Altium’s main product is one of the top market’s CAD Software for PCB Design. In the nearest future our business priority is to run plenty of cloud solutions. We a looking for a person who is able and inspired to build a DevOps culture from scratch and to handle all the related challenges we face.

We’re a software company that provides applications and solutions aimed to help electronic engineers to design and create electronic products.
More specifically, we’re a PCB design company - we provide CAD solutions to help to design and manufacture Printed Circuit Boards - the foundation of every electronics product presently.
We’re 30 years in the market, and our flagship offering - Altium Designer has been hugely successful and is by far a preferred tool in the engineering communities.

Duties and Responsibilities:
● Contribute to the design and implementation of automated infrastructure to allow teams to develop continuous build, deploy, test and release processes (build / test system, CI etc)
● Help to design, create and maintain cloud environments (production with the customer's data and non-production)
● Proactive data security policy implementation
● Design and implement AWS production
● Implement monitoring to ensure reliability and performance meets or exceeds business goals
● Provide training and support to software engineering teams during design/implementation/ support phases

Skills & Competencies:
● Experience with CI systems (Jenkins, TeamCity)
● AWS - EC2, RDS, ECS, etc
● Docker and orchestration: Swarm, Kubernetes
● Elastic Search, RabbitMQ
● Bash / Powershell scripting experience
● Windows / Linux - admin level
● Experience with SVN / GIT - as a user and as an infrastructure owner
● Experience with high loaded distributed multi-tenanted cloud systems.

More about why to join us:
Opportunity to solve real-life engineering problems in the really exciting electronics design industry.

Entrepreneurial culture guaranteeing:
● Strong sense of accomplishment;
● Close feedback loop with the Customers;
● No nonsense projects.

The transformational phase of the company, both business and technology-wise:
● Market leadership by 2020 (please check how’s Altium doing financially);
● Rapid expansion of product portfolio and migration to the SaaS model.


When it comes to electronics design, Altium is a technological leader in developing truly unified PCB solutions, and has over 30 years of experience in bringing designers the tools they need to help them make the most of modern technologies, successfully manage projects, and deliver connected, intelligent products. Altium is dedicated to creating the tools that bring a truly unified design experience to PCB designers, that seamlessly assist design teams during the entire electronics design process - from idea to manufacturing.

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This job is no longer active.
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