We`re looking for a person with at least 2 years of experience, that knows how/what to do and is open for new challenges.
Project: Attorneys case management system for presentations
Location: office near Gulliver BC or remote


Devurai is small, family-typed agency. We're aimed on creating software for our B2B clients (no startups, mostly), with a goal of making those business better. We believe, that everything depends on people, and looking for a person who's ready to be a strong player in our team.

What we offer you:
1. Salary (competitive and etc…)
2. A lot of non-trivial work. We will need you to expedite and create features, not just "work on tasks".
3. We're ready to listen. We know that people speak, to make something better. So do we.
4. Free to be creative. We appreciate anything you suggest.
5. Cozy office in the centre of Kyiv.
6. "Remote first". Just inform us when you wanna come!
7. Absolute flexibility – work when it's comfortable for you. Approx 40 hours a week (and it's not a minimum!). We just need transparency.
8. Absolutely no complexity in any of the questions. No paperworks, anything. We have processes setup in a way you don't spend time on that.

*Technology Stack :*
- PHP 7+,
- Laravel 5.5+,
- Angular 2+,
- MySQL,
- Git,
- AWS,
- Webpack

Who is our ideal person :
1. Smart and ready to work for real.
2. Responsible. Not only heard what that word is :-D
3. Sorry for this, but at least 2 years of experience in commercial development is a must.
3. Passionate about development, and looks for creating software that can be presented.
4. Ready for stupid jokes which are spammed by our CEO :-D
5. Knows the area and the speciality.
6. Ready to respect business needs of the software not compromising the work quality

About Devurai

Devurai - это семейная компания  с командой классных IT-специалистов. 
Существуем с 2017 года. Занимаемся оптимизацией бизнес процессов для организаций. Имеем успешный опыт внедрения платежных систем, бухгалтерского учета и частных CRM систем. Любим решать сложные задачи.

Наш фокус - долгосрочное партнёрство как с нашими заказчиками так и сотрудниками. 

Мы понимаем, что результат нашей работы зависит от каждого из нас. На этом базируется наш успех. 
Мы соблюдаем важность баланса работы и личной жизни. 
Грамотный проектный менеджмент и доброжелательные взаимоотношения в коллективе - это то, чему мы уделяем особое внимание.

Для нас важно что бы каждый реализовал свой потенциал на полную и знал, что мы за одно. Вы хотите рости? Мы хотим что бы вы росли вместе с нами!

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Job posted on 7 June 2021
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