Senior .Net Autmation Engeneer

Kyiv · $3300 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

4 года опыта работы в автоматизации на энтерпрайз проекте в распределённых scrum командах. Автоматизация сценариев на .Net + BDD; Тест репорты, анализ результатов, поддержка тестов; CI integration; Баг репорты; Работа с клиентами из США и Британии в распределенной команде; Составление тест стратегии, тест плана; Поддержка релизов; Работа по scrum (act as scrum master also); Выяснение требований; Ищу интересный проект, возможность частично удаленной работы при необходимости. Самоорганизация позволяет работать из любой локации.

Selenium WebDriver, Scrum, Jira, Git, Automated Testing, Selenium, CSS, HTML, JSON, C#, XPath

4 успешных релиза с моей полной ответственностью за построение процесса автоматизации и поддержки тестирования. Успешный менторинг 4 Джуниор специалистов.

Интересный agile проект, коммуникация с заказчиком, возможность удаленной работы( не постоянно)


QA engineer

Munich · $3000 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Software requirement analysis of Security System - Updating/creation of QA documentation (QA test plans, test cases, manuals) - Identifying and investigating issues & bugs reporting (Jira) - Co-working and communication with colleagues and development teams - Maintaining and executing of auto tests for regression test cases

Jira, Scrum, TestRail, Regression Testing, Windows, iOS, Android, Networking, Python, Git, Automated Testing, Test Documentation, MySQL, WEB applications

Desire to be a part of the vibrant and leading organization, want to help to advance the products and improve my skills in QA. Hope to work in Scrum team that takes care of the high quality of projects, use innovative QA methodologies and appreciate the creativity and enthusiasm of working.


Manual QA Engineer

Kyiv · $400 · Intermediate

Database Editor Icecat, Kyiv 02.2016 – present days Duties: - Product description (technical specifications); - Working with photo editing tools (Photoshop, Gimp); - Full processing one of the sponsorship brands; - Backoffice interface testing;

Manual Testing, SQL, Windows, Linux

Taking by myself full processing of one of the sponsorship brands


Senior QA Automation Engineer

Odesa, udalenno · $4300 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Implementing QA Automation infrastructure from scratch, including CI servers. Stack: JavaScript for Web or Mobile testing (Selenium WebDriver, WDIO, CucumberJS, Protractor, Chai), Appium)

Protractor, WebDriverIO, JS, JavaScript, TeamCity, Browserstack, Cucumber, Jasmine, Selenium, Selemiun WebDriver, Appium, CI

Getting things done.

Automating QA procedures for complicated and versatile web app or mobile app. - Ukrainian taxes/bank fees are not included into designated rate.


QA engineer manual+automation

Kharkiv · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

08.2018 – currently - xxxxx / QA Engineer Responsibilities: - preparing test cases, checklists and execution them - preparing test scenarios for automation - bug reporting, tracking, bug fixing review - discussion requirements with the client and documenting them - functional testing (via GUI and API) - smoke testing - regression testing - exploratory testing 06.2016 – 08.2018 - xxxxx / QA Engineer Responsibilities: - test cases, checklists creation and execution - bug reporting, tracking, bug fixing review - smoke testing - regression testing - functional testing - GUI testing - cross-browser testing - exploratory testing

Jira, Regression Testing, Test Levels, Zephyr, Katalon Studio, Smoke testing, Test Types, Windows OS, HTTP, Requirements levels and types, Software Development and Testing life cy, Test design techniques, CSS3, Fiddler, Git, HTML5, MySQL, Postman, XPath, JSON, OOP, API testing, Selenium WebDriver, Jenkins, Java, Exploratory Testing, Bug detecting&localization&reporting, Test documentation, trello, Linux, Functional testing

1. Helping client to visualize and represent requirements 2. Taking a part in product feature design

I am QA Engineer with 3+ years’ experience in web application testing. I like applications with complex business rules and like to help client to refine and document requirements for new features. One of the my favorite activity at work is test design using appropriate techniques. I have some practical experience in test automation via Selenium Web Driver + Java. In the future I am going to develop my technical skills to become highly competent in test automation. Test design for systems with complex logic and test automation (E2E, API) is perfect work for me. I don't want to work with CMS-like project and perform manual black box testing. The only thing I want to do manually is exploratory testing


QA Automation Engineer

Kyiv · $3500 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I’m a QA engineer within 5 years’ experience in agile developing teams. Responsible for the whole test process from specs analysis, trough test plan development, execution, and result reporting, last few years responsible for the automation of regression testing (frontend and backend). Have on-site work experience. EXPERIENCE QA Automation Engineer Sept 2017 – present Working with the main web application and public APIs. Write GUI tests (Functional, Regression) auto-tests on C#, Selenium Webdriver, MSTest, NUnit; JavaScript, Cypress, Mocha, Chai, Docker. Write API tests (Functional, Regression) based on C#, REST Assured, MSTest, NUnit. Create & update technical documentation using Swagger. Maintenance test environments, configure CI for releases. Use TFS for requirements management, project management, testing, and release management. Using Git as a Version Control tool. Analyzing logs. Quality Control Engineer (Test Automation) Jan 2017 – Sept 2017 Test planning and test design, creating use cases. Writing test-scrips in POSTMAN based on spec. Create mock for Soap services via SoapUI based on WSDL. Set up CI in Jenkins with Newman runner for POSTMAN test collections. Functional, Regression testing of APIs based on JAVA. Test results submission using JIRA issue tracking system. Working with Oracle database. Analyzing logs. QA engineer Jun 2014 – Jan 2017 Working with the main web application, mobile website, native app, internal web-based tools, internal and public APIs. (The main area of ownership is internal APIs). Test planning and test design, creating use cases, writing BDD auto-tests on Java & Kotlin. Maintenance and update existing integration test (use JUnit). Functional, Regression testing of APIs based on JAVA / Kotlin. Create & update technical documentation using APIary and REST docs. Test results submission using JIRA issue tracking system. Working with Oracle database, Mongo DB, MySQL, version control systems: Perforce, Git. Analyzing logs. Junior QA engineer April 2014 – Jun 2014 Manual testing. Identifying, reproducing bugs, bug reporting, tracking using JIRA. Using MS SQL. Project (web and mobile client services).

Automated Testing, REST API, Selenium WebDriver, Cypress, JS, C#, JAVA, Kotlin, Rest-assured, Docker, MS SQL Server, JDBC, NUnit, JUnit, Mocha, Chai, JIRA, TFS, Testlink, Git, Perforce, Gradle, Maven, Jenkins, Postman, SoapUI, Swagger, API testing, GUI testing, SQL

Led a switching from waterfall to scram in the current project, designed the solution for handling the setUp of test data for manual QAs and was involved in implementation. Designed the template for open API specification. Suggested to use Docker for deployment, made prototype base on a single-page application, Auth0 and Cypress tests.

Can work remotely for a few weeks when needed, can use all my knowledge, awesome team, less management, more interested in back-end automation.


Junior QA Engineer

Kyiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

QALight - Создание технической документации (Test-case, Bug report, Check-list) - Тестирование графического интерфейса пользователя - Выполнение запросов SQL - Выполнения нагрузочного тестирования - Выполнение основных Unix команд

Manual Testing, Test design techniques, Technical Documentation, Jira, TestRail, Understanding of SDLC, HTML, CSS, SQL

QALight Успешно пройденный курс "Базовый модуль тестирования"

Что получите Вы и Ваша компания: - Человека, который не боится работы, любит доводить начатое до конца и хочет, чтобы его работа была не просто сделана, а сделана качественно; - Умеет находить общий язык с каждым; - Готов и заинтересован развиваться в своей сфере. Что я ожидаю от своей будущей компании: - Я хочу работать в сильном и слаженном коллективе. В моем понимании - это команда работающая на общий результат, коллеги поддерживают и страхуют друг друга, люди в которых ты уверен и спокоен за свой тыл. - Быть весомой частью своей команды. - Возможность учиться и развиваться - стать специалистом высокого уровня. О себе: Я считаю себя ответственным, всегда думаю о том, что делаю и о людях которые работают со мной. Даже если я сам не могу выполнить поставленную задачу, стараюсь, как можно раньше сообщить об этом коллегам, чтобы избежать трудностей у всей команды. На меня можно положиться. Умею адаптироваться в любой сложившейся ситуации, адекватно воспринимать информацию и взвешено принимать решения. Не люблю долго уделять время неприятностям, анализирую какие можно взять плюсы и двигаюсь вперед. Признаю свои ошибки. Прислушиваюсь к советам. Нет вредных привычек. Веду спортивный образ жизни, занимаюсь футболом, хожу на пробежки (поставил цель пробежать марафонскую дистанцию) Люблю активный отдых.


Manual QA Engineer 

Kyiv · $1100 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Cross-platform testing of extension for enterprise resource planning system. Project goal was development of cross-platform application for Manufacturing automation. We've developed application using Xamarin forms to have unified code with the same logic working on Desktop, Android and iOs. Application logic is developed to work with multiple MFG modules in ERP system saving main manufacturing flow but respect all features of each manufacturing module in ERP. I have rich experience in each part of testing activities through development process, from testing requirements to product maintenance. Also got a lot experience in supporting BSS/OSS solutions of banking product.

Manual Testing, SQL, Postman, REST API, HTML, CSS, Agile, Scrum, Git, bug life cycle, Mobile Testing, API testing, Android, Windows, iOS, Functional testing, Regression Testing, Quality Assurance, Creating testing and technical documents, API Testing

Interesting projects with opportunity to grow my professional skills


Automation QA Engineer 🔥

Kharkiv · $1600 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Работал в основном в CodeceptJS в связке с Protractor, Selenium, Puppeteer и WbriverIO. Знаю Гит, Джиру... Делал нагрузочные тесты, автоматизировал АПИ. Много чего. Лучше спросить ))

CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Linux, NetBeans, Selenium WebDriver, Git, Automated Testing, Jira, Jenkins, SQL, REST API, Selenium, Postman, Manual Testing, Regression Testing, XPath, Docker, JSON, Agile, Cucumber, Appium, GraphQL, Selenium IDE, Smoke Testing, JMeter, Capybara, Back-end testing, Selemiun WebDriver, Web Tesing, WebDriverIO, Protractor, CodeceptJS, Ruby, Puppeteer, Page Factory, OOP, PHP, Ubuntu, JIRA/Confluence, Automation, Cross-browser testing, Continuous Integration, NodeJS, Node.js

Постижением дзен в процессе автоматизации сайтов на JS )) По просьбе заказщика заавтоматизировал сайт, где динамически менялся контент и выкачивались различные зип-архивы. Удалось реализовать скрипт, который распознавал динамический контент, выкачивал все возможные файлы (они генерились в процессе заполнения страницы скриптом) и проверял их контент: размер, имена файлов внутри архива, ключевые слова в ПДФ файле. Скрипт не падал до тех пор, пока не пробежит до конца, а на выходе мог отобразить шаги, при которых воспроизводилась ошибка (и указывал какая именно)

Автоматизация с минимум мануала. )))


QA engineer

Odesa · $1300 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

• Creating, executing test cases, test suites. Reporting and maintaining bugs during its life cycle. • Understanding of Software Development Life Cycle • Understanding of client server architecture • Performing Functional, GUI, Regression, Smoke, Sanity testing, etc. • Platforms: Windows 7 - 10, macOS 10.5 – 10.14, iOS, Android, (Kali)Linux (beginner) • Technologies: HTML, CSS, XML, XPath basic knowledge • Bug tracking systems: Jira • CLI (command line) interaction in bash (macOS, linux terminal) and Windows Command Prompt • REST API Testing (Postman – creating and executing test suites with JSON requests) • Software Development Methodologies: Agile/Scrum • Basic understanding of OOP principles • Programming languages: Java (beginner) • Automation: Selenium WebDriver, Appium + Java, JUnit - basic knowledge and hands on experience

MacOS, Android, iOS, HTML, Windows, XPath, CSS, JUnit, Appium, Linux, Maven, Java, XML, Web Testing, Writing test artefacts, JIra/Confluence/Zephyr, Selenium WebDriver

Have also a 6 year working background as service engineer, so I’m familiar with many kind of devices, OS’s, applications, services, etc.

Professional growth, friendly atmosphere, challenging tasks, opportunity to improve product quality.

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