24 June

Project Manager

Moscow · $3000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Hi, I have 10 years in Information Technology ( 8 years’ in project management) Good working knowledge of IT operations, Project Management, Agile (experience as a Scrum master), Support Processes and etc.; Good knowledge of business processes, UI trends and usability practices; Strong written and verbal communication skills; Strong organizational skills; Experience of working independently and functioning as a member of a project team (and forming team for the project); target-oriented; Experience of communicating important information and focusing on client requirements, work with requirements; Experience work as BI analitic, work with documentation; work with Java, Node.js, Go, C++, PHP, JS and etc. and interest in your project.

Agile, Jira, Project Management, Scrum, Product management, Java, JavaScript, PHP

Умение справляться с поставленными задачами.

Интересный проект с живой разработкой, сложные (в том числе технические задачи).

23 June

Project Manager

Remote work, Russia · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I was the Project Manager at the projects using machine learning and OCR systems. I was the Product owner and managed a bunch of software developers using Agile / Scrum. I am highly skilled in the following list: - Agile Scrum, Agile Kanban - SDLC - Risk Management / Business Analytics - Jira / Confluence documentation / Asana - GitFlow - Release management - Backend/Frontend. Architecture of web-application - AWS - CI / CD - TDD / BDD / BRD - Business Intelligence

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Product management, SDLC, People management, project planning, Kanban, Waterfall, Business Analysis, Team management, English, Risk management, Confluence, Git

I was the Head of Development in one of the biggest software development company in Kyrgyzstan. I managed 20 software developers and lead several projects. My key activities were: - Sales and management: searching customers, negotiations, revealed the needs of clients by phone and in person with small and medium-sized businesses. - Planning strategy for short and long term. - Managing team of developers and remote team of designers - Negotiation with the clients from the USA - Product Owner - Processing project proposals with different regions all around the world

6 June

Project / Program / Delivery Manager

Moscow, Berlin, Budapesht · $2500 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

За восемь лет запустил 70+ проектов, обучил более 100 человек, развил пять отделов, четыре года работал за пределами СНГ. Английский свободный. Умею Запускать проекты вовремя и предотвращать проблемы. Вести проекты сроком более полугода. Составлять грамотную документацию. Задавать нужные вопросы и держать весь процесс в руках. Руководить кросс-функциональными командами. Нанимать и увольнять разработчиков, менеджеров, QA. Ставить и следовать KPI. Автоматизировать процессы и уменьшать затраты. Говорить нет, и объяснять, почему. Анализировать и работать с данными. Начинал как фронтенд разработчик. Есть технический бекграунд. Также, есть опыт SEO, email marketing, UX дизайна, прототипирования, UX исследований и прочих плюшек.

Project Management, Scrum, Agile, Team management, English, Kanban, Waterfall, Communication, MindMaps, project planning, technical background, Jira, автоматизация процессов, ведение переговоров, стратегическое управление, построение команды, разработка документации, проектное планирование, прототипирование, внедрение технологий, обучение персонала, использование EQ в работе, приготовление блинчиков, Product management

— Создал с нуля и развил пять отделов: два QA и три по разработке; — Сдал, тянущийся четыре года проект, за шесть месяцев; — Собрал команду под проект менее чем за неделю. Работают до сих пор; — Написал серию уроков для курса по менеджменту продуктов; — Вывел печатное издание в онлайн (соц-сети, веб); — Нашел и поменял подрядчиков компании — уменьшило затраты на 40%; — Разработал и сдал интернет магазин для 40 000 пользователей; — Запустил систему онлайн бронирования ВИП залов в аэропортах России. — В деталях: https://www.notion.so/2017-2018-ba64b7b94d454dc8b4b3e867e2a7ad32

Люблю UX в любом виде, поэтому буду рад тесно общаться с UX командой. Продуктовая разработка в приоритете.

22 May

Project manager

Moscow · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

More than 40 worldwide certificates in IT, including: Program & Portfolio Management Expert (#35), Certified Project Manager (#34935), Project Management Expert (#000412), VCP (#63533), EMC Senior Technical Architect (EMCTAe). Hardware: PC, Mac, HP/IBM/Dell servers, HP/IBM/EMC/NetApp/Dell NAS/SAN, LAN/WAN. OS: IBM AIX, MS Windows 7, CentOS, Novell Netware 4, MacOS 9/10, Cisco IOS. Programming languages: T-SQL, PL/SQL, BASIC, VBA, DHTML. Methodologies: RUP, MSF, SADT (IDEF), TQM, PJM, AIM, ASAP, ISO, Agile SCRUM, SOX, Six Sigma. DBMS: Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle. Application software: 1С, MS Office, MS Visio, MS Project Server, Jira, ARIS, SAP R/3, Lotus Notes, Citrix, VMware, SPSS, Matlab, Mathcad, AutoCAD, ERWin, BPwin, Photoshop.


Finished projects in SCANEX Ltd : Earth remote censoring center design for: emergency ministry of Kazakhstan, defense ministry of RF; satellites data receiving business processes optimization. Finished projects in Compulink Group Ltd.: DR design of DC for the largest Moscow Energy company (VMware SRM, Linux HA Cluster for SAP R/3, MSCS, etc); DR design of DC for the largest oil transport company (EMC VMAX, VNX5500, IBM Power); DR design of DC for large oil company (NetApp FAS3220 MetroCluster).

Normal working conditiopns.

29 April

Project Manager 

Moscow, Minsk, St. Petersburg, Kyiv, Lviv · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Strong background in project management and customer support. Excellent knowledge of Scrum, Agile and Kanban methodologies. Good at description of complex concepts in simple terms, able to think out of the box with continuous improvement throughout daily tasks: 1000+ problem cases resolved, working as a support engineer & logistics account executive. Advanced English level - more than 5 years of communication experience with native speakers, primarily US, AU and CA markets. Deep knowledge of customer approach and ITIL techniques: worked at b2b and b2c sectors both in startup companies and enterprise corporations

Account Management, Customer service, Customer Success, Sales, Confluence, Product management, Scrum, zendesk, Agile, Jira, Git

Key achievements as a Project/Support Lead (Real Estate Tech startup) • Implemented a system of receiving a permanent feedback from users, resulted in the delivery of 7 new features throughout the year, which increased the average platform usage by half. • Developed an On-boarding scenario, which turned into a part of the service that the platform offers. Key achievements in b2c (IT sales (product)USA, CA, GB, EU) • My sales conversion varies from 37% to 51% • More than $10,000 of revenue made each month: always being in the TOP-5 list of the best sellers • Developed a model of the 'buy-now' landing page that increased sales conversion by 5% Key achievements in b2b (USA logistics market) • Provided stable & efficient movement of 9 reefers throughout the USA during BPO • Closed several deals with the biggest brokerage companies and obtained dedicated lane opportunities, which led to the combined 20% increase in gross profit • Gross profit of $80,000+ was made each month

• Product company (Preferable) • Flexible work schedule • Remote job with rare business trips