Опыт с Flutter не обязателен. Хорошо финансируемый стартап из Штатов. Ребята делают гибрид между e-mail, Slaсk и Telegram, планируют взорвать рынок коммуникаций.
Команда: 15 инженеров. Есть люди из Apple, Google, других ведущих компаний.

Memo is looking for a Senior Front-End Engineer with a strong desire to change the way the world connects and communicates.


Isaac Saldana is the founder of SendGrid. Memo is our next project after Sendgrid went public with a $ 3 billion valuation.
David Taylor: Senior Software Engineering Leader from Apple
Kane Kim: Former Chief Architect at SendGrid.

Tasks: Develop a messenger. Perhaps the most complex type of mobile application possible. The next six months: almost 90% of this is flutter-based development. In six months, it is possible to add features both from iOS, Android, and from Web and Electron.

Experience with Flutter is desirable but not required
Strong Frontend experience with React and React Native/another
It's good to have experience as an iOS/Android developer
Strong mobile experience desirable
Ten years of mobile and/or web experience desirable
English upper intermediate+
Strong testing and integration skills including Red/Green Refactoring
Deployment automation, e.g., Google Cloud
Strong containerization skills
RPC technologies, e.g., Protobuf, gRPC
Google technologies, e.g., Firebase and GCP

As a Senior Front-End Engineer, you will create, validate, and improve the future's communication software. A strong candidate will have a mix of strategic engineering, strong core values, a passion for innovating, and rich history with developing client-facing applications.
You'll build client-facing apps and products in Flutter that will power how we communicate in the future.
You'll be a critical part of a team whose mission is to create and support software that changes the way the world communicates.

Memo requires its engineers to be champions of the H A P P Y culture:

Humility No brilliant jerks allowed. We encourage experimenting and learning from mistakes. We are never too good or too smart. We always strive to learn and get better.
Adaptability We are not afraid of change or disruption. In fact, we are proactive about it and structure our organization to exchange ideas, drive innovation, and invent.
Passion Passions are transmitted by people around us. We are passionate about our work, our influence, and our customers. Our organization and every member of our team is driven by purpose and a shared sense of mission.
Peers Collaboration is crucial. Our default mode of operation is to be a giver. We take only when needed. You are never penalized for helping others even if you fall behind. Everyone is responsible if a team or individual needs help. We seek and embrace diversity. We are a team that goes beyond inclusion to fostering a sense of belonging for all of our members.

This role reports to the VP of Engineering and uses Flutter to build a consumer-facing application.

Working conditions
Contract directly with the company. Taxes are covered by Memo. Stable competitive salary in any convenient way.
The company is ready to provide everything you need for work.

About Indigo Tech recruitment

INDIGO – найбільш результативна та харизматична IT-рекрутингова агенція на просторах колишнього СНД.

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Job posted on 26 May 2021
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