Workaround Labs (aka Bizy) is a studio/lab, co-founded by former Rosetta Stone CEO Tom Adams to develop new kinds of collaboration and decision-making tools. We're looking for an experienced technical leader to join us as we launch and scale.

We started out with a simple mission (to help individuals and teams think better) and we’ve built and tested a series of approaches towards that end.
Given our progress in the past few months, we now find ourselves in a position where we want to bring on a world class technologist as a senior member of the team (we currently have 3 remote developers in Ukraine already).

Key skills and experiences we are looking for:
- Hands on experience with React, GraphQL, Node, AWS
- Experience hiring and managing developers locally in Ukraine
- Excellent English (speaking, writing, reading, listening)
- Experience architecting platforms for use in an ecosystem of applications that include web apps, mobile apps, native desktop apps, and integrations with 3rd party apps

About WorkAround Labs and Bizy, LLC

We're building a collaboration app for teams to get input, align, and make decisions beautifully and easily.

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Job posted on 3 December 2019

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