Data Scientist

Bud'-jakij, Lviv, Kyiv · $500 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

As academic research, at the Department of Artificial Intelligence Systems Lviv Polytechnic National University, I was working in a team of three people on a face recognition system for surveillance cameras. For this solution, VGG-16-inspired CNN was trained and deployed on the server. It was a part of the microservice-based smart house project. I also pursued an internship at SoftServe Inc. in the summer of 2019, working on a facial expression recognition (FER) system for remote presenters. This project consisted of a RaspberryPi-based camera device, a pipeline of neural networks for FER and UI with analytics for a presenter.

Data Science, Machine Learning, Math, Deep Learning, Python, numpy, Tensorflow, SQL, computer vision, R, Statistics, Image Processing, Git, NumPy, Keras, Matplotlib, Data Mining, Pandas


Data Analyst

Kyiv · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Hard skills: Strong knowledge in Excel; building dashboards and visualizations in Power BI using DAX-functions; SQL and non-SQL DBMS: MySQL, MongoDB; ER-model. Soft skills: Analytical mindset, innovator, ability to be flexible, self-learning and easy to learn, passion and diligence in work, ability to delegate, experience in Scrum/Agile. Experience 1.5 years Data Analyst. Data extraction and aggregation. Data analysis, hypothesis testing, identifying correlations and patterns. Processing data-related questions coming from product users. Performing research and presenting the findings. Creating standard reports, support and update them.

SQL, Excel, Data Analytics, Power BI


Data Scientist

Kyiv · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Strong analytical mindset and system structured thinking The high level of self-organization & communication skills - BI Tableau 10.2 / 10.3 - Python (Pandas. Numpy, Scikit-learn) - SQL - Jira, Confluence, GIT (basic) - Agile: Scrum, Kanban - Professional knowledge of: Excel (pivot tables, formulas, graphs, visualization, VBA, OLAP, PowerPivot, PowerQuery, PowerBI), Word, Access, Power Point Basic: PHP, HTML5, CSS, testing foundation, types of testing, the software development cycle and quality control of software, 1C 7.7 and 1C: 8.2 Experience: 4+ years (IT, Telecom, Logistic) - - Analyst / Marketing Analyst - - Data Analyst /Data Scientist Data analysis, Reporting/Visualization, Modelling, Create prediction systems, User behavioural analysis

Microsoft Office, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Agile, Confluence, Jira, MySQL, SQL, Git, Python, Visual Basic (VB), Jupyter Notebook, scikit-learn, Excel/VBA, Data Science, NumPy, Pandas, Math, Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Excel

Progressive project with professional growth. Search insides - real practical decision


Data Scientist

Kyiv · $2000 · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

The following is simply a short extract of my experience related to the field I want to move into. Ask for a complete resume if you want to see all credentials. My experience with data science started years before this field became mainstream in the area of financial mathematics where I solved, among many others, the following business related data science projects: - improved Capital Asset Pricing Model, founders of which received Nobel prizes - developed hedging strategies based on statistical properties of the hedging and underlying instrument. The process involved data collection and cleaning, parametric and non-parametric statistical modelling, regression analysis - gained deep knowledge of options theory, further improved my modelling skills through developing options hedging strategies as well as using this theory in real business decision making - developed a solution for hedging strategy for assets with low correlation and many more - got acquainted with probability curve tails modelling and analysis - developed a risk assessment model for payday loan company using logistics regression Further in my career, I continued developing solutions for business needs using near data science tools, such as offering a non-parametric optimization solution for National Bank of Ukraine currency auctions and developing an optimum rare-event hedging strategy for jewelry business. Not to mention my various projects related to web scrapping or process automation. At the moment, besides my main job, I am in search for a difficult, nearly impossible, as theory suggests, solution to forecast currency market direction using various ensemble machine learning deep learning techniques. All of this could not have been achieved without my extreme steep learning curve and practical knowledge of Python, R and main packages used for data handling and modelling. Have I mentioned that I am currently holding a top management position as a CEO of metalworks factory?

Python, Jupyter Notebook, scikit-learn, Data Science, numpy, English, R, Jupyter, pandas, Machine Learning, Statistcs, Excel/VBA, Probability Theory & Statistics, shiny, Analysis and research, Business Analysis, Analytics

Apart of constantly delivering working solutions within data science related field, the following were my achievements at various stages of my career: - graduated among top 10 students of my university - Financial Risk Manager certificate holder. While the curriculum suggested 2 years preparation time, I managed to finish certification in two months. - proud former hookah bar owner - television channel business development manager - managed to turn around a Ukrainian factory, that is currently selling its product to China, while everyone does the opposite - extremely lazy, so I make sure that I automate my workflow in order to avoid repeating tasks And many more. It is my hope that I can put on my achievement list some great staff I did in data science.

I would like to spend next five ears solving complex business problems and bridge the gap between data science and mainstream business. My choice for an industry change and step backwards in seniority is simple. I am willing to stick to what I love doing the most. In return, potential employer will get a result oriented team player with business acumen and management experience, who can actually find a solution to any problem within data science field. As I have always been saying - the titles are nominal, the skill set is the most important aspect of the success of the team. I am looking for, likely, a junior data science position within a company that can offer a fast track within this field. The company that values knowledge and invests into its employees. I have on various occasions proved that I have an extremely steep learning curve and can deliver working solutions even within new field of knowledge.


Data Analyst | Machine Learning

Kyiv · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

My career has different angles, each reflecting my inner set of talents. Everything started while I was abroad, obtaining my Bachelor’s degree. As a group of three, me and two of my peers, we started an export of goods from Poland to China. Data management and structuration were my core responsibilities. After I finished the faculty of economics, the possibility to work as a credit analyst at a financial institution, arised. My main responsibilities were data processing and risks assessment. My next role was the Solution Specialist on Transvoyant project. Working with real-time data I was responsible for its preparation and output to the end users of the platform. At my previous place of work, Ubisoft, I worked as a Quality Assurance Specialist. In order to ensure high industry standards and customer satisfaction, as a team we successfully achieved every milestone. A/B testing was run on a daily basis. After this position I realized that I need to continue working with data. So I started as a Data Analyst at advertising company Eveed. Through the time I was there, I provided internal product update using Python and PostgreSQL. In addition, I also was in a role of business analyst and project manager for that project — I prepared technical documentation, analyzed business needs and requirements, established the scope and terms of development for the project, etc.

Python, SQL, Git, Linux, English, Jira, OOP, Optimization, Excel, Pandas, Analysis and research, R programming language, Machine Learning, AWS, Scikit-Learn

FCE IELTS 6.5 Polish B2 German A2 UNIT.Factory C Pool Kaggle ML AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

I am 100% dedicated to learn and grow as a professional in Machine Learning. My dream is to create an AI which will help the humanity to eliminate all barriers during a process of fulfilling psychological needs due to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. So we can become more advanced as species and happier as individuals.


Python Developer

Kyiv · $800 · Intermediate

Более 10 лет работы в банке на разных позициях в риск-менеджменте. Сейчас я заместитель главного риск-менеджера банка. Дружу с цифрами, с большими объёмами данных. Умею находить в них самое существенное. За время работы разработал и реализовал кучу отчетов, внедрил уйму разных методик в соответствии с требованиями законодательства. Так же умею строить прогнозы, проводить стресс-тестирование. С июня 2019 года изучаю Python на курсах Main Academy. Хочу реализовать себя, как Python разработчика или Data-аналитика. Буду рад Вашим предложениям. Уверен, что мой аналитический опыт пригодится Вашей компании.

Python, SQL, Git, Analysis and research, Data Science

Командой из двух человек мы создали полноценную, достаточную для небольшого банка, систему риск-менеджмента. Которая позволила выжить банку во время беспощадной зачистки банковской системы, которая проводилась НБУ в 2014-2015 годах. Все проверки проходятся с хорошими результатами.

- дружный, молодой и позитивный коллектив - интересные проекты - современные подходы к управлению компанией - возможность реализовать себя, быть в чём-то полезным - адекватная оплата работы (куда без этого ;) )


Data Science/Data Analyst

Kyiv · $750 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Programming languages - Python3( scipy, matplotlib, numpy,openCV,pandas,standart lib,scikit-learn,statsmodels); Base Object Oriented Programming knowledge in Python; Database: relational database (SQLite, MySQL,Oracle); Math:Good knowledge of analysis ,statistics,probability theory,linear algebra,optimization,bace knowledge of some ML alhgorithms(such as:GLM,DecisionTrees,KNN,PCA,Ensemble methods,SVM … etc); English: Intermediate; Version Control: Git. Developing of predictions models for insurance losses and estimation of reserves;

Python, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, English, Git, Linux, OOP/OOD, numpy, scikit-learn, pandas, Machine Learning, Matplotlib, SciPy, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory & Statistics

Developing Numerical method for Partial differential equation during university education; Creating statistic models in auto liability insurance.

Student Find DataScience propositions where i can use the modern technologies and different math methods(such as statistic,ML); can learn new technologies quickly; flexible shedule.


data analyst/ scientist

$2200 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

more than 7 years experience in Data analysis and Data science with active usage wide range of tools and technologies include ML models 3y Python (Anaconda) around 2y R around 3 y SPSS, SAS, BI tools ( Power BI & Tableau ) OLAP SQL (>7Y) MS SQL ,MySQL,PostgreSQL etc HADOOP (short period) ... from business point of view main knowledge in finance , marketing, banking, clients(users) behavior etc

Python, SQL, Machine Learning, pandas, numpy, R , Tableau, SPSS, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, data analysis, AWS, MS PowerBI

Several successfully finished projects in areas of finance, marketing , banking etc.

only part time remote work around 20 hour weekly or less and rate 10-20 USD hourly (after taxes) offers for full time work arent interesting for me. Please do not waste your time :)


Junior Python Developer

Odesa · $400 · Intermediate

Досвіду корпоративної роботи немає. Frameworks: Django, Flask (SQLAlchemy, Jinja2) Parsing: BeautifulSoup GUI: Tkinter, PyQT API: Facebook, VK, Twitter, Telegram Databases: SQLite3, MySQL Data analysis: pandas, scikit-learn, seaborn, pyplot Онлайн-курси з аналізу даних (R, ML, statistics). Участь в kaggle competitions, mlbootcamp.

Python, Django, Flask, SQLAlchemy, MySQL, SQLite, Git, Linux/Ubuntu/BASH, Data Science, Pandas, Scikit-Learn

DataArt IT school NASA Space apps challenge Bioinformatics summer school

Менторство та кар'єрний ріст. Цікавлять позиції для першої роботи: Intern, Trainee. Інтереси: healthcare, bioinformatics

18 September


Kyiv · $1800 · 5 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Общий опыт 10 лет включает: Экономист, аналитик, рук.отдела аналитики,программист, менеджер с интеграции. Достижения: Успешная реализация проектов SQL,VBA,Python / специализация - аналитик отдела мониторинга Проекты: Проект реализация "Интеграция с Google BigQuery" менеджер интеграции. Тест sql. Документация. РМ Проект реализация "Система сбора информации" . РМ.код vba.тестирование.проектирование интерфейсов.документация Другие проекты Основание обязанности: 1.Коммуникации с стейкхолдерами 2.Написание технической документации для реализации интеграции (спецификации, 3.Описание rest API, ТЗ, схемы и другая документация для реализации проектов 4.Постановка задач на выполнение и контроль реализации 5.Тестирование результатов 6.Семантическая проверка информации (аналитика данных)

REST API, SQL, Project Management, SDLC, Requirements analysis, Requirements management, Agile, User stories, Scrum, Business Analysis, VBA, Python, Enterprise Architect

1. Успешная реализация ИТ проектов. 2. WOW проект "Система сбора информации" (от идеи к реализации) 3. В роли Руководитель отдела аналитики: Удержали командой с 7 человек контроль за процессом учета топлива в 2014 (60 баз), больше 600 грузовых авто

Ожидание по проектам: WOW проекты.Интеграция.программирование python sql vba. мин 50% времени. Интеграция с сервисами google Ожидание от проектной команды: Нацеленность на результат Ожидание от компании.: Достойное вознаграждение + % при успешной. реализации проекта. Комфортное рабочее место в пешей доступности до метро. Практика менторства. ИТ компания - 1200$ - 1400$ . Не ИТ компания 1600$ - 1800$

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