Devices and machines get smarter day by day and find their way to all spheres of life and businesses of any size. We are developing embedded software, which controls the operation of such devices and machines.

We welcome a Project Manager to be a part of such projects!

Our project includes development of smart home climate solutions for a Client operating in the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) domain.
Together with the Client, we bring smart climate solutions in terms of wireless connectivity and intelligent control for any type of property, whether it is an apartment block, an industrial building, a hotel, or a country house to help reduce energy consumption for our Client’s customers and for society at large.

Plan, manage, and monitor project execution. Deliver projects on-time and within the allocated budget
Be an entrepreneur and act as the customer’s agent by developing customer relations and business insights, proposing extra services that customers may need
Participate in pre-sale and up-sale on your current account
Take an active part in business and contract negotiations, as well as defining business terms of contracts
Work with business units and stakeholders to determine project vision and goals, product functionality
Ensure projects’ start, their tailoring, and delivery according to the best-fit delivery model and best project management practices
Provide high-quality portfolio risk analysis; track, act upon, and communicate risks properly to your customers
Control KPIs (such as profitability, revenue, utilization, attrition) and take active actions to keep them at the best possible level
Be a resource and people manager, actively participate in planning required hires in collaboration with Recruiting Team, ensure onboarded people’s professional growth
Implement best practices and tools for project execution and management
Contribute to projects’ life-cycle improvement through lessons learned, project achievements, etc.

At least 4 years of commercial experience in project management
Profound knowledge of project management processes, methodologies, and tools
Strong risk management skills
Strong leadership skills
Excellent negotiation and problem-solving skills
Advanced understanding of corporate environment and objectives; ability to propose solutions for their achievement
Experience in working with budgets, marginality, contracts, and invoices
Excellent communication and presentation skills to communicate effectively with customers and project teams
At least Upper-Intermediate level of English

Commercial experience in account management
Experience in developing business opportunities
Participation in business events experience (conferences, business negotiations, steering meetings, seminars, workshops, sales events, etc.)
Experience in an embedded project management
Hands-on experience in business and contract negotiations, in defining business terms in contracts

About Sigma Software

Sigma Software предоставляет высококачественные ИТ услуги для клиентов в таких сферах, как электронный бизнес, документооборот, телекоммуникации, военная отрасль, авиационно-космическая промышленность, банковское дело, финансы и недвижимость, а также в сфере туризма, индустрии развлечений и разработки игр.

Три основных направления бизнеса компании — разработка и поддержка программного обеспечения, разработка программного обеспечения на заказ, в том числе разработка решений под мобильные устройства, ИТ консалтинг в различных сферах, в частности в сфере электронного бизнеса, документооборота и работы с проблемной задолженностью.

Свои услуги мы предоставляем в основном для компаний, расположенных в Западной Европе и США. Офисы в Харькове и Одессе работают с 2005 года. В 2014 открылись новые офисы в Киеве, Львове, Варшаве (Польша) и Сан-Хосе (США).

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