22 мая

Marketing Manager

Минск · $1650 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

I am 32 years old, and of these already 17 years old, I work in creative, advertise and advertise (since 2003). In my portfolio you will find a large number of projects related to the promotion and creation of creative audio-visual projects, copywriting, SMM, web and print design, events and much more.

Digital marketing, Google Analytics, Marketing, Content marketing, Facebook Ads, English, SEO, SMM, Google Ads, Team management, E-mail marketing, Project Management, Web Analytics, copywriting, PR, Google Tag Manager, AdWords, Wordpress, HTML, google adwords, Product management, CRM, Account Management, Press-Releases, Analytical Skills, Outdoor advertising, CSS, Analysis, Articles, Brand Management, Event Marketing, Google Data Studio, Яндекс.Директ, Google Trends, Business goals

Thanks to my vast experience, I help save companies a lot of money for creating audio-visual-visual projects. The projects in which I took part not only made a huge contribution to the performance of the companies in which I worked, but also received numerous awards by independent juries.

At this time, filled with daily technological breakthroughs, I want to be in the very center of this process and implement bright and interesting innovative projects. And as I said above, for this I am ready to cope with the routine. It is important for me to be in a team with people who dream, like me, to change this world and make it even better, more convenient and more comfortable.

22 мая

Head of CPA department/ Head of Sales/ Head of affiliates/ CMO / Project Manager

EU, US, Cyprus, Минск, Киев, Remote · $3000 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

I'm looking for an executive position in Affiliate Network/Product company. I have experience in business development from the ground up. Strong management skills (team management up to 15 people). The highly motivated person, goal oriented and a workaholic. I love my job, I want to not stop there and develop further

Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Team management, Lead generation, CPL/CPA, affiliate marketing, Affiliate, affiliate network, Sales and Marketing strategy, Sales, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Account Management, English, Marketing, Email Marketing, Project Management, Managing and monitoring product KPIs, CPI

- built a business from scratch - selected the best team - achieved the goals

no matter small or big company. It must be a company like a family. The team must love what they do.

18 мая

Senior copywriter

Москва, Нижний Новгород, Санкт Петербург, Минск, Киев · $2000 · 2,5 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Копирайтер в финансовых сервисах: — писал текст для сайта, в том числе на главную страницу; — готовил интерфейсный текст для сети банкоматов; — писал смс-рассылки, цепочки писем, статей, сценарии роликов.

Content marketing, SEO, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Jira, Content-marketing

Переписал и согласовал интерфейс банкоматов для банка крупнейшего в России инвестиционного брокера, подготовил макет главной страницы для редизайна, внедрил редполитику для сотрудников.

Меньше бюрократии и десятков согласований, больше свободы действий, молодой коллектив, отсутствие строгого дресс-кода, наличие в команде крутых дизайнеров

29 апреля

Business Development Manager (Head), Marketing/User Acquisition Lead (Head)

Киев, Минск, relocate, remote · $3000 · 6 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Закупка трафика в различных источниках для мобильных приложений и онлайн-продуктов (рекламные сети, TikTok, Twitter) Опыт работы в маркетинге - больше 6ти лет Более подробный опыт вышлю в резюме

Online Marketing, Digital marketing, Marketing, Account Management, Marketing Strategy, Business Developement, Advanced English

User Acquisition - закупка трафика для мобильных приложений, налаживание работы с партнёрами, оптимизация кампаний, аналитика. Работа с вертикалями Gaming, Health&Fitness Business development - переговоры с рекамодателями, рекламными сетями, сервис провайдерами, заключение сделок, стратегическое планирование, анализ результатов сделок Affiliate marketing/Account management - работа с CPM, CPA-сетями и медиа байерами, закупка траффика по CPA, CPM моделям, ведение и оптимизация кампаний, раота в партнерских программах Marketing R&D - ресерчи рынка, поиск новых площадок для размещения рекламы, поиск новых рекламных инструментов, переговоры с потенциальными партнерами, установление договоренностей Social Media - создание и управлениями кампаний в Facebook и Twitter, ведение страниц брендов, монетизация страниц в социальных сетях

Работа в хорошей команде над интересными и масштабными проектами. Работа на результат. Непрерывное обучение Рассматриваю работу в любом городе, также удаленную работу. Вакансии Sales-менеджеров в аутсорс-компании не предлагать

20 апреля

Chief Marketing Officer, Business Development, Account Executive

Киев, Минск, СНГ, USA · $6000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

10+ years - Chief Marketing Officer with responsibility for Customer Experience & Business Results 8+ years – leading cross-functional projects: launching new products, services, processes 2+ years – working in SCRUM framework as a Product Owner and Agile couch with responsibility for culture transformation Certifications Certified ScrumMaster® Certified Scrum Product Owner® I'm looking for a job in IT industry as a Business Development Director, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Customer Officer.

Digital marketing, Project Management, Product management, Team management, Content marketing, Marketing Strategy, SMM, Brand Marketing, CRM Marketing, Lead generation, Business Developement, Business Strategy, Business Planning, Product Marketing, Sales and Marketing strategy

As a Marketing Professional: - new brand strategy launches, new products and new markets launches - effective management of marketing budgets with focus on leads generating, costs per traffic - CRM successful implementation with focus on Customer Life Value, keeping and churn decreasing As a senior manager: - Agile transformation from hierarchy structure to team of teams network - my style of leadership as a servant leader As a Product Owner: - Online business launching from scratch – domain, concept, CMS choosing, Customer Requirement Document (CRD). Achieved >1 mln traffic per month and eCommerce operational profit, technical and commercial e-store development, marketplaces integration, click&collect implementation. • KPIs: Sales, Margin, Profit

Innovations addicted people, Agile culture, Products loved by Customers

7 апреля

Chief Marketing Officer 

Удаленная работа, Беларусь · $1000 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

1. 2020 Babyneo - surrogacy agency Launch of additional CPAs (development of an offer, coordination of financial and legal conditions, statement of technical specifications); Launching teaser networks (new traffic + return); Launch of RTB (programmatic): new traffic + return; Adaptation of marketing activities of the company to the channel; Launch of affiliate programs; Performance and user behavior analysis. 2. 2020 Hopscotch - eCommerce Digital officer Purchase contextual (Google Adwords) and targeted advertising (Facebook & Instagram); Maintenance of social networks; Creation of media materials (presentations, banners, covers). SMM 3. 2019 Tomdom - online home textile store (4000SKU) tomdom.ru Media buyer Managing the purchase of traffic in the channels: context, target, marketplaces, CPA exchanges, teaser networks, RTB, partner sites (development, offers, coordination of financial and legal conditions, statement of technical tasks); Drawing up and protection of a media plan; Configure analytics. 4. 2018 Noosphere Technologies Moscow, noosphere.net Regional Marketing Development Manager -Developing a marketing strategy of the company in the Chinese region -Communicating with foreign partners -Managing regional representatives •making a database of counterparties -Market research -Presentation of the company at global conferences -Writing articles -Affiliate program 5. 2018 CREDITS fast blockchain & cryptocurrency Москва, credits.com Business Development Manager (China region) -Developing a marketing strategy of the company in the Chinese region -Communicating with foreign partners -Managing regional representatives •making a database of counterparties -Market research -Presentation of the company at global conferences

Digital marketing, Google Analytics, Content marketing, Marketing, SMM, PPC, Google Ads, Lead generation, CRM, Google Tag Manager, PR, copywriting, SEO, Facebook Ads, E-mail marketing, Online Advertising

Credits.com - ICO (accomplished) World WIFI - ICO (accomplished) 151EYE Facebook leads Noosphere Technologies Tomdom leads (2 mln rubles/ month) BabyNeo leads and contracts

Looking for a competitive position in a marketing team. Remote only.

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