Computer Vision / Deep Learning Research Engineer (offline)

EOS Data Analytics is a software company that works in the commercial space niche, with the main office in the USA and development centers in Ukraine (Kiev, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhya).


We are developing a digital online platform for searching, processing, and analyzing large volumes of data retrieved from satellites. Using regular and custom algorithms, the system creates solutions to the challenges in business development and planet preservation. The tools developed by our team provide individual analytical solutions in agriculture, forestry, oil & gas, alternative energy, and other industries.


Our key products:

- Crop Monitoring, a satellite-driven online platform for precision agriculture.

- Forest Monitoring, a software for remote management of forest stands thanks to satellite monitoring.

- Land Viewer, an online tool for working with satellite data.


Our team is looking for professionals who will help us bring space closer to humans and make their daily lives easier thanks to faster and better-informed decisions.



- building full-stack analysis solutions using earth observation data (optical satellite imagery, weather data, radar measurements, etc.);

- research and develop machine learning/statistical learning models for Optical/SAR data analysis;

- research and prototype data processing & analysis algorithms;

- working closely with the business team on developing new solutions to practical problems;

implement new statistical or other mathematical methodologies as needed for specific models or analysis.



- 2+ years of proven experience developing data analytics solutions;

- 2+ years of work experience in Python or С++;

- knowledge one of deep learning frameworks (Tensorflow, Pytorch);

- work experience with scikit-learn, scipy, tensorflow (keras) / pytorch, numpy, pandas;

- AWS experience including AWS/S3/Lambda etc;

- strong understanding of machine learning: you should be familiar with the process (data collection, training, evaluation, and making iterative improvements) of building effective learning systems;

- experience developing machine learning-based models;

- practical experience in at least one of the following problems: object detection, segmentation, classification, landmarks;

- familiarity with architectures for deep learning tasks: U-net, ResNet, SSD, Faster R-CNN, LSTM;

- an ability to think outside the box and explore new avenues with natural curiosity and a passion for new subjects and research areas;

- strong statistical analysis skills.

Will be a plus:

- experience working with (open) EO data, image processing or any relevant computational field (Computer Science, Remote Sensing, Physics, etc.);

- advanced degree in any relevant computational field (Computer Science, Remote Sensing, Physics, etc.);

- ability to design and implement complex algorithms;

- experience with Docker;

- R&D experience, comfortable with change and building throwaway work.

Personal Skills:

- strong problem-solving skills;

- strong first principles thinking and decision making;

- self-manageable person, able to work without supervision;

- strong team player with demonstrated ability to take ownership and drive execution;

- demonstrated ability to effectively collaborate with internal and external teams to deliver capability to users.

On our corporate culture

We understand the importance of adaptation in the new company. At EOS DA, on the very first day, you’ll get a mentor, a highly experienced co-employee who will help you set up inter team communication. They will explain the goal of the project, the work flow, provide you with necessary documentation and feedback on your tasks. Feel free to ask your mentor any questions.

We value the input of our specialists in the development of EOS DA. That’s why every member of our team is automatically taking part in the EOS Rewards program. You get rewarded for sharing interesting and useful insights with the team, taking part in meetups and events, recommending specialists to us, and more. The rewards are non-material, but will definitely come in handy.


We care about our specialists:


- medical insurance

- financial compensation for taking part in sport activities

- fully-paid sick leave certificates

- 20 days of paid vacation

- flexible start of working day

- financial compensation for coaching and psychologist therapy sessions

- free fruit, yoghurts, cookies, and other snacks in the office


Gratitude and recognition

- performance and salary review every 6 to 12 months

- corporate gifts on special occasions (birthday, anniversary of working at EOS DA, starting a family, birth of a child)

- financial support in a critical situation


Personal development

- individual budget for 1 year for professional development (attending conferences, training sessions, workshops, courses)

- paid business trips

- financial compensation for attending language courses

- free access to corporate library, online courses, lectures by Noosphere experts plus you can order books

- chance to take part in meetups as a member or speaker and exchange knowledge


Recreation provided

- team buildings, corporate events, quizzes

- social activities initiated by our employees: support for children with special needs, aid to animals, eco initiatives

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