11 September

Senior PHP Developer

Remote work, Russia · $2300 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

InLiberty - Journalistic project and the store for Inliberty courses. Wordpress/Woocommerce, Redis I took part in this project as a PHP developer: Installation & settings Store settings Wordpress modules (custom shortcodes) Wordpress theming Optimization (caching, images) Docker Intellinews - Business news portal Zend Framework, AWS environment I took part in this project as a PHP developer: Refactoring and support (some code was rewritten to OOP) PHP background tasks Themization Front-end small fixes Tech support for extra clients (English) Starfall Online - The site of the Starfall Online game info, news, updates, etc. Drupal 7, LESS I took part in this project as a PHP back-end and front-end developer: Installation & settings Custom Drupal modules (cross-site authorization) Themization Front-end (styles, scripts, animations) Optimization (caching, images) Theming of emails

CSS, Drupal 7, HTML, PHP, SASS, Git, Grunt, JavaScript, LESS, MySQL, Shell, Docker/Docker Compose, Symfony, Zend Framework, Twitter Bootstrap, REST API, OOP, HTML5, Wordpress

7 лет разработки (>20 проектов), в том числе 3 интернет-магазина на Drupal Commerce (Drupal 7), магазин на Битрикс и Woocommerce. Умею в оптимизацию: кэширование, sql, картинки, шрифты Пользуюсь Docker и не жалуюсь, пишу файлы конфигураций. 2,5 года front-end разработки. 4 проекта в качестве full-stack разработчика. Поддержка и рефакторинг больших готовых проектов. Умею делать анимацию, адаптивно верстать, занимаюсь оптимизацией. Вела активную переписку с зарубежными клиентами заказчика на английском.

9 September

PHP Developer

Moscow · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

12/2016 - 06/2019 BlackBird – PHP developer • PHP 7 • PHP Frameworks: Lumen, Phalcon • PHP CMS: Wordpress / WooCommerce • Git flow, Linux comand line • JavaScript, ES5/ES6, HTML5, CSS • Vue.js, jQuery, Webpack • Team management 05/2015 - 06/2016 Drugaya Compania – Senior Web Developer • architectural design of applications, development planning • development using PHP Phalcon Framework • Vanilla JS, Prototype JS, Jquery, JqueryUI project development • Coding without using frameworks or cms • Wordpress core’s function refinement • Creating Wordpress plugin api plugins and extensions • API: Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Stripe, UPS, USPS

HTML, PHP, Wordpress, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, Phalcon, MySQL, PHP 7, PHP 7.0+, Design Patterns, Lumen

Skills • PHP 7 • PHP Frameworks: Lumen, Phalcon • PHP CMS: Wordpress / WooCommerce • Git flow, Linux comand line • JavaScript, ES5/ES6, HTML5, CSS • Vue.js, jQuery, Webpack Strenghts • Ability to work quickly and effectively under pressure, motivated • Ability to organize and prioritize workload effectively • Flexible and adaptable to change • Ability to work independently or in a team environment

Open to any suggestions. Relocation to Europe. Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, UK

8 September

Software developer PHP / Разработчик PHP

Remote work, Russia · $3000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Более 8 лет опыта разработки. Пишу чистый простой код, использую принципы SOLID и паттерны ООП (без фанатизма). Опыт работы с высоконагруженными проектами и большими объемами данных. Работа с системами очередей (Gearman, beanstalk). Могу (хотя и не очень люблю) рефакторить легаси-код, разбираться что имел ввиду писавший etc. Работа с docker, puppeteer - для парсера был написан модуль для поднятия контейнера "на лету" с нужными портами, обращения к нему по вебсокету для выполнения нужных действий, а затем гашение контейнера за ненадобностью. Опыт работы как с известными фреймворками (symfony(2.8, 3.4), Yii2), так и с самописными на проекте (MVC). Решение продуктовых задач, понимание что именно нужно заказчику. Написание Unit тестов. More than 8 years of experience in software developing. I make clear and simple code, I use the SOLID principles and OOP patterns (but without "pattern everywhere" principle). I'm experienced with high-load projects and huge databases. I worked with a queue-systems, like Gearman and beanstalk. I can (but don't like) refactor legacy code, can understand what means the previous developer. I have an experience with docker and puppeteer - it's for parsing. Have a script which up the container, make jobs and down the container. I'm experienced with popular frameworks (Yii2, symfony(2.8, 3.4)) and with self-wrote framework (MVC, of course) I can solve the product's issues, can understand what does product manager need, can write unit-tests

PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, HTML, Symfony, Redis, Git, OOP, MVC, Memcache, MongoDB, Yii2, ElasticSearch, PHPUnit

Проект CRM для event-агентства (Yii2, MySQL, Bootstrap3) - написание с нуля CRM: узнавание требований заказчика, проектирование архитектуры проекта, выбор технологий, программирование, тестирование, деплой, презентация, bugfix Несколько библиотек для работы с разными АПИ - graphQL, кастомные (PHP, Reddis). Библиотека для парсинга инстаграм (cURL, PHP, Reddis). Парсинг статистики + скриншотов (puppeteer, puphpeteer, docker, PHP) CRM project for event-agency (Yii2, MySQL, Bootstrap3) - full-cycle developing: researching client's product demands, designing project architecture, choosing technologies, programming, testing, deployment. Developing a few libs for working with several API - GraphQl and custom (PHP, Reddis) Lib to parse Instagram (PHP, cURL, Reddis) Libs to parse statistics and screenshots (puppeteer, puphpeteer, docker, PHP)

Не хочу работать с Bitrix, Wordpress etc Мне нравится хорошо построенный рабочий процесс, который включает в себя оценку задач, разработку, написание кода, написание тестов, ревью, тестирование, деплой. Планирование спринтов. Don't want to develop for Bitrix, Wordpress CMS, etc I like well-designed workflow with estimating, developing, writing tests, code review, testing, and deployment. Sprint planning

7 September

Full Stack Developer 

Moscow · $2500 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

JavaScript, PHP, Vue, Laravel, Yii, Symfony, MySQL, Redis, Docker, Linux, AWS, HTML5, CSS. I manage some projects, like monitoring systems, security systems one project about cryptocurrency and site builder.

6 September

Senior PHP Developer

Moscow, outsource, relocate · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

PHP, PHP7, PHP5, Laravel, SOA, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Beanstalkd, PL/PgSQL, RabbitMQ, Perl, LAMP, Nginx, NoSQL, Sphinx, AWS, Bootstrap, Linux, bash

AJAX, AMQP, bash, Beanstalkd, ElasticSearch, jQuery, LAMP, Laravel, MySQL, Nginx, onphp, OOP, ORM, PHP, PHP5, php7, PostgreSQL, REST API, RESTful, SOA, SOLID, Sphinx, SQL, SVN, Ubuntu, Web Development, WebServices, Bootstrap, CI, DDD, DevOps, E-commerce, Facebook API, Highload, HTML5, JavaScript, Jira, JSON, Linux, NoSQL, OOP/OOD, Perl, PHPUnit, PL/SQL, Profiling, RabbitMQ, Redis, SMM, Twitter API, vk api, Wordpress, Bitrix, Frontend, MongoDB, Node.js, SOAP, AWS, CSS3, ReactJS, vuejs

Actual resume:https://goo.gl/MLkIVZ

I ready to: - relocate for ~55-60k €/years (netto) +/- for different country and conditions - remote work for ~30 $/hour (brutto) +/- strong skills: high load and big data, SOA, parametric filtering (SQL+index, elasticsearch)

6 September

Web developer 

Moscow · $2000 · 6 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Yii(1,2), Zend(1,2), Phalcon(3), Laravel(5), MySQL, Bootstrap, Sass, Git, ftp, linux, apache, composer, swagger, bower, webpack, solr, phinx, vagrant, MailChimp, Ratchet.

Bootstrap, CSS3, Git, JS, Phalcon, REST API, Scrum, MySQL, PHP, PostgreSQL, Solr, Yii, RabbitMQ, Redis, SOLID, Laravel5

I am a programmer with 4+ years of experience. I enjoy working on interesting and challenging projects that enable me to apply my skills required to perform work at the highest level. I have a large portfolio of more than 20 web applications. Those are: “api” for mobile applications, CRM-systems, internet stores, internal corporate websites.

Interesting, current project. Working as a team with experienced developers. The study of new approaches and technologies.

1 September

PHP Developer

$1000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

PHP Backend Developer based in Malta. Current main stack of technologies I've been working with for the last year: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery, Wordpress, Linux, Nginx.

PHP, Laravel, OOP, Git, MySQL, JQuery, Linux, REST API, SOLID, MVC, Back-End, Mercurial

Looking for a part-time remote job ~20 hours per week. Located in Malta

1 September

PHP, Javascript Developer

Moscow · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

PHP, MySQL, Linux, JavaScript, HTML, XML,XSLT, CSS, jquery, mvc, ZF MySQL - database normalization, SQL queries optimization, working with big tables JavaScript - native and jQuery, animation etc. Linux - installation and setup apache mods and mysql server CSS - responsive design, animations, bootstrap PHP - OOP style, curl web site parsing, for example dynamic getting data from external pages or auto filling and sending data to form etc. Ajax - both front end and back end realization including saving and loading from mysql.

AJAX, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, Java EE, JS, MVC, MySQL, PHP5, XML

На руководящих должностях более 10 лет. Опыт руководства it-службами, интернет-проектами, коллективом более 50 человек. Программист с более, чем 20-летним стажем. Знание языков и технологий : java, javascript, php, sql, jquery,html, css,mvc, ZF, ajax, mysql, mssql...

PHP, Javascript, AJAX, Zend Framework(1, 2), MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, NoSQL, OOP, jQuery, API's, HTML, CSS, Git, Linux I enjoy working on interesting and challenging projects that enable me to apply my skills required to perform work at the highest level. I have a large portfolio of more than 100 web applications. Those are: backend for mobile applications, reservation systems, CRM-systems, online exchanges, internet stores, sites with branding systems, internal corporate websites,state information systems. Interesting projects using advanced technology. No СMS.

30 August


Novosibirsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, London · $1200 · 2.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Работа с самописными сайтами на php, с сайтами на wordpress с кастомными темами (плагины, организация кода, оптимизаия админской части для менеджеров), поддержка сайта на bitrix (работа с кастомными инфоблоками, API, разработка компонентов). Написание простых REST API сервисов. Работа с API внешних сервисов. Есть небольшой опыт работы с Yii2. Сейчас работаю в офисе полный рабочий день.

MySQL, PHP, Git, JavaScript, jQuery, REST API, MVC, CSS, AJAX, HTML, JSON, Bootstrap, Redis, Yii2, PHP 7.0+, SQL, WordPress, Bitrix

Возможно, способности находить решения новым для себя задачам и интересу к изучению нового.

Хотелось бы поработать в команде программистов, научиться командной работе (т.к. ранее работал в компаниях, где был по сути единственным веб-программистом), обучиться новым для себя технологиям, перенять чужой опыт и поделиться своим. Интересна была бы работа с новыми фреймворками или погружение в Yii2

28 August

Team Lead / Senior software engineer

Remote work, Russia · $5000 · 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Automated Testing (QA) AWS Backbone.js Bootstrap CSS Design Patterns docker ElasticSearch Git JavaScript jQuery Laravel Linux Memcached MySQL Nginx Node.js PHP PHPUnit RabbitMQ ReactPHP Redis REST API vuejs Yii

Automated Testing, apache kafka, Bootstrap, DDD, Design Patterns, Docker, Git, JavaScript, jQuery, Laravel, Linux, Memcached, MySQL, Nginx, Node.js, Phalcon, PHP, PHPUnit, RabbitMQ, ReactPHP, Redis, REST API, Vue/Vuex, Yii, AWS, CSS, ElasticSearch

Great agent (greatagentusa.com) • Performed candidates interviews and assisted in recruiting to build the team. • Created and decomposed tasks for the team. • Performed meetings • Assisted the team and its development and skills improvement. • Set up CI/CD environment using jenkins and pipelines to deploy code to the Amazon cloud. • Developed an environment to execute tests based on the Dusk laravel library. • Implemented refactoring from pure php legacy code written with php5 to php7 written with laravel. • Accomplished real estates properties data import to the database from different sources providing data by REST, RETS and SOAP protocols. • Implemented CQRS approach (write to MySQL, read from Elasticsearch) to improve the application performance. • Set up the google analytics to track important system events and a customer funnel. • Developed the REST API to exchange data with the SPA (reactjs). • Worked on the application logic like a leads processing, a subscription management, a mailing system. Bounty hunters (bountyhunters.io) • Developed social networks integrations (telegram, twitter, facebook, bitcointalk, reddit) that allowed users to perform different type of tasks on the platform. • Developed the system of tasks execution with rabbitmq queues to guarantee consistent data processing. • Implemented the system of user social profile estimation to recognize if user is real or he is a bot based on user activity in social media. • Took a part in the system of payments to users with ethereum wallets using truffle and web3. Worklab (work-lab.ru) • Set up CI/CD environment using bitbucket pipelines, docker-compose and dockerhub registry to deploy code to the Digital Ocean cloud. • Developed backend REST API with laravel (php 7.2). • Documented API with swagger. • Set up acceptance tests with the Codeception. • Implemented architecture of the SPA with VueJS (vuex) and oath2.

I look for a remote job currently as soon as most of time in a year I spend in Asia. I’d like to be a part of a skillful team that using modern advanced approaches to build a qualitative product. I prefer role of a lead or senior software engineer. I see technologies you prefer to use like docker/jenkins and modern frameworks like laravel. I used it before for a long time and consider them as great tools to build solid applications.

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