Java developer (offline) to $4700

We’re looking for a Java Developer to join our rapidly growing company. This role is a unique opportunity to work in a very friendly and ambitious environment with a lot of freedom & decision-making power.

About the project:
GrapeDate has clients - hedge funds and corporations, who order a specific survey or research from them. The client pays for these surveys, in general, it looks like this in the most general form: conditional specialists and professionals from various fields of work download the application, pass a custom survey, which can look like completing a task or, on the contrary, a general list of questions, and for passing such surveys, the specialist receives money , and the client – ​​information collected by GrapeDate.
Clients turn to GrapeDate because they find the necessary users who are ready to provide information (pass a survey), sometimes very highly specialized, their sales department handles this. for example, a dairy company wants to improve some process or procedure, often super technical and specific, and GrapeDate is looking for someone with qualifications and experience in a similar industry.

Project country and TimeZone: United Kingdom,work in our time zone
Methodology: Agile
Technologies on the project:
GCP, Kubernetes, Spring Boot, MongoDB, MySQL, Micronaut
Example of real tasks from the project:
Pagination and refactoring for user intelligence history feature, validation messages for bulk review

Team composition by position: crossfunctional mission team, 4 Back end, 2 Front end (1 React dev from Digis, partner's dev), Product Owner, QA, UX Designer, Data Scientist.

Experience with Java from 3 years,
Experience with Spring boot, microservices, Kafka
Level of English: Upper Intermediate

Advantages of the project
1. The client is very loyal to the team: he is literally happy with any criticism and suggestions, if they are formulated in a constructive and reasoned way.
2. The client does not press for deadlines, rather the opposite - the highest priority is clean code.
3. Lack of formal hierarchy: all issues and tasks are discussed within the team, everyone's ideas are listened to as carefully as possible, the code review is the same, there is no "boss" who drives or stands over the soul.
4. The team consists exclusively of specialists with a high level of soft skills, which ensures a minimum of unclear, non-transparent tasks and conflict situations.
5. The team and the client are very passionate about the project, for them 'passionate about work' is not just a metaphor for red words, they are interested in helping each other develop
6. The project is several years old and now they have hundreds of thousands of users
7. STO is a developer with almost 20 years of experience, there is much to learn.

If you are looking for stability, professional growth, long-term career, and technology challenges in the sought-after company – come and join us today!

About Digis

Digis — це європейська компанія на стику аутсорсу та продукту, яка за 7 років змогла вирости зі стартапу до надійного партнера для наших клієнтів.
Наша команда створює унікальні, корисні, а часом і життєво важливі продукти для різних сфер життя.
Нас надихає і нами рухає місія — «Ми вирощуємо єдинорогів зі стартапів».
У цій місії закладено головні цінності: надати нашим партнерам не просто розробників, а впевненість в успіху їхнього продукту і навіть трохи більше!
Враховуючи стрімке зростання компанії, нам все одно вдається зберегти всередині колективу сімейні цінності, взаємодопомогу та довіру.
А ще ми займаємось благодійністю, на базі нашої компанії запускаються соціальні проекти у сфері освіти.
Тому чекаємо на твоє CV, якщо ти побачив себе частиною нашої #digisfamily!

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