Backend PHP Symfony Software Engineer (offline) $3000-4000

Location: Remote / Hamburg, Germany



We are a rapidly growing German SaaS startup based in Hamburg, specializing in providing text-to-speech services for major German news publishers. As the leading provider in our field, we've experienced exponential growth, doubling our revenues for the past five consecutive years. Currently, we have a dedicated team of four full-time employees, and we are expanding our staff to meet the increasing demand for our services.



Our mission is to revolutionize the way news content is consumed by providing cutting-edge text-to-speech solutions to empower publishers and enhance accessibility for their audiences.


Tech Stack


- Backend: PHP 8.1, Symfony 6 framework

- Go micro-services

- CI/CD with GitLab pipelines

- AMQP RabbitMQ

- MySQL 5.7

- ClickHouse

- Docker

- Frontend: JavaScript React (not your responsibility)


Your Role

As a Software Engineer (Backend), you will play a crucial role in developing and maintaining our backend infrastructure to ensure the seamless delivery of our text-to-speech services. You will be responsible for leveraging your expertise in PHP, Symfony, Go, and other technologies within our tech stack to enhance the performance, scalability, and reliability of our platform.


Key Responsibilities


- Designing, developing, and optimizing backend systems and microservices.

- Implementing CI/CD pipelines for automated testing and deployment.

- Collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive innovation and deliver high-quality solutions.

- Utilizing Agile and Scrum methodologies to ensure efficient project management and delivery.

- Demonstrating self-management skills and adherence to development best practices.




- Proficiency in PHP, Symfony framework

- Strong understanding of CI/CD practices, GitLab pipelines, and Docker.

- Experience with relational databases (MySQL) and message queuing systems (RabbitMQ).

- Familiarity with ClickHouse or similar data warehousing technologies is a plus.

- Excellent communication skills and ability to work effectively in a remote-first environment.

- Practical experience with Go is a plus


Extended Requirements


- Avoid reinventing the wheel; demonstrate a strong understanding of existing Symfony components and refrain from unnecessary custom implementations.

- Excellent understanding of Symfony internals and familiarity with standard design patterns and their appropriate application.

- Proficiency in event-driven development principles and their significance in building scalable and resilient systems.

- Experience in system administration is a plus.

- Understanding of database indexing and proficiency in optimizing database performance.

- Experience in debugging and profiling PHP code is advantageous.

- Familiarity with standard design patterns such as Singleton, Observer, and Access Control Management.

- Experience in application optimization is a plus.

- Ability to discern when a monolithic architecture is appropriate versus when to decompose an application into services.

- Mandatory test-coverage.

- Familiarity with Psalm is advantageous.

- Conduct code reviews and experience in refactoring existing codebases is a plus.

- Ability to dive deep into problem-solving and understand tasks from a business perspective.

- Adherence to strict coding standards, principles of SOLID and KISS.

- Commitment to continuous learning and improvement, both technically and professionally.



- Competitive salary with performance-based incentives.

- Flexible working hours and remote-first company culture.

- Opportunity for career growth and advancement in a rapidly expanding startup.

- Relocation to Germany possible after the extended trial period of 6 months.

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