We are looking for a medior or senior PHP develper with microservices experience to help our senior development team to build the next generation busines support plattform for the Telecom industry.

Telecom is in rapid change these days as 5G, IoT, Open APIs, Big data and AI is on the mind of every CEO in the Telecom industry. However their business support systems, that is supposed to support any business opportunities the service providers chase after - is lacking behind..

Our mission is to rethink this IT infrastructure as microservices, make it smarter and open it up to the future needs of the industry. We expect to launch our first version of the platform in August 2021 and have already signed our first customer contract in Norway and Sweden.

We are also a member of TM Forum that consist of 850 global telecom companies that will be a important platform for gaining traction in the global market space in 2022.

Your colleagues are located in Norway and Estonia and consist of a product specialist with ten years of telecom experience, a CTO with 12 years’ experience, a system architect, a database architect, a DevSecOps specialist, and four senior back-end developers.

We value a complete team more than individual star developers - everyone does their best to achieve our goals. Every opinion count, every idea is worth hearing.

A more detailed presentation of the project will be given in a intervju.

Short job description:
- Software development using microservice-type technologies
- Thorough testing and documentation of the created solution
- Writing unit and integration tests
- Conducting a code review for other developers
- Communicating in English
- Taking part of planning and finding solutions
- Work with an agile development team for continues delivery (KanBan)

- Experience with microservices is preferable, but we can teach you this if your test work shows a good understanding of developing back-end solutions.
- Mature object-oriented PHP skills.
- Understanding the proper treatment of incoming data, avoiding security issues, and not overloading the database layer.
- Feel of responsibility towards your work.
- Ability to work and find solutions both independently and in a team
- Good knowledge of English both orally and in writing

- Have an impact on the user experience of millions of end users subscribing to mobile phone services.
- Continue building your carrier by taking on more responsibility, by learning new technologies and interacting with other smart people.
- Learn new programming languages like Golang.
- Work in a company with a flat leadership structure where your opinion is equally valuable as the CEO's opinion.

Tech stack:
- Golang
- C# (Only on one specialised service)
- Rabbit MQ
- Docker, Docker Swarm (will move to Kubernetes)
- DevOps: Jenkins, Gitlab, Ansibel, FlyWay + +
- Ngnix
- Apache
- PostgreSQL
- Redis
- Other proxy db will be added later on
- Linux distro is Debian
- Front end will use React

About Billity AS

The Company and our mission:

For the last 2 years we have been working closely with the global Telecom industry to build a next generation business support platform running on Microservices. Our goal is to disrupt a market of monopolised old school software solutions with faster, scalable, client centric solutions – built for growth.

Our vision and financial projections combined with our in-depth industry knowledge and highly skilled design- and developer team, has made us extremely attractive to outside investors. This boost in funding have given us the opportunity to scale up our output and we are there for looking for more talented and skilled people to join our team.

Our development team:

We are using all the latest practices, mythologies and technologies to be expected from a modern agile software company including domain driven design, test driven design patterns, continues deployment, micro service architecture etc.

Our team consists of system architects, database specialists, cyber security specialists, Go developers, PHP developers, React developers and UX designers.

We use Kanban and live by the Agile manifesto. Our managers have all been developers themselves and understand what makes a productive team truly productive instead of stressed and burned out.

Couple of reasons to join us:
- Management understand what we are doing. They know that challenges with timelines should be solved by either improving the workflow (if possible), increasing the team size or by reducing the requirements.
- Healthy work environment. We work as a team and help each other when someone needs help with a task. We encourage each other and see mistakes as an opportunity to learn and become better. We can have enthusiastic discussions about solutions, but we always respect other people opinions.

Job posted on 5 February 2021

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