Junior Data Scientist (offline) to $2000

We are a Foreign Exchange Hedge Fund.

99% of our trading is done by systems on computers in data centers in New York.

Our founder has adapted a portfolio of highly profitable trading systems that have not yet been optimized.


We have a deep connection to Ukraine and are opening an office in Ukraine to further develop our profitable systems and invest in staff to find and build new even more profitable systems.


We are a high-frequency trading firm, which means we hold positions for (generally) very short periods and our systems trade 24 hours 5 days a week

We trade US$700m - $800m of foreign exchange every month


We are seeking a highly skilled Junior Data Scientist to join our startup.




- Guided by the Senior Foreign Exchange Trader and working with a programmer

- Analyze all trading to find ways to optimize algorithms or understand our mistakes and how we can improve

- Research markets and correlation between currencies and economics released information (CPI, GDP, Interest rates)

- Find ways to exploit or use correlation to improve our systems

- Build theories on how to quantitatively make money in a currency or currencies and then test and implement live trading

- Perform constant testing of multiple variants of all algorithms to optimize and update our live servers

- Use basic machine learning to assist in the above

- Analyze our trading to know which trading system works with which currency and at what times and what market conditions

- You will understand what is valid assumptions and periods for testing

- Take an algorithm with 20-30 settings and test all variants to find the best way to tune that algorithm and when to place it into live trading

- Find ways to understand why profitability increases or decreases on our platforms

- Look at predictive modeling of potential for loss or serious loss vs. returns

- You will look for patterns in our trading both losses and gains

- With the programmer create visualization of specific data and performance of our systems

- Find evaluate, purchase and test all publicly sold available algorithms

- Find ways to improve those algorithms, combine or modify them

- Learn to measure and categorize markets and individual currencies based on volumes, volatility, trading ranges, direction and speed of changes and how that apples to our various trading systems.




- Someone with a University Graduate or someone with 1–2 years of experience in real-world data analytics

- Degree in Data Science, Math, or Statistics

- Interested in financial markets and how they work and how to build an edge

- Experience in analysis of data to improve real-world decisions on a regular almost daily basis

- Less important to have worked in a large company/team

- No specific trading or Foreign exchange experience, but that would be an advantage

- Problem-solving and competitive mindset




- Excel and data analysis

- Python

- R Programming

- Database and SQL

- Data warehousing

- Can work in a high-pressure environment trading hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign exchange each month.




- Significant bonuses and profit share options

- Fast-paced environment and friendly team

- Great opportunities for personal and career growth