We are looking for an experienced full-stack professional who has been part of several growing software development teams for a technology-based start-up and is ready to take the entrepreneurial and allround technology position of the CTO for a start-up.

Primary responsibilities

- Will be the lead developer and over time building the company’s technical vision and strategy.
- Oversee technology architecture and infrastructure to ensure functionality, security, and efficiency
- Review and approve development releases and manage the release process.
- Constantly evaluate processes with the CEO to find opportunities for automation to reduce manual effort, UI improvements to improve user-friendliness, to design new features that really solve problems and make users love the system more.
- Communicate transparently and effectively with partners and investors, sharing technology strategy, and using stakeholders’ feedback to inform necessary improvements and adjustments to technology.
- Create a hiring plan and organizational chart that will support the vision for the future growth of the Software Development Team.
- To be a team lead with the ability to think through projects and convey requirements to others.
- Manage a team of engineers as well as act as an individual contributor

Required Working Experience

- Possesses deep architectural and engineering knowledge
- 8+ years plus experience in a software development
- 3+ years in management or leadership roles (Senior Developer, Team Lead)
- Previous experience in growing software development teams for SaaS companies, start-ups
- Broad knowledge of backend and frontend coding, various languages, software architecture, design, and database systems
- Hands on Manager (technology and architecture discussions)
- Comfortable being the senior and leading others in a growing and changing tech startup environment
- Must be up-to-date and always learning about the latest technical standards and best practices in the field

Must have stack

- Strong technical knowledge of cloud-based infrastructure
- Solid understanding of Object-Oriented PHP
- Experience with Laravel Framework
- Experience with application architecture and SOLID principles
- Experience with building database systems, web applications or CMS
- Experience with Vue.js or other front-end frameworks (Angular, React)
- Experience using Git
- Strong knowledge of MySQL
- Experience writing and consuming RESTful APIs

About You

- Entrepreneurial: strong desire to make a difference in a tech startup environment, broad interest in the business, not a 9-5 mindset, understanding when switching of focus is needed for the business, mindset to help facilitate growth.
- Visionary: being able to establish the company’s technical vision and strategy and lead all aspects of the company’s tech development.
- Possess Strong Leadership skills to build and lead a development team, coach team members and manage the roadmap with the product owner
- Critical Thinker: to be able to thoroughly assess any incoming request, to validate thoroughly the context / problem and to present reasonable solutions.
- Excellent written and verbal communication & collaboration skills and a pleasure to work with in an international team remotely
- High sense of ownership and responsibility
- The ability to identify and articulate goals and measurements for your and others’ success.
- Being comfortable with both giving and receiving respectful constructive critical feedback.
- Problem solving
- Self-motivated and proactive, ability to motivate and inspire others
Independent, with experience in working remote, having discipline and responsibility to be productive
- Passion for software development, mastering your craft
- Positive attitude to life

If you think you match these requirements please, send us an e-mail with your resume along with a short motivation letter

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