Data Scientist

Kyiv · $2200 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

I have 2 years of experience with Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing projects. Developed an application for cinematic color correction that borrows one image’s color characteristics from another. Developed computer vision algorithms for color transfer in real-time mode. Also, I worked on an information retrieval system, people and companies search engine that uses a machine-learning algorithm and NLP techniques. Designed and implemented natural language processing features. I have experience with developing chatbots using Dialogflow and Amazon Alexa bot frameworks. I wanna find a job in the field of machine learning, with an experienced friendly team and interesting non-trivial tasks. Most interested in projects in the field of medicine, earth observing, text analytics, but I will consider other proposals.

Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, scikit-learn, pandas, NumPy, Jupyter Notebook, Keras, NLP, Tensorflow, Data Mining, computer vision, Neural Networks, Pandas, numpy

On past projects, I had experience not only as a machine learning engineer but also as a full-stack developer. I developed web services, worked with GPGPU programming, had experience with Python, Java and C++ languages. I can quickly figure out new technologies and integrate machine learning into them.

I prefer a small team with an experienced lead and creative, friendly atmosphere. I wanna work in a product company, with R&D tasks in the Machine Learning area and work on a product that will make this world a better place.


Trainee/Junior Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Big Data Engineer

Lviv · $400 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

In university I worked on several team projects: - Face recognition system for surveillance cameras. It was a part of the microservice-based smart house project. Worked with OpenCV, TensorFlow, Django. - Medical record system. Worked with a relational database using MS SQL Server. I also pursued an internship at SoftServe in the summer of 2019, working on a facial expression recognition (FER) system for remote presenters. This project consisted of a RaspberryPi-based camera device, a pipeline of neural networks for FER and UI with analytics for a presenter. Worked with TensorFlow, OpenCV, Movidius NCS. Graduated several learning camps: - Kyivstar Big Data School 4.0 - Eleks Data Science Camp

Data Science, Machine Learning, Math, Deep Learning, Python, numpy, Tensorflow, SQL, computer vision, R, Statistics, Image Processing, Git, NumPy, Keras, Matplotlib, Data Mining, Pandas

- Publications in scientific journals and participation in a scientific conference - High academic performance - Academic scholarship of a President of Ukraine

Interesting tasks, opportunities for professional growth, friendly team


Data Scientist

Dnipro · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Data Scientist with 4 years of practice in various DS fields: from FinTech to AdTech sphere. I've applied ML for marketing goals in case of selection correct auditory for advertise campaigns - mails, calls, special offers (SAS tool, model types - random forest, logistic regression), also optimized chat-bot answers by n-gram detection (set up auto responses for most frequent ones), used automated topic splitting for text (LDA algorithm). My experience includes data pipeline creation, integration and support. I took part in such tasks/projects which realized on R/Python: - automation of report generation (knitr, Rmarkdown); - generation of insights using math models for advertise campaigns (statistics, R, Python) - set up part of process for automated segments creation (R) - detection of devices which belong to one person. Applied data extraction and processing for different formats: csv, json, html, unstructured text Programming languages: R, Python, SQL Tech tools: Hadoop(data collection), Docker/kubernetes, Git, apache kafka Algorithms: linear/logistic regression, decision trees, random forest, xgboost, text mining, LDA Libraries: caret, gbm, pandas, data.table, tm, slam, sklearn, numpy, xgboost etc. Visualization tools: ggplot2, RMarkdown (for reports) Fundamental knowledge: mathematics, statistics Most amount of work for me is Classical DS, in case of Deep Learning needed - that's absolutely possible but requires more time.

R (language), Mathematics, Statistics, Git, Python, SQL, Hadoop, Machine Learning, pandas, numpy, Matplotlib, Docker, Linux, NLP, Data Mining, Jupyter Notebook, Excel, PostgreSQL, Algorithms, Data Visualisation

Preferences: - flexible work schedule (no matter remote or in office) - challenging tasks - experienced data science team in company - also part-time projects with hourly rate are possible


Jinior QA Engineer

Dnipro · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

- Manual Testing (QA) - Web-testing - Mobile testing - Test design and Test documentation - Jira, Mantis, Trello - SQL - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP - Agile/Scrum and bacis knowledge about other development methodologies - Client-server architecture - Basic Automatization testing - Basic knowledge of Java

Jira, Mantis, Manual Testing (QA), Android, Regression Testing, Virtualization, HTML, SQL, Test Design, Scrum, Web Testing, Functional testing, CSS, Agile

Образование: аналитик (прикладная математика). Опыт работы тестировщиком пол года, но с перерывом на другие виды деятельности. На данный момент успешно окончил курсы "Software testing" в учебном центре "ORT".

Устроится на позицию тестировщика, где я смогу применять и совершенствовать свои профессиональные навыки, обеспечивая пользу и себе, и компании.


Python Engineer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $4000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Python, Kafka, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, Data science, pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, algorithms, Flask, aiohttp, Postgres, mongo, spark, pyspark, ETL

CSS, Django, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python, Scrum, Flask, Data Science, AWS, Google Cloud, Redis, SQL, Docker, Kubernetes


Data Scientist

Remote work, United States · $2000 · Advanced/Fluent

I am an English native speaker, looking for work in a collaborative professional environment with room to develop. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in data analytics and have academic experience building classification and regression machine learning models and utilizing a variety of data science algorithms. Some of my completed projects are a model for predicting whether a flight will have empty seats using pandas and PySpark and I am currently working on training a model for article classification. Furthermore, I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics which allows deep understanding of the underpinnings of data science.

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, SQL, Math, pandas, Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, Algorithms, English, Pandas, Tableau, Statistics, Excel, Bayesian Inference, Unsupervised Learning, R Language, Communication Skills, Agile, MySQL

I am proud to have a bachelor's in mathematics from an American university which I believe showcases and helped to develop a strong capacity for understanding logical structures, such as those found in data science. I am also particularly proud of a project where I was tasked with creating visualizations of a data tree model to predict customer purchase trends.

I would like to work in a supportive environment with room for collaboration and development. I would prefer to work in an Agile team. As someone who is pre-intermediate in Russian, I would benefit from working in an environment with many colleagues who can speak English.


Optical engineer, Zemax optical designer

Chernigiv, Kyiv · $2500 · 10 years of experience · Intermediate

List of companies with whom I collaborated in various projects last year: • Worldwide wireless security systems – AJAX SYSTEMS (Ukraine) – • Automotive head lighting – PROBRIGHT (Russia) – ( • Waveguide projecting systems – COLOUR HOLOGRAPHIC LIMITED (England) – • Laser ray-tracing aberrometer, visual aberration measurement research (guidance of Prof. V.V.Molebny) – TRACEY TECHNOLOGIES (USA) – Project activity in the field of optical design: - Elaboration of the principal and optical scheme of Diffraction Spectrum Analyzer - for measuring some physical and chemical properties of a grain. - Elaboration of the special objective lens for laser beam scanning - "Ef-theta lens" (f-θ lens) - for industrial laser processing (cutting) the materials. - Design of the optical scheme of the local Spectral Image Analyzer based on back scattering. - Elaboration and engineering of a specialized (projecting) short-focus lens for LED (Bi-LED) lightning for car headlights (low and high beams) for Diliht (ProBright) company. - Elaboration of narrow beam (long distance) automotive LED floodlight; - Waveguide optics design for input into the eye of additional video information from the projection display; - Simulation of the ray path in the optical system of light microscope. Design of the optical-mechanical adapter to obtain the necessary parameters of the image focusing. - Research the optical system of the eye. Research the methods of measurement, calculation and visualization of wave, ray and refractive aberrations of the eye as well as cornear shape and eye length. Participation in the development of the conceptual and optical scheme of the advanced laser raytracing aberrometer and kerato-topographer with different additional functions (eye length measure etc.). - Diffraction monochromator; - Iris remote access control systems... ...and some others...

Zemax, optical engineer, optical design, optics, data, science, designer, оптик, инженер, расчет, оптических, систем, оптимизация, моделирование, симуляция, физика, optimization, modelling, simulation, calculation, mathematics

The best honor - my family and my three kids :)) Declaration Patent of Ukraine. Method of calibration of laser raytracing aberrometer (53064 A), V.V.Molebny, O.V.Lutsenko. Participation and presentation in The Third China-Ukraine Forum of Science and Technology (Harbin, Chengdu, China); Participation in Qingdao International Technology Transfer Conference & Aoshan Eurasian Science and Technology Forum (Qingdao, China) - 2017.

Exciting work or collaboration mainly in the field of OPTICAL DESIGN, engineering and IT with great team in the international large-scale company that brings creativity and innovations. Concept creation, researching, calculation and optimization of the various optical systems. Mathematics and physics knowledge is also providing. Remote work mode is preferable, but relocation is also not excluded.


Junior Python Developer

Kyiv · $450 · Upper Intermediate

Student of FICT (Igor Sikorsky's KPI). 2.5 years of coding in Python. 1 year of practicing neural networks. Want to find a job for gaining more experience and learning new useful skills.

Python, MySQL, Keras, TensorFlow, pandas, NumPy, Algorithms, Jupyter Notebook, numpy, scikit-learn, Math

Working pet project based on face verification. Successfully completed certification test of the Samsung R&D.


Trainee Data Scientist

Kharkiv · $300 · Intermediate

Не имею опыта работы, в данный момент студент университета, специальность - Компьютерные науки. Хочу развиваться в направлении Data Science, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, получая максимум опыта и знаний на реальных проектах.

мат. статистики, линейной алгебры, ООП, C++/Python. , Базы данных, теории вероятностей

Участие в марафоне по написанию системы распознавания символов переработки на упаковке.

Интересные проекты, возможность учиться или даже иметь опытного ментора.


Junior Data Science/Data Analyst

Kyiv · $600 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Programming languages - Python3( scipy, matplotlib, numpy,openCV,pandas,standart lib,scikit-learn,statsmodels); Base Object Oriented Programming knowledge in Python; Database: relational database (SQLite, MySQL,Oracle); Math:Good knowledge of analysis ,statistics,probability theory,linear algebra,optimization,bace knowledge of some ML algorithms(such as:GLM,DecisionTrees,KNN,PCA,Ensemble methods,SVM … etc) and deep learning algoritрms; English: Intermediate; Version Control: Git. Developing of predictions models for insurance losses and estimation of reserves every;

Python, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, English, Git, Linux, OOP/OOD, numpy, scikit-learn, pandas, Machine Learning, Matplotlib, SciPy, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory & Statistics, Excel, Cassandra, MongoDB, Power BI, Data Visualisation, statsmodels, Time Series, Keras, Hadoop

Creating statistic models in auto third party liability insurance for forecasting of losses.

Student Find DataScience propositions where i can use the modern technologies and different math methods(such as statistic,ML); can learn new technologies quickly; flexible shedule.

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