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23 сентября 2018

Junior Java Developer 

Киев · $500 · Меньше года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Junior Java Developer at Sirius Systems May 2018 - current time CSS, HTML, SQL, PostgreSQL, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Java Core, JSP, XML, JUnit, Servlets, JDBC, Maven, OOP, Git, UML, WebServices, REST API, HTTP, Spring, IntelliJ IDEA, Jasper Studio, Linux

Attended Java Course: Java Core + JavaEE (Spring, Hibernate, RESTful API) Personal Project: Restaurant management project I have designed the WEB-application of restaurant management. Application consists of two parts: admin version, user version. Here, an admin controls the content of different restaurant fields, such as: Menu, Employees, Ingredients, Dishes, Orders. He can observe and edit information in that fields. User version is represented as information blocks of restaurant Menu, Dishes, Waiters and Contact Information. MVC pattern-design. https://github.com/Zakharovm/My_works/tree/master/EnterpriseCourse/FinalProjectEE Presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObYjxDUp8wc

Interesting tasks, professional growth, friendly team environment, open to new ideas and technologies. Extremely huge desire to develop and grow as a Java Developer and become an excellent specialist.

18 сентября 2018

Java Developer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $3500 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Full project development cycle from scratch till release: • back-end development of RESTful Web Service using Spring Framework, developing Spring MVC applications, active using of template engines • working with SQL and NoSQL databases (MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Neo4j, Redis) • testing experience with Spock Framework, Junit • setting Gradle and Maven builds, docker, docker-compose • developing of Single Page Applications on Vue.js, React.js • experience with Agile, Scrum, CI, VCS (Bamboo, Bitbucket, GitHub, Jira) • coordinating developers team • mentoring of new entry-level employees Have experience with: • gambling • gaming platforms • "live-documents" • media • social networks

• Create and develop high-level technical projects for a broad range of global clients. • Lead teams in the development process, writing exceptional code that adheres to the highest standards. • Follow the AGILE methodology and ensure project-wide best practices are met in all fields. • Developed an application that managed over 5,000 corporate clients, each of which generated up to several hundred users with 99.99% SLA for central server. • Instrumental in developing an application that helped save 30% of the budget for informing users. • Increased conversion by 15% after developing an application that substantially sped up transfers within the system.

A self-motivated and inventive developer with a passion for back-end web development that enjoys a challenge, and has good front-end capabilities as well. Likes to participate in the entire product life-cycle and has a real desire to help businesses achieve their potential. I'll be glad to work in a product company. Legacy projects with lots of technical debt will make me upset. Preferences: • friendly team, but it doesn't have to be adequate • management should be adequate • minimum bureaucracy from your side, maximum efficiency from me

18 сентября 2018

Senior Java Developer 🔥

Киев · $4500 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

5 years in Java development - using JavaSE, JavaEE and Spring Framework. Experience in developing and supporting scalable and high-load applications. Frameworks: JavaEE, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud; RDBMS: Oracle, DB2, MySql, Postgresql; NoSql: MongoDb, ELK; Message Queue Brokers: ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ; Version Control Systems: GIT; GoF Patterns, SOLID oriented; ESB: Apache Camel;

2015 - M101J: MongoDB for Java Developers 2016 - Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer

Professional growth, Complex & interesting tasks.

21 сентября 2018

Java Developer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $2400 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Full project development cycle from scratch till release. - backend java and groovy development of RESTful Web Service using Spring and Spring Boot - developing of Spring MVC applications - participation in the creation of application and system architecture - working with SQL and NoSQL databases (PostgreSQL, MySql, Neo4j, Redis, MongoDB), creating database schemas - setting Gradle builds, Maven - experience in integration with third-party systems - experience with JIRA, Bamboo, Stash, Confluence - testing experience with Spock Framework, JUnit - gathering user experience information - team leading - project leading Troubleshooting and thinking about the problem from a business standpoint

I built a flexible architecture of the system, which allowed me to quickly test the hypothesis of a startup. It also did not have to be rewritten when there were large changes in the functional. Project working in the XP environment(extremal development) for a long time, and the team almost happy. As Java/Groovy developer has taken part in a big project as "cup stops here" man. 10 years background experience in FMCG, B2B, retail, HoReCa.

Not against all kinds of projects. For sure, I don't want to work with Java 7 and older and J2EE stack. Prefer Spring or small services. The desired level of salary can vary, depending on the team and the project I don't like time trekkers. Prefer KPI, e.g. "We must finish that 42 tasks till weekend" =)

17 сентября 2018

Java Developer

Киев · $1000 · 1 год опыта · Upper Intermediate

Java Technologies: J2SE,Java EE(Servlet, Threads, Swing, Applet , JDBC, Servlet/JSP, JavaFX, JSF) Frameworks/libraries: Spring Framework(Core,Web MVC, Web Services), Hibernate , Log4j; Web servers: Apache Tomcat, Jetty, Pivotal Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, bootstrap, XML,Javascript; Databases: MySql, MS Access, MS SQL,Oracle; Software/Tools: Eclipse IDE , Adobe Photoshop , Microsoft Office,GitHub, Ant,Maven; Operating Systems: Windows, Ubuntu Linux; Other: Design Patterns, OOP;

PROJECT WORK Company Cruise(EPAM University) Responsibilities : -Creation of UI pages and custom components using JSP and Servlets. -Developed Java classes implementing business logic -Strictly follow the Coding Standard and OOPS Concept during code development. -Writing scripts and created model for MySQL -Done Unit Testing and Mockito, Test Cases of Various modules for negative and positive condition -Created Project from scratch and maintain a standard pattern(Command, Singleton, Abstract Factory) for the entire project. -Created Authorization and Authentication -Created multilanguage (english and ukrainian) -Incorporated MVC design pattern use to clearly differentiate roles and responsibilities. -Capture log file . I used following: Servlets , Authorization and Authentication , JDBC, MySQL ,JUnit , Mockito, log4j, Patterns(Command, Singleton, Abstract Factory), JSP, JS ,CSS , maven Github: https://github.com/SerhiiDibrova/CompanyCruise Other projects: https://github.com/SerhiiDibrova

20 сентября 2018

Java Software Engineer 🔥 

Киев · $2700 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

I am Java Software Engineer (mostly Back-End, 3 years) and looking for job in a Big Data project. Programming Languages/ Technologies: Java SE/EE, JDBC, JMS, JSP, JUnit, Log4J, Lombok, RMI, Spring, SQL, JAX-WS, Hibernate RDBMS : Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL NoSQL: MongoDB CVS: Git, SVN Build tools: Maven

Oracle certified associate (OCA)

Do not consider projects which are not connected with Big Data

18 сентября 2018

Java Developer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $3500 · 8 лет опыта · Intermediate

Java EE, Spring,Hibenrate, Java Core, MySQL, Maven, Tomcat, Jetty, JSTL, HTML, JSP, Servlets, WebServices, REST API, JSON, Android SDK, Jira, Git, UML, JUnit, IntelliJ IDEA

Take a part in 2 android applications About the projects Pirates Fight - Android MMO online game\nI built front-end on client side(Android) and work with logic on server side. Wild Tanks Online - Android MMO online game\nI built front-end on client side(Android) and work with logic on server side. Own android project - 'See a penny' Took a major part in desing, web software development for customer

Возможность удаленной работы. Java/Web/Android development

18 сентября 2018

Java Developer 🔥

Харьков · $2500 · 2,5 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Java, Maven, Gradle, Git, HTML/CSS/JS, SQL, REST, Spring(Boot, Data, Security, Integration), Hibernate, MongoDB, DynamoDB

Love challenges!

No relocation No full-day remote

17 сентября 2018

Разработчик Java Junior

Киев · $500 · Upper Intermediate

Java SE - 1 год, есть опыт работы с MySQL, Spring Boot, Maven, xml, jsoup, junit, Trello. Базовые знания html. хорошо работаю в команде, свободно читаю документацию и техническую литературу.

первое место на университетском хакатоне, работа над проектом в университете для студентов факультета

гибкий график/неполная занятость для совмещения с учебой

19 сентября 2018

Senior Java Developer 🔥

java · $3500 · 7 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Senior Software Engineer with 7 years experience in server-side development. Сommunicative, responsible engineer, ready to take charge of difficult tasks. Big experience in the AdTech development. Slogging hard worker, oriented to result. Skills: Java 8, Spring (Boot, MVC, Data, etc.), Microservices, Hibernate, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Liquibase, MongoDB, Aerospike, Docker, Swagger, etc. Summary: - 7 years in Java development - 4+ years of Agile/Scrum Development - 1+ years of team leading

Developed Demand Side platform and Simplify Side platform for open RTB system from scratch.

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