DevOps Engineer (offline)

We are looking for a skilled DevOps Engineer for part-time involvement to work on one of our projects.


Scope of Work

The primary responsibilities of the DevOps Engineer will include, but not be limited to, the following areas:


- Basic Network Configuration: Capability to manage and configure network settings in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and on physical switches.

- Data Warehouse (DWH) Maintenance: Regular maintenance tasks to ensure the smooth operation of our data warehousing solutions.

- Virtual Machine Management: Handling various tasks related to the management and maintenance of virtual machines.

- Kubernetes Deployments: Deployment and management of applications in Kubernetes environments.


Additionally, the engineer will be responsible for creating tickets in Jira for task tracking and management. All deliverables must be thoroughly documented, with documentation stored in our Atlassian Confluence space for easy access and reference.



- Work experience as DevOps at least 3 years;

- Strong expertise in GCP;

- Experience in setting up and using container orchestration system (Kubernetes);

- Experience with infrastructure as code (IAC) patterns, principles, and tools;

- Experience with DWH;

- Excellent English.

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