IT Recruiter

Kyiv · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

3 years of experience in recruiting Ability to lead full cycle recruitment process Experience in candidate selection, interviewing Experience in direct search and headhunting Understanding of main IT technologies: Java, Javascript, C/C++, Embedded, DevOps, Scala, Android, IOS, Python, C#.NET, QA (manual & automation), Business analyst, etc. Knowledge of Boolean Search and X-ray search Ability to use non-conventional platforms for search (GitHub, Stack Overflow, Slack groups) Ability to work with a KPI's

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Communication, Organisation skills, recruitment, Recruiting, Sourcing, Research, Boolean Search, X-Ray, Executive Search, Interviews, LinkedIn Search, CV Screening, Screening Resumes, headhunting, HR interviews, Constructive feedback, Strategic Planning, Interview conduction, Analytics, Full cycle of IT specialists recruitment, Talent acquisition


Head of HR, HRBP, Senior HR, People Partner

Kyiv · $2000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I am an experienced Human Resources professional with a demonstrated history of working in a multinational environment. Skilled in Compensation and Benefits, People Management, Performance Management, HR Consulting, Negotiation, Talent Management, HR processes automation, Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, and Recruiting/International Recruiting. - Creating and achieving Global HR Strategy taking into account business priorities; - Providing HR advisory in all HR functions: performance management, recruitment, career development, holding 1:1 meetings, and legal issues; - Recruiting/International recruiting (TOP managers, Developers, Executives, Marketers&Finance managers with international experience); - Assisting management to reach the business goals through the most current HR tools; - Working closely with the finance department for healthy on-boarding, payroll information and continuous employee affairs; - Conducting performance evaluation and development interviews with employees; - Planning, organization and coordination of corporate events and team building events; Working on increasing motivation, engagement, and retention in the company; - Report to a C-level stakeholder; - Creating and managing of global compensation and benefits program; - Consulting of shareholders on various HR issues; - Planning and building Employer Branding; - Budgeting; IT recruitment experience: CTO, Tech Leads, QA (auto/man), Product Managers/Project Managers, Developers (PHP, iOS, Android, Python, JavaScript, Java), DevOps, System Administrator.

Human Resources, Interviewing, Onboarding, Talent acquisition, Executive Search, Employee Relations, IT Recruitment, Team Building, 1:1 meetings, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, Employee retention, budget planning, Process building, HR Analytics, full-cycle recruitment, Head hunting, Conflict Management and Problem Solving, Resource management, Full Recruitment Process Creation, Operation Management, Employer Branding

HR Department team have been built from scratch; HR processes have been built from scratch; HR audit has been performed; Provided efficient HR support for business Recruiting strategy is developed Automated HR processes with HRIS, Trello; Introduced compensation management based on market data; Created a global compensation and benefits program. Successfully implemented Performance review procedure, 1:1 meetings in the company; An office in Europe has been opened from scratch and a team was completed.

Friendly team Challenging tasks Professional growth


HRD, Head of HR, Head of Recruitment

Kyiv · $3400 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

HR-strategy, Corporate culture creation and providing, Building operational management processes, Change management, Creating and providing workflows, Outstaffing/outsourcing/product areas, IT-company infrastructure formation, Business process creation, Development of a full personnel cycle, Full IT-recruiting cycle, Team management, C&B creating and providing, Using the competency model, Conflicts resolving, Good knowledge of SDLC, Project stream coordinating, Resource management, Project teams’ forming, Project expertise, Project Management, Project audits and project progress reports, Customer expectation management, Coaching, Setting and facilitating Scrum-activities, Skills in presales negotiations and presentations, 360 Feedback, Grading system, Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, XP, Kanban, UML, IT-top-managers’ coaching, Certified business-trainer, Certified coach, Lecturer, Recruiting-department and flow building, Staff learning, Interviewing skills, Prescreen/ HR/ Technical /Final interview, One to one meetings, CV Screening, Analysis and research, LinkedIn Search, Executive Search, Boolean/X-Ray Search, Djinni top recruiter, GitHub, Talent Acquisition, Analyzing job market, International Recruitment, Technical Recruitment, Employee adaptation/onboarding, Motivation, People development, People Management, Talent Management, Relationship management, Employer Branding, Employee Relations, KPI, Time Management, Create Job Descriptions, HR-budgeting, Organization skills, Conflict Management, Problem Solving, Psychology background, Psychology scientific works, Business communication skills, Development of HR policies and procedures, Listening and communication skills, Employee referral program, Head hunting, Assessment centers, Software development experience

I'm searching for a company that considers employees to be a main capital rather than a resource and which needs a sensible HRD who can build the processes.


HR manager

Kyiv · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Хочу работать в офисе, Большая производительность в поиске кандидатов. Хочу работать в IT-компании. Быстро учусь, гибкая, быстро адаптируюсь и помогаю другим людям адаптироваться. Люблю вдохновлять и мотивировать. Было бы интересно заниматься функциями HR.

IT Recruitment, Human Resources, Interviewing, LinkedIn Search, CV Screening, HR, Organisation skills, Boolean Search, Interviews, Linkedin, IT, English, Onboarding, Research, Recruiting, Talent acquisition, Communication Skills, Analysis and research

кайфую, когда нахожу быстро и качественно;) и помогаю этим людям;) постоянно совершенствуюсь.


HR / Recruiter / People Partner

Dnipro, Kyiv, Odesa, Harkіv. · $900 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

I have 2 years of HR and recruiting experience at outsourcing IT company and can work with: - full cycle of recruitment processes; - organization and conduct of interviews; - onboarding and adaptation; - 1:1 meetings; - performance review; - conducting staff satisfaction surveys, team mood monitoring; - development of some HR policies & procedures; - using and configuring АТС ( HURMA); - organization team-building events & activities.

Recruiting, Interviewing, Human Resources, Research, IT Recruitment, Communication, Screening Resumes, HR, CV Screening, Onboarding, Team Building, adaptation, Performance review, Teamwork, event management, 1:1 meetings, Adaptation and motivation, People Partner

I'm looking for a company with friendly environment and I want to help businesses work more efficiently. A good team is my inspiration and motivation to do more and get better. I think I'm self-driven and proactive person with good sense of humor)


IT Recruiter, HR

Dnipro · $400 · Upper Intermediate

Design Bureau "South" (May 2016) I participated in translation practice. I did the translation of articles on space subjects from English into Russian. Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration (July 2016) I completed an internship in the office of foreign economic activity, the international cooperation and exhibition activities department. Dnipro City Council (May 2017) I successfully passed a translation practice in the International Cooperation office, Department of Economics, Finance and the City Budget. Dnipro City Council (January - February 2019) I completed an internship in the International Cooperation office, Department of Economics, Finance and the City Budget. I conducted translations of documents and official letters, participated in the organization of official meetings with foreign delegations (Example: American organization TAPS). I was engaged in consecutive interpretation of a TAPS meeting. Association Noosphere (November 2019 – March 2020) I worked as Public Relations specialist at Noosphere PR Department. Worked in a tight collaboration with 12 people. Managed and was responsible for 5 Noosphere event pages on Facebook, dedicated to: space exploration; artificial intelligence; unmanned aerial vehicle industry; two hackathons from NASA and European Space Agency. Proved my language proficiency by translating and writing texts in English.

English, Communication Skills, Team player, Linkedin, Ability to learn quickly, CV Screening, X-Ray, Boolean Search, Sourcing

I completed the following courses: 1) “System recruitment” from educational platform LABA; 2) “Introduction to sourcing” from Evotalents recruiting agency. I graduated from International relations department of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University with Bachelor's degree in 2017. In 2018 I acquired Master's degree in International relations, public communications and regional studies of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University. I conducted translations and also participated in the preparation of official meetings with delegations from international organizations and companies (Example: Council of Europe, UN Office in Ukraine, German federal company GIZ) to the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration. Also, I was engaged in consecutive interpretation of a TAPS (American organization) meeting with Dnipro city council representatives.

I am looking for an interesting job where I will improve myself both as a professional and a person. I am sociable and love to meet new people. I have a great desire to start a career as IT recruiter. It’s not a problem for me to find a common language and work in a team. Although, I do not have experience in this field, but I am hardworking and ready to study:)


IT Recruiter\ IT Researcher

Kyiv · $500 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Пошук та вдале закриття вакансій за такими напрямками: Middle/Senior/Lead Qa manual , Qa Automation(Java,Js .Net), Devops, SysAdmin, Nodejs, C++, C#, Javascript, Front-end Angular2+, Golang, PHP, Java, .Net, UI mobile Designer, CBDO.

IT Recruitment, LinkedIn Search, CV Screening, Research, Communication Skills

Бажаю працювати в офісі, Велика продуктивність в пошуку кандидатів. Прагну працювати в IT-компанії. Швидко вчусь, гнучка , швидко адаптуюсь та допомагаю іншим людям адаптуватись. Полюбляю надихати та мотивувати. Було б цікаво займатись функцііями HR. відповідальна, Подобається передавати отримані навички іншим. командний гравець.

кайфую, коли знаходжу швидко та якісно;) і допомагаю цим людям;) постійно вдосконалююсь. Отримала досвід у провідного працівника в компанії Epam.


Assistant Junior IT researcher/researcher

Remote work, Ukraine · $200 · No English

Помічник програміста 1С. Посадові функції: 1. Контроль виконання поставлених завдань, що стосуються 1С; 2. Контроль та забезпечення безперебійної роботи сервера 1С; 3. Допомога у виконанні робіт технічного відділу (Створення користувачів, зміна паролів на вимогу); 5. Ведення звітності про виконання завдань в googledocs, Bitrix; 5. Технічний супровід користувачів call-center. До посади помічника 1С, працювала в цій же компаніїї як оператор колл-центру.

Recruiting, IT Recruitment, Research, HR, LinkedIn Search, Communication, CV Screening, Boolean Search, Linkedin, Talent acquisition, Executive Search, recruitment, Headhanting, regular market research, Creating and providing workflows, Maintaining a database of candidates, People/Talent Partner

Активно розвиватися та професійно зростати в сфері IT рекрутингу/рекрутингу. Досвід.


IT Recruiter, HR Manager

Kyiv · $500 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

I had the opportunity to work in a start-up and outsourcing companies. So, my overall experience in Researching and Recruitment is almost 1 year. Key responsibilities that I was dealing with: - Maintaining a database of candidates; - Creating job descriptions; - Full recruitment cycle: creating vacancy, screening, interviewing, technical interviews setting; - Participating in HR projects: developing an employer brand, adapting new employees, finding new channels for informing our target audience about opportunities in the company, etc; - Coordinating meetings between candidates and hiring managers; - Supporting administrative tasks; - Organizing time attendance of personnel.

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, CV Screening, Recruiting, Human Resources, Linkedin, Communication, Onboarding, Interviews, English, HR, LinkedIn Search, Screening Resumes, headhunting, Sourcing, Organisation skills, analytical skils, HR managment, Research, Communication Skills, HR branding, X-Ray, Boolean Search

I'm looking for a friendly, open-minded and proactive team


HR manager, Recruiter

Kyiv · $500 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

В рекрутинге я с двадцати лет, и, думаю это уже что-то да значит. И частый вопрос, который мне задают люди: почему отрасль HR? И на него простой ответ: я люблю общаться с людьми, и, как показывает практика, люди любят общаться со мной. Начинал я свою карьеру HR специалиста с ритейла, где и прошёл настоящую закалку стрессоустойчивости и мультизадачности. Прекрасно понимаю, где кого нужно искать, и я сейчас не про стандартные работа/ворк/джинни, ведь есть ещё так много мест, где могут ждать кандидаты, нужно их только найти и поговорить, а это уже часть моей работы. Есть навыки скрининга настроения в офисе и препятствия падению морального духа команды. Ведь все мы дорожим командой и приятно осознавать, что мы получаем максимальную эффективность просто путём нехитрых действий. Впрочем, степь HR довольно обширная и я с удовольствием поговорю с вами касательно моего личного опыта.

Research, IT Recruitment, Human Resources, HR, Recruiting, CV Screening, Communication, Organisation skills, Multitasking

У меня лишь одно требование к будущей компании - возможность роста. Наверное, это ещё одна из причин, почему HR. Я люблю узнавать новое, разбираться в чём-то и преодолевать те места, где многие не преодолели. Девиз по жизни: "Невозможное возможно, нужно просто больше времени".

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