Our Client, the company is the best loan management software platform It is the only lending software platform that provides users with an end-to-end solution that includes a sophisticated proprietary credit risk scorecard.

- Experience or knowledge in administering cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, Google cloud platform
- Excellent Knowledge of Windows Servers - administration/configuration
- SQL Databases (MSSQL, ORACLE, PostgreSQL) - administration/configuration/SQL development
- Experience in programming using script languages (Bash, Python, PowerShell)
- Experience with Terraform and Ansible
- Solid understanding CI/CD (Jenkins)

As a plus:
- Docker/Kubernetes
- Groovy
- Knowledge of security compliances, best practices for Cloud and On-prem platforms

- Support of existing and development of new infrastructure(Azure, AWS, VMWare, Bare metal)
- Support of existing and development of new CI/CD procedures(Jenkins/Groovy)
- Support and updating(developing) monitoring/alerting system(Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix, InfluxDB)
- Support and development log collecting/analyzing system(ELK Stack)
- Support all database servers(backup/restore/cope etc) (MSSQL/PostgreSQL)
- Support, develop, and monitoring all network infrastructure on the project(Load Balancers, VPN servers, Application Gateways)
- Support Dev/BA/QA teams
- Experience working with HighLoad systems
- Experience working with WEB-servers - administration/configuration (IIS/nginx)
- Good written English


Професійні HR та бізнес рішення для досягнення амбітних цілей.
​Наші експерти реалізовують проекти будь-якої складності.
Приділяємо особливу увагу баченню та прагненням клієнта.
Працюємо та вдосконалюємо сервіс з 2016 року.

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