About Amevalue

Amevalue - is an international customer support outsourcing company. Our main mission - help different companies to outsource customer support processes and free up internal resources for core activities.

Name of our company means: Amevalue is a play on words and comes from the phrase "I am a value," because our corporate culture and business processes are developed to make our cooperation as valuable as possible for both companies.

We do everything we can to keep your business running 24/7 and take care of your clients🙌. Many years of experience in sales and customer support allow us to deeply understand the peculiarities of working with clients and be as effective as possible💯.

Different companies choose us as partners because of 3 Core reasons🔥:
- Value: from the first second of our cooperation, we do everything possible for you to trust us and be proud to call our company your partner. Amevaluable partnership - this is our main goal.
- Price: salaries in Ukraine are lower than in Europe and USA, so you get a very motivated and experienced person almost twice as cheap.
- Speed: our business processes are focused on getting you the best customer support agents in the first month so we can start working ASAP with your clients.

Work with us and your customers will never choose competitors🔥

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