Unreal/Unity 3D artist у компанії ZibraAI.
Основні задачі - розробка та налаштування 3D ефектів.
Важливо: досвід з UE4 та/або Unity та впевнені навички роботи з пограмами для 3d моделювання.
Зп до $2500

We, Don't Panic Recruiting Agency, are looking for an Unreal/Unity 3D artist for our partner, ZibraAI. Kyiv, full-time.

ZibraAI is a product IT Startup. They are creating AI tech to empower game creators. Their main goal is to bring a new level of realistic visual effects, improve & speed up the development process, and bring hyper-personalized in-game experience available for anyone.

What ZibraAI deals with: they are building products based on their cutting-edge core technology.

Now ZibraAI needs skilled and motivated 3D artists who want to explore and build demos and games using cutting-edge technologies we develop to demonstrate potential and explore new mechanics and appliances of our technology. They are also interested in improving the quality of their products so you will take part in improving the products and taking part in its development.

Main responsibilities:
- Create demos and scenes for marketing, promotion, and educational needs.
- Create and customize effects using in-house developed plugins and technologies.

Required skills:
- Confident knowledge of programs for creating and editing 3D models;
- Knowledge of import/export of FBX, material settings, and collisions;
- Experience with UE4 and/or Unity
- Understanding of the basic principles of creating physics effects(fluid, particles, etc.).

What we offer:
- Basically, the team is working remotely. But there are days when the team gathers in the office (Kyiv). Be sure to be in touch from 12:00 to 17:00.
- If necessary, ready to help with relocating to Kyiv (accomodation + financial assistance)
- The team consists of 16 people: technical artist, unrial engine dev graphics, 3d artist, ML (automation), 3d team (plugin, development)
- The first salary review will be in three months, then once a year. There is a prospect of growing up to be a Team Leader.
- If you wish to develop professionally and gain new knowledge, the company pays for courses and resources for development.
- Now this will not surprise anyone, but the company has a cool cozy office in the area of ​​Vozdvizhenka and lots of delicious food :)

Recruiting Process:
1. Screening with Recruiter
2. Test (interview on soft skills, motivation, and professional expertise)
3. Finals with CEO Alex Petrenko

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Job posted on 8 September 2021
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