Front-end / Full-stack Developer with Blockchain Experience (offline) $1500-3500

I. Project Overview and Phases
* Develop a large-scale system for tracking natural gas supplies from wells to consumers, managing smart contracts using blockchain technology.
* Begin by refining the existing Proof of Concept (POC), which includes infrastructure and security implementation (approx. 2 months).
* Learn the business aspects, technical requirements, and POC to estimate the entire project's development and deployment during the POC refinement phase.
* Build a team of approximately 10 developers and additional roles.
* Complete the full project development.
II. Job Responsibilities
* Refine the existing POC.
* Understand requirements and estimate the entire project.
* Develop the system.
* Implement blockchain technologies.
* Solve complex problems.
III. Required Skills
* 3+ years of development experience.
* Blockchain experience, preferably with the Hyperledger Fabric framework.
* Proficiency in React.js.
* Experience with relational databases, preferably PostgreSQL.
* Familiarity with Node.js is a plus.
* Upper-intermediate English proficiency.
IV. Work Conditions
* Option for Part-time work in phase 1 of the project with a Senior developer, and with a possibility for Full-time in the following phases as the project grows.
* Remote or office-based work (Kyiv, Rivne (UA), Tychy (PL)).
* Flexible schedule.
* Friendly and fun team environment, with supportive management.
* Competitive salary in USD.
V. Hiring Process
* Introductory interview (approx. 30 minutes).
* Technical interview (approx. 60 minutes).
* Technical interview with team leader (approx. 30-45 minutes).

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  • Category: JavaScript
  • blockchain, React, React.js, Node, Node.js, Hyperledger, JavaScript
  • English: Upper-Intermediate
  • 3 years of experience
  • Domain: Blockchain / Crypto
  • Office/Remote of your choice
  • Outsource
  • Poland, Ukraine
  • Only candidates from Europe and Ukraine
  • Part-time