5 September

IT Recruiter

Remote work, Ukraine · $800 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Experience with positions: PHP (Laravel, cms), JS (React, Node), React Native, HTML dev, QA, iOS, Android, Sales, PM, BA, UI/UX designers. Recruiting search tools: Linkedin, Social Media, Boolean search, internal and external recommendations, Djinni, Behance,job sites I've been working in the field of recruiting/HR for 3.5 years, last 2.5 years as IT recruiter. I work with many vacancies from trainees to seniors/leads, usually about 6 positions.

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Recruiting, Human Resources, HR, CV Screening, Linkedin, Boolean Search, English, headhunting

Closed 10 positions per month. Urgently found (5 days) a middle+ FE developer and brought him to work. Have big linkedin community with different developers

Remote work or freelance projects. I'd like to work with middle and senior level vacancies. The technical stack is unimportant, I can figure out technologies that I have never encountered before. Cool team or boss will be a plus :)

8 August

Sales Manager

Berlin, USA, London, Minsk, Kyiv · $7000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Highly experienced Business development, Sales and Software delivery manager. Previously responsible for the COMPANY growth and business development in US and North America. Also served as Director of Software Delivery for all US based accounts. Account manager for strategic accounts. Bringing 20+ years of IT development and executive management experience in different geographical regions and industries. Skilled at leveraging personal relations, exceptional work ethic to exceed corporate targets for efficiency, customer service, and outstanding quality. Honest, capable, self-organized, focused and dedicated on company success.

Account Management, International sales, Business development, Negotiations, Team Leadership, Team management, Sales Management, Product management

1. 20+ years in the industry (from developer to director of biz dev). 2. Passion, ability to quick learn, see business goals, constant working on myself and awareness in the cutting edge tech/business trends. 3. Multi-cultural, multi-language skills (Fluent English, German, Hebrew). Russian, Polish – native. 4. Great communication skills. 5. SAP – 100% awareness on local ecosystem, key contacts, (Russia, CIS, Partially Germany, Israel) 6. Proven experience of building dedicated development offshore centers from scratch up to 90 people(2005-2009 – TB&W(87 people) with partner, 2013-2017 SAP hybris (47 people) – solely), Sitecore practice (0-15 people in 1 year -solely).

My expectations is a leadership position with a lot of responsibility on my end and freedom for making decisions from the company owners/board of directors. I really do not care if it is small/medium or large organisation. I even ready to build it from scratch.

27 July

руководитель проекта

$1000 · 3 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Выполняла проектирование детского центра зеленого туризма. Руководителя туристического центра.

Business Analysis

Созданной и внедренной в действие методикой по подготовке специалистов по туризму. Презентация методики подготовки специалистов в области зеленого сельского туризма.

Свобода действий при личной ответственности за проект или команду.

26 July

Продажи, Бизнес аналитика

Kyiv, Minsk · $1500 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Большой опыт в организации интернет-торговли "с нуля". Анализ уже готовых проектов и консультирование по оптимизации процессов. Исследование рынка. Высокие коммуникативные навыки. Написание скриптов продаж. Участие в разработке CRM c точки зрения бизнес-процессов. Написание технических заданий и руководств пользования.

• Разработака и внедрение скриптов для операторов • Разработака и внедрение системы мотивации персонала • Увеличение оборота розничного отдела в три раза • Построения отдела технической поддержки • Разработана CRM