Киев, EU, Canada, USA · $600 · 6 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Компанія «Coingaming», Київ, Україна Посада: Клієнт–менеджер Обов’язки: • підтримка існуючих клієнтів і надання їм необхідних консультацій; • листування та переписка із клієнтами у чатах; • підготовка необхідних матеріалів англійською та іспанською мовами. Компанія «OtelMS», Київ, Україна Посада: Менеджер з продажу Обов’язки: • пошук нових клієнтів та підтримання існуючої клієнтської бази; • підтримка існуючих клієнтів і надання їм необхідних консультацій; • проведення презентацій продукту компанії. Центр іноземних мов «Hampson English», Чунцин, Китайська Народна Республіка Посада: Викладач англійської мови Обов’язки: • викладання англійської мови індивідуально та у групах; • створення та впровадження учбових планів навчання; • робота із потенційними клієнтами та підтримка існуючих. Державна компанія «Укрспецекспорт», Київ, Україна Посада: менеджер зовнішньоекономічної діяльності Обов’язки: • пошук нових клієнтів, постачальників та взаємодія між ними; • підтримка існуючих клієнтів, ведення клієнтської бази та документообігу; • ведення переговорів із постачальниками, покупцями та потенційними клієнтами; • підготовка комерційних пропозицій та укладання зовнішньоекономічних угод та контрактів; • контроль за виконанням існуючих зовнішньоекономічних угод. Видавничій дім «KP-Media», Київ, Україна Посада: Рекламний агент Обов’язки: • пошук нових клієнтів та підтримка існуючої клієнтської бази даних; • ведення переговорів із потенційними клієнтами; • перевірка і редагування рекламних матеріалів; • підготовка комерційних пропозицій. Державне підприємство «Укробооронресурси», Київ, Україна Посада: Менеджер з продажу Обов’язки: • консультація щодо продукції підприємства (будівельні матеріали); • підтримка існуючої клієнтської бази; • взаємодія між постачальниками.

Маркетолог, English, Spanish, Sales, Affilate marketing, Email Marketing

Выход на новые рынки с новым продуктом, увеличение процента продаж и привлечение новых клиентов, удачные презентации продуктов и построение долгосрочных партнерских отношений

Ожидаю позитивного опыта, развития в компании и саморазвития, дружного и отзывчивого коллектива, нормальной здоровой рабочей, стабильной заработной платы, новых эмоций и впечатлений


Project Manager

Киев · $800 · 2 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

1. Head of Eastern Office Conference Service Department, company Arena CS, march 2017 – present My work experience includes: • Project estimation and planning • Administrating and monitoring personal development plans • Participation in recruitment process • Project activities control, time and effort tracking, status reporting • Organized meetings, round tables, forums and trainings • Provided administrative support to all project activities (communication with contractors and partners, regular paperwork, phone calls, travel arrangements, etc.) • Support activities aimed at creation of enterprise and entrepreneurship development opportunities • Successful execution and delivery of projects within project constraints • Problem solving and root cause analysis, taking corrective and preventive actions • Assisting in organizing meetings, events, including business forums, round tables, field missions and donor visits; • Assisted in communications press-releases, printed materials, slides; • Projects lifecycle improvement through retrospectives and lessons learned • Office administration, project documentation and logistics • KPIs, goals (based on different techniques incl. SMART), business processes, recruitment, company policies, succession planning, structures of management; 2. Logistic assistant, UNHCR My work experience includes: • Monitor warning indicators and prepare qualitative report • Maintaining an established network of contacts for general information about related issues; • Managing Succession planning and internal rotation processes; • Analysing and selecting materials for strengthening strategic; • Participated in data collecting for M&E purposes • Generating new ideas and approaches, researching best practices and proposing new, more effective ways of doing things; • Understanding and applying fundamental concepts and principles of a professional discipline or technical speciality; • Good communication and negotiation skills;

Project Management


Project Manager / Business Development Manager / Sales Manager

Kharkov · $1000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

1. I have working experience in Business Development and Project management, including IT sphere (leading a 10+ team). 2. My English knowledge and working experience in a multicultural environment for international companies allow me to communicate and negotiate at any level. 3. I’m well qualified in Economics and Finance (PhD degree), have strong analytical skills, familiar with Agile methodologies, good knowledge of MS Office, JIRA and basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, SQL. 4. I’m a fast learner and a problem solver. 5. When working with clients I build trust first of all.

Project Management, Business Analysis, Team management, IT Service Management, project planning, Agile, Scrum, Product management, Risk management, Business Strategy

I am really proud when my team becomes stronger, more qualified, and everyone is happy to work together.

I'd like to contribute to the enhancement of the business I'm working for.


Account Manager / Customer Success Manager

Киев · $1200 · 1,5 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

1. Experienced in planning and organizing an internal communication complex (direct interaction with the team). I initiated Follow-Up / Face-to-Face / Sync Up meetings with the team, team management and customer to clearly define the tasks and requirements on both sides.   2. Wrote additional instructions and made training plans, and was also a mentor after two months on the project. 3. Analyzed problem cases and tasks in the team and compiled additional instructions to facilitate the work and to prevent mistakes for newcomers. I took part in the compilation and publication of various tasks for beginners, selected documents and materials for their training. 4. Participated in different questionnaires related to the news, changes in the company, values, etc. I was the initiator of the meetings, as it is the method of communication and (as for my opinion) the effective system for receiving feedback from the team and management. In a nutshell, meetings helped to be on the same page. 5. On the position of Service Manager had the experience of conducting negotiations and discussing the subtleties of the project with customers. 6. Carried out team building (Fika, Stand Ups, etc.) to improve corporate culture. My background includes being a customer support associate, technical support engineer and service manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. I am a strong team player and enjoying cross-team collaboration.

Confluence, Jira, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Slack, SVN, Adobe Illustrator, 1C, English, Team management, Risk management, Communication, Negotiation skills, analytics & research, Google Docs, User Experience, User Interface, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, InVision, B2B, B2C, Customer service, service management

1. Team Mentor (was a mentor after 2 months on the project); 2. Network troubleshooting proficiency & Creative Problem Solving (1,5+ year in Support & Service Management sphere); 3. Quick Learner; 4. Self-Improvement is a MUST have for me.

I want to be part of a large team of professionals, continuously develop myself and take part in creating something significant. 1. Oriented on the result, but not process. 2. Eager to learn what I don't know yet. 3. Focused on any partnership offers, exchange of ideas and techniques.


Sales Manager

Киев, EU, USA, Canada · $1000 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

My name is Kostiantyn and I've been working on position sales/business development manager for more than 3.5 years. I'm interested in lead generation and sales B2B, B2C. I can create and analyze the flow of potential clients and negotiate with key persons of companies. I’m familiar with email marketing, Linkedin, UpWork. I can work independently on the result, fulfill the tasks set, show my initiative in order to increase the number of leads and sales. I'm ready to be with client form the very first point of connection and up to a successful contract. It is very important for me to do interesting work with opportunities for growth and development of my professional skills. I will be glad to work in a young, friendly team of proactive professionals who I have something to learn from. I am ready to share my experience and contribute to the increase in profits and the development of a company.

Sales, Business development, Communication Skills, B2B, English, International sales, Negotiations, It sales, Lead generation, Linkedin, Networking, Presentation skills, Marketing, sales pipeline and forecasting

Achievements: – More than 50 selling and technical articles written – Created and updated sales’ scripts which increased conversion rate 2 times (from 7 % to 13 %) and time efficacy 1.5 times – Changed sale’s strategy in order to provide besides basic products also full comprehensive solutions which allowed the company to increase sales and total income – Created strategy for cold email letter and newsletters within 2 months which increased leads flow 3 times

It is very important for me to do interesting work with opportunities for growth and development of my professional skills. I will be glad to work in a young, friendly team of proactive professionals who I have something to learn from. I am ready to share my experience and contribute to the increase in profits and the development of a company.


Account Executive

Киев · $1500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Manage the sales cycle from the beginning of an opportunity to shipping the product to the client. Negotiate complex Technology and ICO agreements and keep accurate records at each stage of the sales process. Present products effectively and professionally to prospective clients.


Director of Business Development

Киев · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Seasoned and highly enthusiastic professional with over 10 years of combined experience in IT and online marketing fields. Skills: - Business development - Project management - IT management - Mobile development - Mobile marketing - Team managment - Sales - Client support - Budget control - Video advertisement - Online marketing - Postproduction

Sales, Business development, International sales, CRM, Lead generation, Account Management, Team management, Project Management, Product management, English, Key Account management, Business Developement, Full-cycle sales, Customer Engagement, Sales and Marketing, Marketing, It sales, Networking, Team player, Negotiations, Linkedin, Sales Management, Sales Development , B2B sales, Communication Skills


Head of Sales/Senior Sales Executive

Киев · $1000 · 6 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Experience: - 6 years in IT sales (product & outsourcing companies); - 2 years in product and project management; - 1 year in organization and management of the support team; - 2 years in digital marketing. Skills: - Sales strategy development; - Direct sales; - Channel development; - SEO; - Knowledge of different kind of CRM's, PM platforms, SEO tools (GA, Alexa, Moz), office and collaboration software.

Account Management, Support Management, Channel Development, Agile, Cold Sales, SEO, Business development, Project Management

- Started in numerous companies from 0 sales and raised up to $60,000 MRR; - Prepared marketing and sales materials; - Led webinars and seminars, took part in exhibitions and conferences; - Created and managed the support team for the application with the highest ranking on the marketplace among competitors; - And many other achievements connected to the product development, marketing and testing of IT products.

- Low level of bureaucracy; - Interesting products or companies; - Sales strategy concept; - Competitive and transparent salary model


Sales Manager

Харьков · $400 · 1 год опыта · Pre-Intermediate

• Performed sales activities in the US and European markets • Generated leads, qualify prospects, identified opportunities, developed proposals, closed contracts • Collaborated with and supported Operations Managers, Project Managers and Software Engineers during Technical Pre-Sale activities • Planed, forecasted and contributed to new sales & marketing strategies and tactics • Maintained and updated all sales data in CRM • Developed and maintained positive working relationships with customers

Sales, Business development, Business Developement, Lead generation, It sales, Negotiations, International sales

Closed two deals on Upwork with the USA and Netherland customers. Also, I have experience of working on LinkedIn.

I would like to search for the potential customers, communicate with them and close the deals.


Junior Project Manager

Житомир, Киев, Львов · $1500 · 2 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Two years of work in IT company, a full-cycle digital solutions provider, specializing in life sciences multichannel content excellence at different positions. Main experience in sales and marketing, support and account management, but constantly working with translation and content management on a freelance basis. Strong technical skills and ability to understand the processes as they are. I understand the value of brands and the necessity of proper brand positioning and management. Experiences in working with people across the teams and organizations exhibit strong interpersonal skills and uniqueness in keeping the team together. This is true not only with colleagues but also clients. Care about the project and invested in the project’s success. I love to foresee ahead and get things going smoothly and successfully.

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