Middle Project Manager with Web / Wordpress experience (offline) to $2000

Ти бажаєш отримувати задоволення від роботи та людей, з якими працюєш? Кожного ранку прокидатися з посмішкою, не боячись понеділків, дедлайнів та кар’єрних викликів? Навколо тебе хмурі обличчя, тебе не чують, а ти весь палаєш, як хочеться більшого, нових викликів та побиття усіх рекордів? Це норм, ми такі ж! Тож, якщо в тебе купа ідей та енергії - ти за адресою!

Empat - це українська студія стартапів, яка має 9-річний досвід роботи з клієнтами та більше 200 реалізованих цікавих та різнопланових проектів.

Ми аналізуємо потреби бізнесу наших клієнтів та допомагаємо розробити ефективно, оптимізоване та UX-товариське рішення, приносячи прибуток. Для нас важливо те, з якими проектами та клієнтами ми працюємо і як ми змінюємо життя людей на краще через технологічні рішення.

Ми працюємо з нашими партнерами на повноцінному циклі співробітництва від брейнштормінгу та валідації ідей до маркетингової підтримки та стратегій розвитку, а також трансформуємо та вдосконалюємо вже існуючі рішення. І все це будуючи емпатичні стосунки всередині команди та з клієнтами.

І зараз ми шукаємо нового члена команди, який буде робити цей світ - краще, рішення - стабільніше, клієнтів та колег - ще більш радісними та задоволеними!

What we expect from you:
- 2-3+ years of experience in IT project management;
- Understanding of Scrum and Kanban methodologies;
- Successful experience launching WordPress sites, various CMS systems;
- Knowledge of management and communication tools: Slack, Jira, Confluence;
- Strong communication skills and negotiation experience;
- Experience in backlog formation, clear task definition, and prioritization;
- Experience managing remote project teams of more than 5 people;
- Empathy, ability to understand the team's dynamics, and provide constructive feedback;
- Desire for continuous development and proactive results-oriented approach;
- Upper-Intermediate (B2) English proficiency;
- Technical background is a big plus.

Your responsibilities will include:
- Project planning: developing plans and monitoring their execution;
- Forecasting and risk analysis;
- Communication with clients and partners, managing expectations and reporting;
- Building and coordinating the team's workflow;
- Deadline and task completion timeline control;
- Tracking the workload and progress of team members;
- Creating and maintaining project documentation;
- Creating a positive communication atmosphere among all process participants.

We offer:
- Interesting projects from different countries for your professional and personal development;
- Work in a team of creative, initiative, and empathetic individuals;
- Full-time with a flexible and comfortable schedule, focusing on results rather than time or location;
- Accumulation of days off and mid-week breaks if you prefer working on weekends;
- Comfortable, stylish office with a city center view and the option to work from home;
- Paid vacation, available after the probationary period (26 working days per year: 6 national holidays + 20 actual vacation days);
- Minimal bureaucracy, constant feedback, and support from colleagues;
- Salary based on interview results, considering expectations and career plans;
- Trial period (around 2 months, but it's in your hands);
- Fun parties, post-work poker clubs, picnics, and more (we aim to surprise as long as it works).

About Empat

Empat is a Ukrainian startup studio with 9 years of experience working with clients and over 300 completed projects.

We analyze our clients' business needs and develop profitable, efficient, optimized, and user-friendly solutions.

Our approach is based on more than just creating a product in accordance with the technical specifications.

We develop interaction and collaboration with the client not only as a customer, but also as a member of our team and a partner.

We work together to improve the product and understand our users’ wants and needs by showing empathy and creating customer-centric solutions.

We build a process with our partners based on a full-fledged cycle of cooperation from brainstorming and idea validation to marketing support and development strategy, as well as transforming and improving existing solutions.

In terms of implementation, the company takes a product-centric approach.

Our company is divided into product teams, that can lead multiple projects at the same time. Each team is assigned a project/product manager who helps structure tasks for all projects and controls workload and processes during product creation. Based on team estimates and general discussion, the manager assigns tasks for sprint planning.

It is crucial for us to choose which projects we work on and how we use technological ideas to improve people's lives.

As a startup studio, we frequently undertake ecosystem projects from the ground up, developing complementary products for one partner — applications, CRM systems, landing pages, and so on — in the same style and approach.

A great team is one of our strengths.

It is vital for us to interact with each other. Empathy is our core value, not only for our clients but also for our employees.

We are utterly free and flexible in our decisions. Every employee has the right to decide and influence, we have a horizontal structure, and everyone is equal. We know for sure that only happy employees are hiding behind well-realized projects.

We will be glad to see you at the Empat team!

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