Software Engineer

Kyiv · $6000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Go, PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, Web Development, Back-End Development, Full-Stack Development, Distributed Systems, System Design, Architectures, Patterns, Microservices, GCP (Google Cloud Platform), AWS, Cloud Compute, Serverless, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Kubernetes, Docker, Bash, RegEx, Linux.

MySQL, PostgreSQL, GCP/AWS, Docker, Linux, Go, GoLang, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js


Senior .Net Developer 

Za rubezhom · $5000 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I'm a software developer with years of professional experience. and working with passion to new technologies, clean, tidy solutions and efficiency. I like Scrum, Agile and self-organized kind of team. I was involved in development of: • Distributed financial systems • Enterprise level web applications • SPA web applications I know how to "do it right": • Re-factor legacy code • Write clean code • Design onion architecture, using DI and SOLID principles

.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, mvc, C#, LINQ, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework, JavaScript, .NET Core, Design Patterns, SQL, REST API, SOLID, Git, MVC, .Asp.Net Core, Azure, ASP.NET CORE, ASP.NET Web API 2, Software Architecture, MSSQL, AWS, Amazon AWS, Docker, Docker containers, Kubernetes, EF Core, ASP.NET Identity, Entity Framework Core, IdentityServer

I have used to work in multicultural environments, worked on-site in different countries, worked as part of big and / or distributed teams.


Golang Developer

Odesa · $1000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

CAREER HISTORY Jun 2019 – Aug 2019 Position Part Time Software Architect Projects NDA Responsibilities - Finding the best tech solution in all possible to solve the existing business issues. - Describing structure, characteristics, behavior, and other aspects of software to project stakeholders. - Defining features, phases, and solution requirements. - Providing specifications according to which the solution is defined, managed, and delivered. Oct 2014 - Apr 2019 Company Provectus, Reinvently, Odessa, Ukraine Position Senior PHP developer Projects NDA Responsibilities - Creating OnDemand platform and supporting - Creating and supporting 8+ projects with longest 1+ year and an average more the half year - 3 projects were created on OnDemand Platform by me and 2 without me - Knowledge sharing with the team - Informal leading and designing projects Sep 2012 - June 2014 Company Comodo , Odessa, Ukraine Position Senior PHP developer Project Comodo Mobile Device Management Environment PHP/PostgreSql/Yii/Protobuf/Git/PHPUnit Responsibilities - Development of the communication protocol of the Backend and Frontend servers. - The development part of the project responsible for the management and administration of device profiles (including Android and iOS devices) - Communication between servers and devices - Develop and design a database Project Comodo Anti Theft Project Description Development of asynchronous, horizontally scalable, multithreaded, highly loaded servers on phpDaemon running on the network using a binary protocol. Environment PHP/mongoDB/phpDaemon/Protobuf/HighLoad Project/SVN Responsibilities - Development of kernel for asynchronous, horizontally scalable, multi-threaded server running on a network using a binary protocol. - Development of load and functional testing systems based on the kernel. - Creating basics for fake users controlled AI (bots). - Writing execution delayed tasks system. - Collect and analysis of geo data with subsequent analysis using for position determination wifi, cell, cdma and ip. - Working with Mongo DB cluster - Designing structures - Data optimization for speeding up queries - Creating requests queue to accelerate queries of different types - Creating systems of parallel querying Oct 2011 - Sep 2012 Company Intersog , Odessa, Ukraine Position Senior PHP developer Project Online Casino Aug 2009 – Aug 2007 Several companies Many small projects

MySQL, PHP, Git, OOP, REST API, MVC, JSON, PostgreSQL, Jira, Yii2, MongoDB, Nginx, Yii, REST

Интересно получить практический опыт в Go. Только Одесса.


Full Stack Developer 🔥

Kyiv · $4500 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

More than 5 years of experience as a Full-Stack Engineer

C#, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout, .NET, ASP.NET, mvc, Entity Framework, HTML5, LINQ, MVC, OOP, CSS3, MSSQL, MySQL, Redux, NHibernate, React, WCF, F#, Git, SQL, TypeScript, Angular 2+, ReactJS, ASP.NET CORE, .NET Core, Entity Framework Core, Elixir, RabbitMQ, MongoDB

• Was supervising and involved in development of core Client- and Server-side libraries inside the company • Successfully developed 3 major releases of Goal management system for top management employees • Successfully developed 2 major releases of Goal management system for company employees • Designed flexible architecture for application aimed to generate accounting reports (changes to existing requirements was applied with no additional effort) • Is involved in designing and development of heals-care application based on Smart Contracts using DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology)

Most vanted: Elixir /Phoenix or F# or remote .Net core Ready to consider working with Go


Middle PHP Developer

Odesa · $1800 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Symfony 4+, Yii2, MySQL, Postgre, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Clickhouse, OOP/OOD, PHP 7+, PHPUnit, RESTful API. Additional: Git, Jira; Java 8, Golang JavaScript, React, CSS/LESS/SASS, Linux, nginx. Придерживаюсь SOLID, понимаю задачи бизнеса и следую им. Опыт в eCommerce, Enterprise

MySQL, OOP/OOD, PHP, PHPUnit, RabbitMQ, Symfony, Linux, REST API, JavaScript, Git, SOLID, Nginx, Yii2, Jira, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS3, Clickhouse, OOP, Docker, AJAX, Webpack, JS,, HTTP, Bootstrap, Api, ES6, MVC, WebSocket, Facebook API, Symfony 4, React, PHP 7, GoogleAPI, Agile, Swagger, Bitbucket, Composer, Microservices, CRM

Experience: - ERP (Symfony): tasks, phone calls, chats, mails, reports, analytics, delivery and payment api etc., - microservices (Symfony, Golang), - online store (Yii2), offline shop app - openstreetmap project with mapbox, - resolved complex tasks.

Мои ожидания. Коллектив: действительно специалисты в своей сфере. Технологии: сложные и интересные задачи; я точно скажу вам нет, если у вас используются старые технологии, e.g. php<5.3, Yii1, Symfony2, etc. Либо если вы не готовы использовать новые технологии. Локация: Одесса или удаленно. Максимум могу рассмотреть локации во Львове. Не рассматриваю вакансии в game dev. С удовольствием рассматриваю и работаю с math, analytics, finance, database, e-commerce, complex business processes

23 January

Middle PHP Developer

Remote work, Kyrgyzstan · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

- PHP: Symfony v.3 - v.4, Phalcon - Golang - JavaScript: Node.js, ES6, Jquery, Vue.js, React.js, Webpack (основы). - MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached, MongoDB - Уверенный пользователь Linux, знание Docker, Git - Понимание микросервисной архитектуры, REST, GraphQL, Websocket - Знание принципов чистого кода

Linux, Golang, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, Git, Docker, MySQL, Symfony, Phalcon, Doctrine, PostgreSQL, Memcached, WebSocket, Solid / dry / kiss

Не больше 30 часов в неделю

23 January

Java Team Lead 🔥

Kharkiv · $3500 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Java and Go Enterprise Specialties: PaaS Enterprise Solutions Cloud services My main experience is building cloud platforms and services with automatisation. Worked as a full stack developer and now - team and tech lead in Java solutions. My main goal - help and improve developers skills in building stable solutions on the other hand - help customer to understand and design better solutions based on my technical background.

Agile, AWS, CSS, Git, Hibernate, HTML, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Linux, MongoDB, MySQL, Spring, PostgreSQL, Docker Compose, Jenkins, Golang, GoF design patterns, Elasticsearch, OOP/OOD, Docker, Restful Web Services, Microservices, Oracle Database, React.js, EJB, JSF, Scrum, Team Management, Project Management, Protobuf

Офис возле метро. Адекватный менеджмент в компании. Возможность улучшения процессов компании.

23 January

Golang Developer

St. Petersburg · $2700 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

Hello! I am 7+ years experienced software engineer. Currently in love with Golang Have a good knowledge of Ruby & Ruby On Rails I'm experienced in blockchain, fintech, adtech.

Golang, PostgreSQL, Docker, Linux, go, REST API, Microservices, Kubernetes

I'm a part of the top 10% Stack Overflow answerers in Golang tag.

Looking for challenging, intellectually stimulating development work .

23 January

DevOps / Platform Engineer 🔥 

Kyiv · $1200 · 8 years of experience · Intermediate

Areas of responsibility: · Accompanying existing and launching new IT infrastructure services(VMware ESXi, Mattermost,GitLab, TeamCity); · Configuration and accompanying of GIT CI/CD(for project of corporate game, which developed at Unity), configuration and introducing ChatOps · Configuration and accompanying of Git CI/CD (for project , which decided problems with balancing and functionality CRM of our client ) · Configuration and accompanying of CI/CD using TeamCity (for project , which developed at .Net) · Monitoring and configuration backups scripts · Configuration and accompanying corporate sites which hosted at CMS WebFlow and Wordpress at corporate VPS · Estimating and development sites for commercial projects at CMS Magento, WordPress, Wix · Installation, configuration, administration of network(d-link, MikroTik) and server equipment(HP Proliant); · Monitoring of working capacity, elimination of network, services, backups and server failures(Zabbix),virtualization systems; · Ensuring the continuous operability of the OS(Windows server 2008, Ubuntu,Debian,CentOS), as well as security according to the requirements and information security policies; · Preparation of IT budget, organization of procurement of services and equipment related to IT; · Installation, configuration, administration of software(Apache, Nginx,PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB). Introduced and suppored 2 nodes of Mattermost with integration to Jira and Confluence and developing new functions such as bot which will be Welcome Bot and working with Hurma, Zapper, TeamCity, Passbolt and other services · Accompanying existing and launching new IT infrastructure services(Proxmox,VMware ESXi, Veaam); · IT infrastructure audit for the purpose of optimization, inventorying; · Installation, configuration, administration of network(cisco, d-link, kerio) and server equipment(Dell, Supermicro); · Ensuring the continuous operability of the OS(Windows server 2012,2016, Oracle Linux, Ubuntu,Debian,CentOS), as well as security according to the requirements and information security policies; · Preparation of IT budget, organization of procurement of services and equipment related to IT; · Installation, configuration, administration of software(IIS,Apache, Nginx,Samba, AD, Asterisk, GLPI, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, MariaDB ). · Introduction and monitoring of new services such as Git, TeamCity, Docker. And other more...

VMware, Ubuntu, Nginx, TCP/IP, Apache, Linux, bash, Docker, AWS, MySQL, Zabbix, Jira, DNS, CentOS, AD, Linux Engineer, Git, Nagios, Networking, SVN, Cisco, KVM virtualization, Veeam, GP, DNS, DHCP, WDS, WSUS, IIS, Microsoft Hyper-V, Golang, PostgreSQL, mattermost, GitLab CI, TeamCity, Wordpress

I think, that my greatest achievement is introducing the systems of monitoring such as Zabbix, Cacti, Nagios at TSI. This systems are leading in the peace in this direction. I was build the systems practically from scratch with introducing new methods and functions , such as notifications to telegram by telegram-bot, importing data from Nagios to Zabbix and backward. In the future i must been realize second step of telegram-bot, which was can help users to fix them problems in automatical mode. Also I have expirience with with configuration a new cluster of servers with system of virtualization KVM Proxmox. It was a nice experience for me and good solution to improve the performance and resiliency of the company.

I think, that I'm interested be a part of one team and don't important it will be small team or big project. I'm ready to work anywhere, if this will be interesting for me in a future. For exemple , I don't sure, that I want work QA engeneer. I'm want and ready use my skills in a future works, so I search the work, which will be interest and match my experience, skills and my financial expectations.

22 January

Разработчик Go 🔥 

Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Привет! Прежде, чем начать свой путь, как разработчик долго искал свою технологию. Во время учёбы в университете попробовал Python, Scala, Go, Dart, Java, Android, NodeJS. В итоге остановился на Android и попытался максимально углубиться в эту технологию. Но, к сожалению, первую работу удалось найти лишь как Java разработчик. Далее по случайному стечению обстоятельств вынужден был в кратчайшие сроки изучить Go, потому что одному из заказчиков нужны были гоферы на удалёнку. С тех пор даже не смотрю в сторону Java. Также на моём пути случился полугодовой вояж в мир JS и первого ангулара. Это были тёмные дни в моей биографии) Недолго поработал на действительно высоконагруженном проекте (20k rps/instance). После знакомства с GraphQL влюбился в эту штуку. Единственное, что имеется проблема N+1 запроса к БД. Моим решением стало использование процедур PostgreSQL, формирующих Json на уровне СУБД. Это дало возможно увидеть на выходе производительность на уровне 500 rps в среднем (клиенты хотели получать огромные Json'ы размером в несколько мегабайт). Последние полтора года кручусь около финтеха. Основной стек: Golang + echo/gin + PostgreSQL. Если очень нужно, могу написать скриптец на Python, но не более. Был как-то даже ментором для начинающих разработчиков. Предпочитаю удалённую работу, т.к. бывает сложно сконцентрироваться в шумном open space. В свободное время занимаюсь с друзьями разработкой (кладбища) собственных продуктов.

Git, Golang, REST API, Unix, PostgreSQL, TDD, MongoDB, AWS, Docker, Redis, Vue.js

– есть опыт менторства – разработка проектов, рассчитанных на высокую нагрузку (5000+RPS/instance)

Использование современных подходов и технологий в разработке (использование современных подходов также подразумевает существование хоть каких-либо налаженных процессов). В идеале - удалённая работа.

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