PHP software developer $2100-2400

COXIT is looking for a PHP software developer

🟠 About the project:

A nonprofit library headquartered in San Francisco with an ambitious mission: to provide universal access to all the knowledge — books, web pages, audio, television, and software of our shared human culture. In its 25-plus years of existence, it has created one of the largest digital libraries in the world, working with hundreds of national and international libraries, archives, museums, universities, and non-profit organizations.

🟠 About the Job:

We are looking for a software engineer to join one of our customer’s core infrastructure team, specifically the group responsible for managing the content of the client’s repository cluster. Software developed by this group adds new data to the cluster, validates it, extracts additional data from it, makes it available to our external systems for general distribution, and ensures its long-term integrity.

The work involves a long-lived codebase; portions have been used and actively developed for 15-20 years. Since this code base is also constantly in high volume, changes should be made according to current activities. Accordingly, this position requires someone who will enjoy improving and perfecting a venerable system while it works; which sees the appeal in refactoring and adding features rather than building entirely new systems from scratch.

Our priority is code that is durable and that can be maintained and improved into the future: clean, readable, well-structured, extensible, and highly reliable code. You will be working effectively not only with your current colleagues, but also with your predecessors and successors, and there is a need for software written with this in mind. Work mainly on PHP; prior deep knowledge of PHP is not required, just an interest in applying skills learned elsewhere to a PHP environment. While some organizations maintain a distinction between development and production, Once completed code is handed off to production engineers, here you have ongoing responsibility for monitoring the behavior of your code in production and resolving issues as they arise. Sometimes this may involve intervention outside of business hours.

It is expected that it will take time to become familiar enough with our systems to begin contributing fully.

🟠 Responsibilities:

• Work with the core infrastructure team to maintain and improve the PHP codebase while keeping the system up and running
• Diagnose and resolve operational issues as they arise
• Manage data exchange between servers
• Provide server support for user services developed by the front-end team Challenges presented
• Help find ways to improve the performance of our systems to meet the ever-increasing volume of activity

🟠 Qualifications :

• Ability to work patiently and accurately, with attention to detail, both under the supervision and independently
• Sound technical judgment
• Strong problem-solving skills
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to remain graceful under pressure
• Degree in Computer Science

🟠 Also useful:

Linux operating system tools (especially Ubuntu), relational databases (PostgreSQL), in-memory data stores (redis), web servers (nginx), and version control system (git)

🟠 About the team:

We believe we work best when our employees bring diverse ideas together. Members of all groups underrepresented in the technology industry and library world are strongly encouraged to apply.

🟠 Interview steps:
1. Meeting about 20 minutes
2. Video interview with project’s developers for about 90 minutes

🟠 Procedure:

Short daily video chat similar to stand-up in a flexible model.
Briefly overlap each day, perhaps early in the day in California, and at the end of the day in Ukraine.
We will provide some examples of specific tasks. in the beginning, the tasks will be relatively small and independent, but over time we hope that the person will move on to larger projects.

🟠 We offer:

• Individual plan of study and professional development
• Paid English lessons
• Unlimited day-offs
• Flexible schedule
• Working equipment
• Paid Vacations
• Taxes and accounting coverage

🟠 Some of our Values:

• Clean relationships within the company and with the client
• Openness to the new, readiness for changes
• No overtime and pressure
• Responsibility for the own development, ideas, and interests communication, as well for the problems that stand in the way of this development
• Regular rest, burnouts control


COXIT is a team of professional developers who cooperate together to provide high-quality software development. Our main technology stacks are C ++ and Python, but now we have also opened a new direction and started working with the front.

Code quality is the main focus of our company. Nevertheless, the development of hard and soft skills is another essential thing for us.

Since we have our own knowledge base, that includes all the latest standards, best practices, and udemy courses for C ++, Python, and Linux learning. We crave to learn and teach others how to become not just regular coders, but Software Engineers.

As a company, we have the vision to become the ones who build and develop such tech communities in Lviv and Ukraine.

Company website:

DOU company page:

Job posted on 6 September 2022
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