Industry: Banking, Finance, Insurance
(Full-time, Long term)

Company’s information:

Online consultation platform that helps sales teams win more deals.
The company was founded in 2004 in Germany and is a pioneer in the field of real-time internet communications. Initially launched as a sales tool for online presentations, over the last few years they developed their own browser-based technology to enable audiovisual communication. Today the company provides online communication and collaboration solutions to thousands of companies worldwide.
A team of functional programming enthusiasts, aiming for bug-free and clean code. Their customers are banks and insurance companies expecting a highly secure and reliable platform for real-time communications with their customers.
Remote work, but closely with the international team which is spread across several European countries (Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, etc). Each team member has responsibility for the quality of his code, and it should be of a high standard.

Responsibilities are as follows:

- Maintain the core backend components by writing new, clean and performant code and extending the existing functionality.
- Server/Backend development primarily in Rust.
- Contributing to CI/CD by automating build and deployment processes for the server components.

Required skills:

- Excellent knowledge of Rust (real production experience 2+ years)
- At least 3+ years of experience on server/backend development and architecture
- Good knowledge of C, Python and Shell scripting
- Good knowledge and experience using and developing for Linux
- Good knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases
- Experience with Docker, GitLab CI/CD, and Ansible
- Experience working with open source code bases (ideally contributions to Rust-related projects)
- Knowledge/experience with Redis, WebRTC (and Janus media server), GStreamer is a plus

Communication with the team:

Via Slack and their own platform with video conferencing, other typical tools
Every day 20 minutes call at 11 am Ukrainian time

Interview process
One tech interview up to 1-hour total.

About Particles Global

Attitude makes a big difference. That's what we absolutely realize and reflect in the way we cooperate with our customers worldwide, as well as in the way we retain our employees.

Established in the era of technology-driven innovation, Particles delivers high standard software development services, with passion, professionalism, honesty and willingness to help.

You are welcome to contact us if you require to strengthen your current or build a brand new engineering team in the right way.

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