10 October

Product Owner, Business Process Analyst, Knowledge Manager

Minsk · $1400 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have 10 years of work experience, the latest one of them in IT. During all this time, I: * developed a whole bunch of drawings and schematics in electronics industry; * developed requirements for an online payment web plugin; * conducted ca. 150 anthropological interviews; * analyzed & organized tons of anthropological recordings, developed methods of work with them; * analyzed business problems in 3 organizations; * recorded 3 albums of music, being a participant in bands; :) * many times conducted search for existing solutions / products in various market domains (analog electronics, digital electronics, work management software, product lifecycle software etc.); * developed some embedded software and some firmware modules; * developed a kind of framework of technical documentation for software. What work I'd like to try: * product ownership of a socially conscious, serious software product; * business architecture and business security: analysis and design of business processes and models, risk analysis in organizations.

Business Analysis, Requirements analysis, Waterfall, Agile, BABOK, UML, English, Proofreading, Business Strategy, Enterprise Architect, Software Architecture, Microservices, Requirements management, Business Process Analysis, HR Analysis, Software Documentation, technical documentation, Problem Solving, Problem Analysis, Diagrams and flowcharts, Axure, Wireframes, HTML/CSS

1) I've created wiring diagrams for a very large hardware product. 2) I've conducted a bunch of special interviews. 3) I've written many analytical texts (blog posts) on a number of topics. 4) I've organized people to rehearse and record music. 5) I've created a couple of documentation frameworks.

It should be a mid-scale or large-scale company creating its own socially responsible products. NOT outsourcing! Business processes should be more or less organized; NOT total chaos. Alternatively, I could help companies that actually need to organize their processes, analyze their problems and find solutions.

15 September

Product manager

Minsk, Kyiv, Moscow, St. Petersburg · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Alfa-Bank Product Owner / Руководитель по развитию цифровых каналов Работа с Backlog'ом продукта. Совместное создание видения продукта. Написание пользовательских историй, их декомпозиция и определение приоритетов. Взаимодействие с заинтересованными лицами (клиенты, бизнес-заказчики, департамент рисков, депортамент информационной безопастности). Анализ конкурентов, определение сильных и слабых сторон продукта. Интервью с клиентами. Исследования их поведения при взаимодействии с продуктом. Работа по Скраму. Контроль и изменение продуктовых метрик. Организация совместной работы дизайнеров, аналитиков, web-разработчиков, iOS и Android разработчиков, DevOps'ов, тестировщиков. Организация работы 2-х Scrum-команд. Организация работы по поставке фич в несколько каналов: веб, мобильные приложения, API. Обучение особенностям и работе с лучшими сторонами продукта кол-центра, "полевиков", менеджеров по работе с клиентами в филиальной сети. Разработка вместе с 2-мя командами интернет и мобильного банкинга в составе Альфа Бизнеса. BuySmart Project manager Designing the interface of the online store, the organization of the process of developing and promoting the project, setting tasks and controlling the work of the layout designer, back-end developer, content manager. Product testing. Identify the weaknesses of the UI and UX product. Selection and interview of employees in the team. Проектирование интерфейса интернет-магазина, организация процесса разработки, постановка задач и контроль работы верстальщика, back-end разработчика, контент-менеджера. Тестирование продукта. Выявление слабых мест UI и UX продукта. Подбор и собеседование сотрудников в команду. YouOne Project manager Statement of tasks for developers, Compilation of technical tasks, Monitoring the work of the layout and back-end developer. Проектирование архитектуры веб-сервиса ( серверная и клиентская часть), Постановка задач разработчикам, Составление тех.заданий, Контроль работы верстальщика и back-end разработчика.

Agile, DevTeam retrospective, Preparation and facilitation of Scrum ev, trello, Сonfiguring the collaboration of two or, Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Jira, Daily Scrum, Scrum, sprint planning, Управление интернет-проектами, Technical background, CSS3, JS

Настройка работы команды разработчиков топового азиатского купонника besmart.kz, и дочернего интернет-магазина товаров. Запуск собственного стартапа сервиса авторизации публичных сетей от видения продукта до продаж и сопровождения клиентов.

Интересные продукты. Коллектив, который заряжен работать совместно и делать крутые продукты.

31 August

RnD Director

Minsk · $6000 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- Department's strategy development & execution - Business plans creation - Budgets planing & acquisition - General department administration - Full control of the roadmap - Full managing of the apps - Control of the budgets. - Strong marketing skills - Experince on both B2B and B2C markets - Working with tight deadlines, multitasking - Managing of team of 50 employees (Flash, Java, iOS, Android, Design, QA etc) - Managing remote team (Belarus, Ukraine, Montenegro) - Implementation of agile methodology from the scratch - Control of development process from sprint planning till the release - Analyzing user requirements (customer support, users feedback) - Competitors research

Product management, Prototype, Project Management