Data Scientist (LLM, LangChain, RAG)

Are you a Data Scientist with a love of LLMs, generative AI?


We are looking for a passionate Data Scientist to implement AI solutions aimed at achieving business goals.


This role offers the opportunity to work on cutting-edge AI adoption projects that helps to improve current business processes.


Skills requirements:


β€’ Strong Python Experience (2 year +);

β€’ Experience with LLM , Diffusion models;

β€’ Knowledge of Prompt engineering;

β€’ Experience with Gen AI-related technologies such as LangChain and RAG;

β€’ Experience with Neural Networks (Optional) ;

β€’ Experience with NLP , Predictive analytics and Machine learning;

β€’ Experience with Pandas;

β€’ Experience with SQL, including experience with large datasets;

β€’ Strong experience in statistics;



Key responsibilities:


β€’ Develop AI agents that utilize LLM, RAG and langchain approach;

β€’ Implement LLM and Diffusion models to boost business productivity;

β€’ Utilize LLM (LLM Vision) to improve object detection, text classification and extraction;

β€’ Create forecasting, recommendation, and classification models;

β€’ Transform business challenges to AI applications;



We offer:


β€’ Great networking opportunities with international clients, challenging tasks;

β€’ Building interesting projects from scratch using new technologies;

β€’ Personal and professional development opportunities;

β€’ Competitive salary nominated in USD;

β€’ Paid vacation and sick leaves, medical insurance;

β€’ Flexible work schedule;

β€’ Friendly working environment with minimal hierarchy;

β€’ Team building activities, corporate events.

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