parallels, VirtualBox

Agile, iOS, REST API, Scrum, Android, Jira, Swift, Automated Testing (QA), Git, User Experience (UX), Xcode, Jenkins, Python, NodeJS, Android Studio

Master degree of Computer Science


Junior JavaScript Software Engineer

Lviv · $600 · 2 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

I have development experience with a wide range of technologies and frameworks, including front- and back-end, such as Ajax, AngularJS, Node.js; as well as: Bootstrap, jQuery, Wordpress; HTML5, CSS and JavaScript; SVN and Git. I am result-driven person focused on customer success.

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, REST API, AJAX, Bootstrap, JSON, OOP, Gulp, Git

I developed many websites for my freelance customers which busted their business revenue many times

I look for a friendly team with strong leadership. I hope - I will find a mentor for future career growth as well as new friends that like coding :)


Senior QA Engineer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $2600 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Manual Testing - Regression Testing, - Usability testing, - Mobile apps testing (ios, android) , - web application testing - desktop app testing . - Bug - fix verification - Creating Test Documentation (test pan, test cases, check list) - Collaboration with the engineering team and product owners, in order to priorities the bug resolution. Working with: - TeamCity, - MySQL, - Jira

creating test cases, Functional testing, iOS, Jira, Manual Testing (QA), Regression Testing, usability, Technical Support, Android, TeamCity, MySQL, Mobile Testing

- Manual QA 6 years. - Tested mobile applications - Web applications - Communication with engineering team, including developers, UX, business analysts, product managers and product owners - Scrum on the project - Worked on e-commerce projects, social mobile apps.

- Professional growth. - Working with QA team. - Interesting and exciting project. - The possibility of remote work.


C/C++ software engineer

Kyiv · $3000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Implementing algorithms for 3D printing for 2 years (C++14, TBB, STL, ITK image processing, lot of proprietary technologies). - iOS projects (implementing apps from scratch) 2 years (OpenGL, Objective-C, GCD, Python, UIKit, GPUImage). - Unofficial World of Warcraft MMO RPG backend (C++) ~3 years. Architectural improvements, implementing collision detection, re-implement creature movement subsystems (C/C++).

C/C++, Algorithms, Git, Objective-C, Boost, iOS, Lua, Multithreading, OpenGL, С#, Haskell, Python, Linux, Algorithms and Data structures, Math, SQL, ffmpeg, .NET, Computational Geometry, GameDev, DSP, English, Design Patterns

- Dynamic raytracing subsystem for World of Warcraft servers. It's goal is to detect the 3d objects added into the game's world dynamically - Persistent, thread-safe library for Papyrus (The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim scripting language), JContainers. Its goal is to enhance this limited language with easy to use, JSON-serializable data structures.

DSP (Digital signal processing), Haskell (проекты любого типа), Machine learning проекты были бы наиболее интересны. Part time (желательно). Достаточное кол-во кислорода в офисе.


Senior Node.js developer 

Kyiv · $5000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Software engineer with over 5 years of experience in development of interactive web applications. Started working as a PHP developer, but gradually shifted to working with NodeJS as it meets modern demands more accurately and successfully. I have experience working with microservices architecture. Have good coding skills, as well as ability convert ideas into exciting high-quality solutions. Able to work independently with little to no supervision as well as functioning as an excellent team player. Always ready to learn cutting-edge technologies.

Node.js, Microservices, DDD, TDD, AWS


Senior QA Engineer

Kyiv, Lviv · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

• Back end functional testing, web-services integration testing. REST API testing • UI testing (web-applications) • SQL (extracting data from several tables, inserting/updating data required for functional testing, CSV-data exports/imports, managing time zones, time intervals, nested queries, aggregate functions, psql commands, generating test data etc.) • JavaScript (basics: analyzing code and DB-migrations on a basic level) • Bash (logs analysis, network diagnostics, applications troubleshooting etc.) • Git (basics) • Docker (basics) • Gherkin (wrote BDD tests for backend testing) • JMeter (mostly used as REST API client) • Kibana (Elasticsearch+Logstash tool for managing events and logs) • RabbitMQ (working with queues and consumers) • Browser DevTools (analyzing request body, headers, server response etc.)

Back end functional testing, SQL, UI testing, web-services integration testing, bash, Git, RabbitMQ, Docker

• Test plans writing (storing test documentation in separate GitHub repository) • API integrations documentation analysis • Interviewing new QAs, leading a team of three QAs • Advanced English (both written and spoken) • Functional testing of several web-projects developed from scratch • Web-services integration testing (external services that use JSON or XML for communication) • Volume testing (executing heavy SQL-queries on the copy of PROD DB, thinking how it can impact prod users and app performance) • Logs analysis (NGINX/PostgreSQL/Node.JS applications) • Analysis of affected entities during regression test case coverage • Testing of several projects simultaneously • Requirements gathering, clarification and analysis • Business analysis, suggesting stakeholders ideas of possible technical implementation of their business requirements • Production users support, communication with customers

• IT project with English-speaking customer • Project should be built on a modern stack of technologies (Node.JS + PostgreSQL preferable) • Back end testing preferable • No mobile testing (Android/iOS) • Minimum bureaucracy • Spending minimum time on user support


UI/UX Designer 

Kyiv · $1700 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I’m a creative UI/UX designer with a marketing background, focused on developing mobile apps. I have strong skills in each step of creating the project - from research and prototyping to preparation files for developers. If you want to learn about me more, please feel free to contact me!

Sketch, User Experience (UX), English, Human Interface Guidelines, Material design guidelines, User Interface (UI), Wireframes, Zeplin, Principle, Prototype, Figma, User Experience, User Interface, InVision, UXUI, Prototyping, Visual Design, mobile design


Middle .Net Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

C#, ASP.NET Core, SQL, Azure, SignalR, Redis, Akka.NET, RabbitMQ, ServiceBus, GIT, TFS, TeamCity, Octopus, Dapper, Entity Framework, Unit testing, Powershell

ADO.NET, C#, Entity Framework, Git, MS SQL Server, NUnit, Redis, TFS, ASP.NET, Azure, RabbitMQ, PowerShell, WPF

I have experience with high load systems with microservices architecture

Remote part time job


Разработчик Java

Kyiv · $4000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Expertise in Java SE, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Data JPA, Hibernate Designed and developed RESTful API and SOAP services - applied Swagger and Spring REST to design API Experience in using JUnit, Log4j, slf4j, Maven and tools. Participated in containerization of application components (e.g. Weblogic, Apache, Sophos, etc.) using Docker, Kubernetes, Helm with ELK and Grafana setup Expertise in Javascript (jQuery/Angular/Backbone) Worked with MySQL (5.1 – 5.6), Oracle RDBMS, MongoDB Worked with Linux (Debian 5+, Red Hat, Ubuntu), Windows, OS X Clear understanding and experience in Agile and Scrum Worked as a member of globally distributed multicultural team Actively improving knowledge in technologies and career growing Highly motivated, hardworking person

Java, MySQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Maven, Oracle, Weblogic, Hibernate, HTML, JavaScript, XML, Spring, Helm, Kibana, REST API, Linux, WebLogic, Backbone, JUnit, JPA, Jira, Java Core, GIT, Spring Security

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