Junior (trainee) Python Developer / Data Scientist

Remote work, Russia · $650 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

With web-development experience in the past, now I'm studying various aspects of data science and, particularly, its machine learning field with passion and willing to professionally develop myself in that way. I still like programming and, most of all, I'm wishing to create new things based on data and possibly featuring neural networks. So, I'm looking for a job or internship as a junior (trainee) developer in some kind of ML/DS project. My experience includes node.js, also I actively use Python as DS tool. As for my toolset, I enjoy using PyTorch, TensorFlow 2.0 (+Keras), NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn and related libs. My personal interests are in the fields of face recognition, adversarial attacks and GANs, but I'm quite versatile. In addition, I am familiar with popular development-related technologies: git, docker, command line, networking and Linux ecosystem in general. Currently taking Yandex ML course. I'm considering a remote job (I have a successful experience in that) or mostly remote job with seldom appearances in your fancy office. I will update this CV regularly to reflect the state of things.

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, Jupyter Notebook, Deep Learning

Valuable experience Flexible remote schedule


Senior Software Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $5500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

С/С++, Python, Javascript, OCaml, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Networking, React.js, Gulp, Node.js, Emacs, Git, Linux, FreeBSD, Go, Golang

Golang, Git, JavaScript, Elm, Python, Linux, MySQL, Microservices, PostgreSQL, REST API, GraphQL, C/C++, Distributed systems

I'm looking for a challenging project where I can use my experience as full stack developer.


Python Developer

Odessa, Kyiv, Lviv, USA, EU · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Previously, I coded for myself, for friends it later became more interesting and more interesting, I decided to try myself as a developer, but it was hard to break through and start somewhere. I want to start my career as Python Developer.

Python, Django, Git, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker, Linux, REST API, SQL

Odessa National Polytechic University — Currently I am pursuing a Master of Computer engineering with Scholarship. I have commercial experience as a freelancer. My projects on my GitHub.


Розробник Python

Kyiv · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Написание REST API, используя Node.js + Express + Mongoose (Heroku deployment) / Python + Flask + SQLAlchemy (Continuous integration (Travis) и WSGI (Gunicorn + Nginx) deployment). Оба API использовались небольшими веб-приложениями (SPA на Vue.js и server-side на Flask). Также небольшие проекты на TypeScript (написание SPA не используя фреймворки) и нескольких скрейперов (Beautiful Soup + requests и Scrapy).

Python, PostgreSQL, Git, SQL, Flask, MongoDB, Nginx, REST API, MySQL, Redis, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSON, TypeScript

Написание SPA, используя TypeScript без фреймворков. Программирование и сборка робота на базе Arduino.

Было бы интересно поработать в продуктовой компании над back-end частью небольшого проекта, используя асинхронный фреймворк.


Python Developer

Kyiv · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Have experience with Flask working on REST Api for a task manager. I built this app using Flask + PostgreSQL and SQLAlchemy. Tests were implemented using Pytest. The app was deployed to server in a Docker container. Have experience with telegramBotApi working a UI for a task manager. Also RabbitMQ was used to send notifications about new events. Other than that, have a little experience with BeautifulSoup, HTML and CSS. Looking for a Python back-end developer position.

Python, Git, PostgreSQL, REST API, Flask, SQL, Docker, RabbitMQ, Pytest, SQLAlchemy, SQLite, telegramBotApi

Created a RESP Api, linked to a Telegram Bot for end users and deployed it to a server so that the app is available for users 24/7.

Looking for a position where I can improve my current skills and gain new ones.


Junior\Trainee QA Automation Engineer

Kharkiv · $400 · Intermediate

Basic CSS, HTML. Basic Python. Experience with: С Java core Selenium Git JUnit SQL

Java, Git, Automated Testing, Selenium, HTML, XPath, CSS, SQL

Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент. Неформальная обстановка. Интересные задачи.


Python Software Developer

Kyiv · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Python, PostgreSQL, Linux, Bootstrap, Nginx, Docker, MongoDB, Redis, REST API, JavaScript, Django, Git, pandas, Twitter Bootstrap, SQLAlchemy, Data Science, jQuery, Celery, Aiohttp, MySQL, Jira, Django REST Framework, Pytest, ElasticSearch, sklearn, Flask, JSON, CSS, HTML, SQL, Selenium, React.js, NumPy, Django-Rest-Framework, AsyncIO, Scrapy, Pandas, Docker compose, GraphQL, TensorFlow, nltk, Selenium WebDriver, Jenkins, Ansible, Amazon AWS, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, python3, python2, Scrum/Kanban methodology, Materialize, Bash, SOLID, GRASP, DRY, OOP/OOD, SOAP, RPC, Vagrant, Boto3, PyQt5, Digital Ocean, HTML/CSS, CI/CD, TDD, GitLab, elk stack, TypeScript, Confluence, Continuous Integration, Auth0, google mock, Unix


Разработчик Senior Python

Remote work, Ukraine · $5000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Python, python3, Django, MySQL, PostgreSQL, pyodbc, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, Multithreading, Multiprocessing, Celery, RabbitMQ, AWS, Django REST Framework, Docker, NumPy, Pandas, Jira, Git, Linux, REST API, Nginx, Flask, SQLAlchemy

Dedicated team and mature management.


Data Scientist

Kyiv · $100 · Intermediate

freelancing in the mathematics and programming

Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, pandas, Git, scikit-learn, Math, Keras, NumPy, Pandas, Python, SQL, shiny, Tableau, Statistics, numpy, Data Analisys, Excel, Matplotlib, English, computer vision, Hadoop, AGILE/SCRUM, NLP, Jupyter Notebook, Algorithms, R Shiny, numerical methods, Natural Language Processing, detection, data analysis

technology stack: +Python(libraries: pandas, numpy, matplotlib, seaborn, keras, sc-learn,skimage, pygame) +R (Machine lerning, Shiny + Tidyverse, libraries: shiny, cluster, ggplot2, dplyr, plotly, colourpicker, wordcloud2, e1071) +Oracle SQL +Tableau +A/B testing +HTML+CSS+PHP+JS +Git+Scrum/Kanban/Waterfall +strong knowledge of office package +strong knowledge of math and statistics

Junior/trainee Data Scientist/Data Analyst/ML Engineer


Automation QA Engineer, AutoQA Lead, Developer, DevOps

Lviv · $3500 · 9 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

2 projects: testing REST API, 3 years. 1 project: testing SQL API, 5 years. 1 project: testing WEB UI, 6 months. Server side development. DLNA project support. CI/CD + docker development.

Python, Git, Django, PostgreSQL, Linux, REST API, Docker, SQL, OOP, Jira, JSON, HTML, jQuery, CSS, Scrum, Fabric, Pytest, UnitTest

Мій підхід до роботи: * Фальшиві тести, як їх НЕ писати * Ефективний тест, факт чекінг * Підлаштування тестів які впали, як не "сховати" реальний баг (Досвід на "крові") Я завжди працюю над тим, щоб тести були ефективними, а не "для галочки".

Робота як джерело енергії. Визнання корисності/потрібності моєї роботи. Взаємовигідний процес прокачки мене як спеціаліста, але на реальних задачах, щоб це було комусь потрібно.

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