We are currently looking for a Senior Rails Engineer to join us!

We are currently looking for a Senior Rails Engineer to join us on our roadmap to architect, engineer, deploy, scale and maintain a whole new generation of marketplace technologies, in additional to supporting our current ecosystem of custom technologies.
You will be challenged to maintain high availability environments that can handle real-time inventory and prices updates at ultra-high workloads, across multiple third party and internal systems, while keeping complex domain logic iterable and simple. You will play a significant role in augmenting our organization’s legacy of customer trust and technical pioneering.

Responsibilities and duties:
— Extend and maintain our Seller's Portal, Drop Ship Portal, and other ruby code bases.
– Must be fluent in English, written and verbal communications.
— Work with product management, and other team members to deliver delightful experiences for our customers, sellers, and other partners.
— Take part in the monitoring of production stack.
— Produce high quality, secure, performant, testable Ruby code.
— Work with your colleagues to insure a high level of quality through code reviews, pull request reviews, and pair programming.
— Maintain high quality, and accuracy in a fast-paced environment deploying many times a day to production.
— Contribute to discussions that define our architecture and technical strategy.
— Use tried and proven wisdom to design resilient systems.
Qualifications and skills:
— 6+ years of professional web application development experience.
— Strong idiomatic Rails knowledge and practice.
— Strong judgment in election of gems, dependencies and datastores.
— Strong understanding of web-app performance fundamentals and related dev tools.
— Strong database fundamentals and experience with MySql or Postgresql.
— Low level understanding of MySQL indexes, table types and how to solve
unique query optimization challenges will be greatly appreciated.
— Worked with search engines such as ElasticSearch, Solr, or Algolia.
— Experience using async message queues.
— Mastery of git and Github workflows.
— Experience deploying and maintaining cloud resources and infrastructure.
— Strong understanding of web technologies: HTML5, Javascript, CSS/SASS, REST, JSON.
— Experience with webpacker and babel workflows is appreciated.
— Experience with the React/Redux pattern is a strong nice to have.

What we offer:
– No-bullshit culture. We are open and trust each other. We do not have long chains of coordination, unnecessary documentation, etc. We are not afraid to experiment and pay attention to any initiative taken.
– Possibility to work remotely.
– Flexibility of the schedule.

About Grinteq

Grinteq is a technology first, digital e-commerce agency dedicated to empowering brands with world-class design, software, and commerce expertise.

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