Developers Shore is a Swedish IT agency headquartered in Stockholm, with a development office in Kyiv. At Developers Shore, we offer Ukrainian software engineers an opportunity to meet, work for, and collaborate with outstanding development teams from Sweden.

Product background
Relox Robotics is developing an autonomous robot for the golf range. To create a great experience for the user Relox Robotics is now starting to develop infrastructure for their app as well as fleet management. This will mainly be provided using backend services which will interact with the robot, customers and fleet management system.

Current Infrastructure
The current infrastructure exists mostly on the robot where all the robot specific behaviour is executed. A prototype for the use case of an app to control and monitor the robot has been developed using firebase authentication and real-time database. This has been controlled and viewed using a flutter app.
A new backend will be started and is being developed using golang, REST/gRPC and hosted using AWS.

- Some of the features which are to be developed are the following:
- Streaming of data/health metrics from the robot
- Streaming of data/health metrics to a user
- Pushing commands to the robot from the user
- Monitoring of heartbeats from the robot
- Login/Signup for users
- Logging of streamed data/health metrics

What we are looking for
A developer which has worked with some or all of the following:
- Golang
- gRPC
- AWS/Cloud deployment
- Authentication
- Microservices
- Containers & Orchestration
- Backend architecture

About DevShore

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