Unreal Game Developer (offline)

We are currently seeking a skilled Unreal Engine Game Developer to join our team on a remote basis.

The project at hand is a captivating 2-level game utilizing Unreal Engine 5.3, with communication facilitated through gRPC to our servers.

This AI-driven game employs interactions that are processed by our AI engine, resembling a chat GPT-like experience, where responses are generated and played back within the Unreal client.


The project stands at an impressive 80% completion rate, and we are now looking for a talented individual to bring it to fruition by adding an additional level to the existing framework.




- Proficiency in Unreal Engine development.

- Strong command of C++ with a logical mindset.

- Excellent English communication skills.

- Experience in building plugins, with a focus on potential future integration into other projects.

- Ability to optimize bundle size, particularly for iOS applications (experience in iOS app optimization is highly desirable).




- Complete the existing project by adding another level to enhance gameplay.

- Collaborate closely with the team to ensure seamless integration of AI interactions.

- Implement optimizations to enhance performance and reduce bundle size.

- Potentially develop and package game components as plugins for future use.

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