• 11 October

    Проект у домені транспортної логістики, який передбачає розробку платформи для автоматизації процесу комунікації між учасниками ринку. Автоматизація процесу комунікації буде здійснена на основі чату.

    Любомир Стефанюк, Директор at UcoM Logistics
    Ivano-Frankivsk Product   Office/Remote of your choice · 1 year of experience

About UcoM Logistics

The company “UcoM Logistics” appeared in the market of warehouse and transport logistics in 2006.
During 12 years of successful and effective work our team proved itself as a reliable partner and was able to gain the trust of a large number of clients. Since 2015 the office SAON LC OU is actively developed in Tallinn. Providing strategic management of delivery chains, we raise competitiveness of our clients, making their logistics as much effective as possible.
Choosing logistic company, you choose not only the system but people, culture and values of the company. Choosing “UcoM Logistics” you are reassured in a professional attitude and responsibilityfortheresult.

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