• today

    Tilting Point is looking for a Data / Web Scraper Engineer. As part of the team, you will work on collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing huge sets of data. The main focus will be to oversee the extraction and transformation of web data for ingestion in our data store.

    Вика Туз
       Вика Туз, Recruiter at EvoTalents      Киев · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • yesterday
    Петро Лимар
    Петро Лимар, manager at Digital Marketing Co      Киев · 1 year of experience
  • 24 January

    JS - Angular.js, React.js, Node.js. PHP - Laravel, Zend

    Tatyana Rudchenko
    Tatyana Rudchenko, HRD at SMART-IT      Запорожье · 1 year of experience · Intermediate
  • 23 January

    About the project: Having a clear and simple overview of your wealth is not trivial for most multi-asset class investors. Build with us a web app that aggregates the investment transactions from banks and brokers to provide analytics and reports to professional investors.

    Yelyzaveta Korobko
    Yelyzaveta Korobko, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Wiserbrand      Харьков, remote · 1 year of experience · Intermediate
  • 22 January

    Looking for Python Developer.

    Olena Zhuhar
    Olena Zhuhar, Recruiter at Starnavi      Remote · 1 year of experience · Intermediate
  • 22 January

    WeMyIT is looking for a Python Developer to join the company (located in Zaporizhzhya). We are working with a project of EU based product company that processes public data using Machine Learning algorithms and Data Science methods.

    Євген Спаський
    Євген Спаський, Project manager at WeMyIT      Запорожье · 1 year of experience · Intermediate
  • 20 January

    We are currently looking for developers who want to join our family - long-term participants who are solely responsible for the areas of our code and interact well with other team members. We need a full time developer for a project related to the health sector

    Маргарита Никлиёнова
    Маргарита Никлиёнова, HR at JELLYFISH      Запорожье, remote · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 20 January

    Наш отдел web-разработки начинает работу над рядом новых интересных проектов и приглашает в новую команду Python-разработчиков с опытом работы.

    Ірина Гапоненко
       Ірина Гапоненко, Recruiter at NIX Solutions Ltd.      Харьков · 1 year of experience · Intermediate
  • 16 January

    NetGame is looking for an math expert that has drive and passion (maybe some experience) for gaming.

    Inna Vlasova
    Inna Vlasova, Recruiter at netgamenv.com      Киев · 1 year of experience
  • 15 January

    3D GENERATION представлена более чем 16 Retail Stores на территории Германии и это только начало. Компания состоит из двух частей: немецкий офис и украинский офис. Мы занимаемся сканированием Человека в полный рост (3D Full Body Scan), печатью 3D-фигур и многим другим.

    Алексей Левкович
    Алексей Левкович, HR Manager at 3D Generation      Винница · 1 year of experience
  • 14 January

    Мы ищем в нашу команду middle/senior python backend разработчика с почасовой оплатой и 40 часовой еженедельной занятостью.

    Aleksandr Vinogradov
    Aleksandr Vinogradov, CEO at Beholder.ai      Remote · 1 year of experience
  • 14 January
    Anna Popova
    Anna Popova, IT-recruiter at DDI Development      Харьков · 1 year of experience · Intermediate
  • 13 January

    Ищем Python developer в нашу команду.

    Karina Yagotina
    Karina Yagotina, Recruiter at v-jet group      Днепр · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate
  • 10 January

    Ищем амбициозного программиста, с опытом или желанием учиться и развиваться в сфере финтех.

    Yaroslava Pokatenko
       Yaroslava Pokatenko, HR manager at EJaw Estonia OU      Киев, remote · 1 year of experience
  • 9 January

    Продуктовая компания Serpstat, лидер на рынке разработки SEO-инструментов в СНГ, ищет Middle Python Developer в крупный высоконагруженный проект.

    Natalia Shevchenko
    Natalia Shevchenko, IT Recruiter at Netpeak      Одесса · 1 year of experience