18 May

Customer support specialist

Remote work, Belarus · $500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

My name is Tatiana. I currently reside in Belarus; consequently my native language is Russian. I have always had a thirst for learning foreign languages which resulted in getting a degree in linguistics. After graduation I worked as a Russian-English and English-Russian translator trying to find and develop myself as a true professional in this field. In 2012 I was offered a teaching job and tried my hand at giving lectures to students at the university. Though I really enjoyed teaching, I felt myself out of place. At that time my job was closely related to social interaction. So, my strongly developed communicative skills and an ability to find common ground with people of different kinds paved the way for my professional journey with customer support which began in 2017. I was hired as a remote client support specialist at a Maltese company called Tile.Expert Ltd, an online tile store. For almost 2 years I‘ve been in charge of providing excellent customer support service to the UK clients, resolving incidents and technical issues, managing databases, setting up and optimizing company pages in social media (Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram in particular). Then I was promoted to the chief sales manager. And my tasks got far more complicated but not less interesting. Being a very energetic person, I am not comfortable with settling. I always have new goals to achieve and professional accomplishments to strive for. Moreover, I enjoy working in international companies side by side with real professionals of different backgrounds and nationalities who are willing to share their valuable experience with me.

Customer service, Advanced English

9 May


Minsk · $600 · More than 10 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

2007-2017 System administrator: Windows 2003-2016, XP-10 (ts, hyper-v, rdg, directaccess, dfs, storage space...), SCVMM, SLES, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Backup Exec, Acronis Backup, Veritas System recovery, 1С, УКМ, PowerPOS, ZyXEL, Allied Telesis, Synology, MS OWAS/OOS2016, DIGI. Database administrator: LS Trade (Visual FoxPro), MSSQL, Firebird, MySQL Head of Automation Department: 5 operators and economist. Purchase, Setup, maintenance of the IT infrastructure of the enterprise. Consultation on the organization of accounting of material values in retail and own production during the audit and restructuring 2015-Present Implementation of trading system LS Trade in the chain of stores. User consultation LS Trade (Front («prom»), Back («prod/prom»), Head («prod/prom»), TSD). Administration of LS Trade database in the chain of stores (30 + («prod/prom»), Head-Office («prod/prom»)). Trade equipment connected to LS trade. Inventory. Visual FoxPro, PowerPOS, MSSQL, MySQL, Windows Server 2018-Present Implementation of LS Trade Fusion. Administration of LS Trade Fusion. CentOS, PostgreSQL, JVM, Fusionscript Системный администратор/эникей, администратор баз данных в розничной торговле. Руководитель отдела АСУ около 8 лет до ликвидации преприятия. Комплексная автоматизация розничной тоговли от "железа" и "софта", до объяснения руководству, что с этим всем делать для увеличения прибыли.

Windows, Windows Server, Hyper-V, System administration, Python

Courses: English courses, Java Programming Language, Python, Kursy języka polskiego, Microsoft Course Windows Server 2008-2012 Languages: English, Polskie, Français, Русский, Беларуская мова

Готов работать и местами "пахать" с более-менее адекватным графиком, оплатой и условиями труда, особенно с обучением чему-то новому, или в интересном проекте. Высиживание … в офисе за бесплатные печенье, кофе и интернет мало интересно.