Automation QA Engineer (JAVA)

Lviv · $3500 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Solid knowledge in automation frameworks. My regular responsibilities include: - framework creation - tests creation/automation/maintenance - analyzing and delivering test results - CI/CD configuration - close collaboration with dev team An analytical thinker with the strong persuasion that if you do something, you should do it well.

Automated Testing (QA), Java, Linux, OOP, TestNG, XML, Eclipse, Git, Mantis, Redmine, Test driven development (TDD), CI, Jira, Manual Testing (QA), Regression Testing, SQL, Appium, Jenkins, Scrum, Selenium, Postman, Agile, Maven, JSON, API Testing, REST, RestAssured, Unirest, docker, Kubernetes, IntelliJ IDEA, JDBC, Apache JMeter, Allure Framework, Spring

2014 – Quality Assurance Group Course “Software testing in practice” July 2014 – August 2014 Diligences Inc. – Junior QA Engineer December 2015 - April 2017 Automation QA - CoreValue Services. April 2017 - ... Senior Automation Engineer - DataClarity corp.


Java Developer 🔥

Kyiv · $3500 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

I have been working as java dev for 5 years and 20y in IT of general experience. First of all I'm looking for projects based on modern tech stack. Ready to learn something new within Java based platform as well as others staff.

Spring, Java, Maven, Git, JUnit, REST API, SQL, OOP, JPA, JDBC, Linux, Spring REST, Scrum, GIT, javafx, Microservices, Hibernate, REST, PostgreSQL, Spring RESTful


Java Software Engineer 🔥

Kyiv · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

2 Years Java Development Experience • RESTFull Web services • Fast learner, able to find solutions • Self-motivated, responsible person, ready for improvement, changes, and challenges • Developed various types of projects (enterprise-level java applications with Oracle, MySQL PostgreSQL, Spring) • Hands-on experience in Full-Stack development (both front-end and back-end parts) • Essential knowledge of JavaScript,CSS, HTML I am thirsty for knowledge and eager to acquire new skills. I would like to be able to put my skills and knowledge to use in a new position.

Spring, Java, Git, Maven, Hibernate, JUnit, REST API, OOP, Design Patterns, REST, JPA, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Spring Data, Angular 2, TypeScript, JavaScript, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Jira, Mockito, JDBC, Java Core, Java 8, SQL, Spring MVC, JSON


junior java developer

Zaporizhzhya · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

I have completed the "Fundamentals of Programming" and "Java EE" courses at BrainAcademy. At the end of the course "Java EE" I wrote and implemented a small project - system of management / audit of the catalog of products with using the MVC architectural pattern. I also used such frameworks as Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Thymeleaf, Spring Security in this project. Maven was used to build the project, and PostgreSQL was used as a database management system.

Java, IntelliJ IDEA, GitHub, OOP, Maven, PostgreSQL, Spring, Spring Boot, Sprin Security, Spring Thymeleaf, Spring MVC, REST API, Tomcat, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG

Interesting projects, a friendly and close-knit team, advanced training, competitive salary, career opportunities


Senior Java Developer 🔥 

Kyiv · $4000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have 4+ years of experience working with Java 8+. Through these years I've participated in various projects in different domains, dealing with European and US customers. I also used to work with JS frameworks for the frontend part, mostly with Angular. Recently I've got an experience working under the XP methodologies (pair programming + TDD)

Java, OOP, XPath, Git, HTML, Java 8, Jira, JSON, JUnit, Maven, SQL, Hibernate, JavaScript, Jenkins, REST API, Spring, CSS, Angular

Modern technological stack; Professional growth; Friendly team. Office near to a subway station (the blue line is preferable).


Java Developer

Kharkiv · $1400 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate (Full-stack developer): B2B application Frontend : React Native(Mobile), React(Web) Backend: Java(Spring Boot), Scala(Akka Http) SoftServe (Full-stack developer): Web Application for the travelling React, Java(Spring Boot) Checkstyle: Fix issues

IntelliJ IDEA, Java, Java Core, OOP, JUnit, Maven, MySQL, Spring, REST API, JSON, Scala, Akka, React, React Native, MongoDB, REST, Mockito, Jira, Git, Spring Boot, Redux, Spring MVC


PHP Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Разработка комплексного продукта управления предприятием (автозапчасти) - закупка/размещение/хранение/продажа/бухгалтерия • Автоматическая загрузка прайсов от поставщиков (в базе более 200 поставщиков со всего мира), валидация позиций сохранение в базу • Поиск позиций по VIN номеру, предложение лучших позиций по сроку доставки и цене. Предложения по заменам от производителя и аналогов от других производителей. • Обработка заказов от клиентов, формирование заказов на поставщиков и их автоматическая отправка поставщикам, получение ответов и инвойсов от поставщиков. • Реализация функционала по отслеживанию состояния позиций заказа, от создания заказа клиентом, получения детали на склад, выдачи клиенту и др. • Бухгалтерия. Создание бухгалтерских отчетов. • Внедрение каталогов Laximo. • Управление задачами по расписанию.

php, js, JQuery, MySQL, Linux, CSS, Spring, Java, Maven, JPA, OOP, Spring REST, REST API, JSON

Стабильная работа на крупном проекте уровня предприятия



Lviv · $600 · Intermediate

НЕ маю досвіду в розробці буду радий стажуванню Швидко навчаюсь та маю аналітичний склад розуму. Вивчаю Java на сайті


Тим що покинув роботу яка мені не приносить задоволення та набрався сміливості займатись тим що мені додуші.

Для мене дуже важливим є хороший колектив та можливість здобути досвід.


Java Software Engineer

EU · $3500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Software developer with 15,5 years of experience in the software application development. Perfect understanding of all stages of software development process. Skilled in design/architecture, data modeling, and translating customer needs into software solutions. Has an experience in optimizing and refactoring legacy code, cloud computing. Good communication and team skills, ability to work with people of different culture and in remote locations. SKILLS SUMMARY Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, .Net, C, C#, C++, Lotus @Formula Language, LotusScript, Object Pascal, PHP, SQL, VBScript, Visual Basic, Action Script, Flash, PL/SQL, Assembler i80x86x, Basic, Fortran Web Technologies: IBM HTTP Server, IBM WebSphere Application Server, ColdFusion MX Databases: Access, FoxPro, MySQL, Lotus Approach, IBM Notes/Domino, IBM DB2, Lotus Enterprise Integrator, Oracle Operating Systems: Microsoft Win (2000/XP/7/8/10), DOS Business Intelligence: Cognos Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Power Play Transformer. Foreign Languages: English Upper Intermediate. CERTIFICATIONS Lotus Notes/Domino v.6-7 (IBM Certified Associate Developer) Java (Sun Certified Programmer) Cognos (IBM Cognos 10 BI Author) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE March 2004 – September 2019 Web / Java Developer IBM Configurator for e-business, a family of productivity tools designed to ensure that IBM product offerings are accurately configured and quoted before presentation to customers. Additionally, functions that support data retrieval, pricing, and order forwarding are provided. IBM Configurator for e-business is designed to replace the current IBM configuration applications residing on HONE/IBMLink and the more recent product specific portable configurations. Responsibilities: Migrate IBM Configurator for e-business desktop application to WEB. Environment: JavaEE, JS, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Spring, AJAX, SQL, REST, Tomcat, Git, Maven, CVS(CMVC). Detailed CV and contacts in the attached docx file

Java, Git, REST API, SQL, JPA, XML, Spring, JSON, JDBC, Hibernate, Maven, OOP, JUnit, REST

CERTIFICATIONS Lotus Notes/Domino v.6-7 (IBM Certified Associate Developer) Java (Sun Certified Programmer) Cognos (IBM Cognos 10 BI Author)

Java / Spring development


Java Developer 

Kyiv · $2000 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Responsible, communicative, result-oriented developer with commercial experience and great desire to learn and to improve professional skills. - Tools and technologies on current project: Java 8, Spring (Core, Boot, MVC, Data), Hibernate, Maven, VCS (GIT/SVN), Junit, SQL-based RDBMS. - Tools and technologies on previous project: Java 8, Spring, Hibernate, Social Networks API, Postgresql / MySQL / Neo4j, RabbitMQ, REST, JSON. - Strong knowledge in banking and financial domain.

Spring, Maven, Java, SQL, Jira, Hibernate, JPA, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Java Core, Java 8, Spring Boot, JSON, OOP, TDD, JDBC API, Spring Data, REST API, Git, Design Patterns, Confluence, Spring MVC, SVN, JDBC, JUnit, REST, JSP, Tomcat, Spring Core, Spring Security

Interested in job which gives professional and career growth.

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