Middle React Native Developer (offline) $2200-3200

Job Title: Middle React Native Developer


We are actively seeking an experienced Middle React Native Developer to join our dynamic team. As a key member of our mobile development team, you will be instrumental in crafting robust and scalable mobile applications that push the boundaries of technology and enhance user experiences.




Mobile App Development:

Design and develop cross-platform mobile applications using React Native.

Collaborate with product managers, designers, and back-end developers to deliver high-quality, scalable solutions.


Code Quality and Maintenance:

Write clean, maintainable, and well-documented code.

Conduct code reviews to ensure code quality and provide feedback to team members.


Optimization and Performance:

Identify and address performance bottlenecks in the mobile application.

Work towards optimising the application for maximum speed and responsiveness.



Integrate mobile applications with back-end services and external APIs.

Ensure seamless data flow between the mobile app and server-side components.


Problem Solving:

Diagnose and resolve technical issues promptly.

Continuously analyse and enhance the mobile application for optimal performance.




Education and Experience:

2-3 years of professional experience as a React Native Developer.


Technical Skills:

Expertise in React Native and its core principles.

Proficient in JavaScript and its modern frameworks.

Experience with state management libraries such as Redux.

Knowledge of mobile app development best practices.

If you are an experienced React Native Developer looking to make a significant impact and contribute to the success of cutting-edge mobile applications, we invite you to apply and join our innovative team.


Payment based on the results of the interview according the volume of work. (14-20$ per hour)

Workschedule according EST time zone