HR Business Partner, People Partner

kiїv · $2500 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

HRM/ Employer Branding/ Internal Communications/ Full-cycle recruitment/ Leadership / Building on innovation / Corporate culture/ Working in a distributed team/ Training & Development/ CSR/ Automation of HR processes/ Coaching/ Crisis communication I've been working in IT sphere for 6 years now, first in a recruitment agency and then in product companies both as the only HR and as a team lead for 3 people. I helped to build a team of 70 people over 2 years which proved to make a drastic change in the quality of the product. Working closely with management team we managed to achieve all-time high retention rate and make the company more visible on the market. I have experience working in a distributed HR team, also in other European countries. Communication skills are on high level. Employer Branding is my passion and I enjoy working on the edge of Marketing and HR. I have 1 year of experience working in EU. I have experience in driving and implementing all stages of employee life cycle, as well as working hand in hand with top management.

Building HR activities, HR Business parrtnering, HR Management, HR Analytics, Creation of all HR documentation, HR, Communication, Team Leadership, Employee Engagement, Employer Branding, Coaching, Training & Development

1. All-time high retention rate during last 2 years with positive trends in the office. 2. Around 100 successful hires which led to the improvement of product quality and happy teams. 3. A lot of processes were set up from scratch without previous experience and succeeded in short term. 4. Successful Employer Branding projects from idea to realization both in Ukraine and EU. 5. Crisis communication and handling team cuts in times of financial instability.

Product company; strong corporate culture; IT sphere; international environment; minimum bureaucracy; preferably a learning organization; opportunities for development; business trips would be a big plus. No recruitment please.


Associate Project manager / Android (remote)

vinnitsa, Ukraine · $500 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Assembler, Pascal, Delphi, Foxpro C/C++ Java HTML, CSS, JavaScript HR Team lead Research

Delphi, HTML, Product management, Project Management, Scrum, OOP, SQL, TCP/IP, Agile, Android SDK, Apache, C/C++, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Joomla, Multithreading, Quality Assurance (QA), Design Patterns, Linux, Angular.js, Firebug, PHP, Yii

Ph.D., Associate Prof. informational-measuring systems

Профессиональный рост.


IT Recruiter

kharkiv, Ukraine · $450 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

My Skills Searching for candidates and development databases; Processing incoming CVs; Making initial contacts with candidates; Project documentation; Drawing up a project plans; Staff recruitment and training (mentoring); Systematization and analysis of information; Administration of sites and CRM; MS Officer (Excel, Word, 1C); PC confident user; Organizational skills; Time management skills; Communication skills. Я хочу развиваться и работать IT Recruter и НR, нравится это направление, осознанный выбор.

IT Recruitment, Human Resources, Recruiting, HR, English, recruitment, Boolean Search, Talent acquisition, Research, Communication, IT-Recruiting

Умение выстраивать коммуникации, системность и планирование, легко обучаемость и стремление к лучшим результатам.


Junior recruiter, recruitment researcher, junior HR, HR assistant

kiїv, l'vіv · $300 · Upper Intermediate

My name is Alex, I am 22 years old, almost a master of international economy. From the age of 17 I've been working in customer care sphere, I worked in large online stores, small food companies, pizza deliveries, sales departments of various companies. Yes, I know, it does not sound very solid, but this experience gave me the following: absolute stress tolerance, ability to speak and persuade, conduct business conversations on a wide variety of topics and work, work very hard and well. My call records was wrote down as scripts for the rest of the workers, I beat call quality and hours per month high-scores (313 hours top). In addition, to make you cleary understand how my mind works, I am a professional tourist, climbed Elbrus, walked along and across the Crimean and Carpathian mountains. Permanent extreme situations taught me composure, quick and balanced decision-making under the pressure of circumstances. Now about the relevant experience. I have never worked as a recruiter, but in many positions my duties overlapped with staff recruitment and training. I conducted technical interviews, adapted newcomers for tasks and methods for solving them. This experience gives me confidence in working with employees of any level of training. Regarding search skills, they are also in my presence. If someone exists in the Internet, then I will find him, no matter how well he hides. Once I found the page of a girl knowing only her appearance and the her tram stop. Without a name, without a place to study or work. Just for fun. I able to work with social networks, quite familiar with job sites, well-acquainted with boolean and x-ray search methods. I would be glad if my resume will interest you. Respectfully yours

IT Recruitment, Human Resources, Recruiting, HR, Communication, Linkedin, X-Ray, Boolean Search, LinkedIn Search, English, Research, Interviewing, Microsoft Office


IT Recruiter

dnepr, Ukraine · $450 · 2 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

- Полный цикл рекрутинга: от получения вакансии в работу, до подписания job offer кандидатом и его выход на работу; - Сорсинг: Boolean Search, X-RAY Search, Facebook, Linkedin, job сайты; - Talent Acquisition - развитие отношений с кандидатами, не находящимися в активном поиске для будущего сотрудничества.

Interviewing, Boolean Search, Sourcing, CV Screening, X-Ray, LinkedIn Search, Microsoft Office, Screening, Full-cycle Recruiting, CRM

Работа над каждой вакансией как над полноценным проектом. Ведение и работа над 10 вакансиями в месяц. Опыт организации и запуска проекта с нуля, в т.ч. укомплектование команды по Украине в сжатые сроки.

Важно в работодателе - прозрачность и понятность процессов внутри компании, возможность получать обратную связь по итогам своей работы.


Senior IT Recruiter 

kyiv, Ukraine · $1800 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Experience in IT - 7 years - IT Recruiting - 3 years - Full cycle of recruitment (from vacancy description to first working day and trial period support)

Boolean Search, Confluence, Jira, Sourcing, outsource/out-staff/product company/international organization expirience, IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Research, English, Communication, CV Screening, Linkedin, Onboarding, headhunting, Interviews, Analytical Skills, Organization, trello, time management, Full-cycling recruitment, HR interviews, Corporative culture, Technical Recruitment, Job Description, Communication Skills, X-Ray, Screening Resumes, adaptation, LinkedIn Search, Coaching, Executive Search

- I've built recruitment process from scratch in product company (50+ FTE) - Evaluated and described company's values - Improved technical interview process in the company - Educated Top-Management and C-level how to interviewing candidates and etc. - Worked with HR metrics and ATS - Implemented Jira for hiring process - Hired all C-level people in company - Handling personal workshops and education for company and all levels of employee (HR /Recruitment) - In love with Public Speaking - Over 500 Interviews Successfully closed: Jun/Mid/Senior/TL positions (.NET/ PHP stack) C-level/Heads (CTO, CMO, CFO) FrontEnd (React, React Native, JS etc.) iOS\Android BA, PM, BizDev, Product manager QA ( manual & automation ), Financial/ Administrative/Sales etc. I'm familiar with Jira, Confluence etc.

- full time job - product company will be plus - 3+ vacancy simultaneously in work - opportunities for growth - opportunity to work "in personal style" without strong frames - colleagues with sense of humor P.S. I'm not HR, please do not offer such vacancy. Thank you in advance!


HR Manager/ Recruiter

kharkiv, Ukraine · $700 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

1. Screening Resumes 2. Analysis 3. Technical Recruiting 4. Talent Acquisition 5. Headhunting 6. Human Resources 7. Подбор руководителей 8. Управление персоналом 9. Microsoft Office 10. HTML, CSS 11. Менторство

Analysis, headhunting, проведение собеседований, Работа с возражениями, рекрутинг, управление персоналом, разработка адаптации, разработка мотивации и удержания, создание команды, Коучинг, Менторство, Interviewing, Boolean Search, Onboarding, Performance Management, Communication

Быстро разбираюсь в новых технологиях. Собрала команду с нуля под проект и курировала эту компанию, занимаюсь менторством и коучингом команды рекрутеров. Люблю развиваться в своей профессии ;)

Хороший коллектив, интересные задачи, возможность развиваться! ;)


IT Recruiter

poland · $500 · No English

Certificate LITS Lviv School "Intro HR & Recruitment" Can find relevant candidates in Linkedln, Github, Stackoverflow, Indeed, Headhunter. Can find CV in Goggle, Yandex or other search engine Operates and understand boolean search Familiar with IT terminology Psychology background, - easy communicating with people Can effectively plan a work Focused on achieving company goals

Human Resources, IT Recruitment, Recruiting, CV Screening, Research, Boolean Search, headhunting, Screening Resumes, Sourcing, Talent acquisition, LinkedIn Search, recruitment, Screening, Linkedin



kyiv, Ukraine · $2500 · 8 years of experience · Intermediate

Мои ключевые компетенции: • 8 лет работы на должности HR-руководителя (HRD, HR BP, Head of HR) в компаниях (не ИТ) с численностью более 2500 сотрудников. • Успешный опыт снижения текучести, построения HR-аналитики и системы КРІ, повышения бизнес-показателей. • Успешная практика создания и внедрения HR-проектов с нуля в холдинговых компаниях. • Опыт создания и оптимизации организационной структуры, системы мотивации и бизнес-процессов компании. • Наличие высокого уровня практических и теоретических знаний, профессиональной мотивации для успешной работы и развития в сфере HR.

Ищу компанию: + с амбициозными целями, + стремлением и ресурсами для автоматизации в управлении персоналом и task-management, создании и продвижении hr-бренда, + во главе с системным CEO (в идеале - человек, который любит ставить цели, сам сторонник GTD или аналогичных подходов), + с одной из ценностей: командная работа, направленная на результат и достижение бизнес-целей.


IT Recruiter

dnepr, Ukraine · $400 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

IT Recruiter freelance from 03.2019 to present HR manager, recruiter from 07.2018 to present ALLO • Search for new employees 
• Estimation of resume, conducting an interview and job interviews 
• Questioning and testing candidates
• Adaptation of company personnel 
• Participation in projects related to the development of the company and increasing its efficiency
 • Maintaining a favorable working atmosphere in the team and the development of corporate culture Recruiter from 09.2017 to 06.2018 (Medicine) • Search of personnel for marketing researches ( remote)
 • Estimation of resume, conducting an interview and job interviews 
• Questioning and testing candidates
• Adaptation of company personnel
 • Organization of conferences

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, Human Resources, HR, Research, Interviewing, recruitment, X-Ray, CV Screening, Interviews, Communication, Boolean Search, Screening Resumes, Full-cycle Recruiting, Linkedin, Searching

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