Ricker Lyman Robotic a US company based in New York, Iowa, Lviv, and Kyiv.
Our team is looking for a QA Automation Engineer who will help us building Data Lake using Big Data technologies stack.
If you are passionate about clouds, clusters and Big Data technologies stack you will enjoy the project.

Required skills:
Experience using software test automation;
Experience with automated testing in a continuous integration environment;
Working knowledge of distributed processing;
Extensive knowledge of "big data" testing with Hive and Spark;
Knowledge about cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GC);
Experience with shell scripting, Docker, Jenkins;
Technical expertise in Java or Python and SQL.

Test against business requirements to assure alignment between businesses needs, the written requirements and the software delivered;
Monitor business and functional requirements, check its testability;
Create and implement a strategy for automated testing using CI/CD tools;
Prepare, revise and execute test plans;
Develop test datasets that mimic real-world data and test edge conditions, create data-driven tests to check application performance and data accuracy with different sets of data;
Design and build scalable, maintainable and flexible automation test framework and test scripts to achieve maximum code coverage;
Maintain the automation scripts and review the product changes, coordinate with engineers to provide efficient feedback;
Create and execute automated regression tests, ensuring the reliability of each release;
Analyze and identify presence of any bug in system, escalate issues if required, assist all engineers to validate and resolve the bug issues;
Prepare schedule for the test activities, document bug issues.

As a plus:
Fintech experience.

From our side we can assure you that:
You WON'T work on never-ending maintenance projects;
You WILL work on cutting-edge projects, solving critical challenges;
You WILL have market or above market financial compensation;
You WILL be able to build processes and company together;
We WILL provide you all benefits common for IT companies and even more.

Let's make Big Data great again!

About Ricker Lyman robotic

The Ricker Lyman Robotic Company provides global companies with expertise in cutting-edge technology such as big data, streaming microservices, the blockchain, the Internet of things, and big data governance.

As we expand the automation of our homes and offices, the control of lighting, heating, entertainment systems, when does it cease to be a building and become a robot in the form of a building? As we expand the integrated automation of manufacturing, when does it cease to be a factory and become a large factory shaped robot?

Previous generations had a vision of the future, where technology ubiquitously serves our needs, where we ceaselessly conquer the frontiers of space and knowledge. Our company is dedicated to this vision. Technology can be simple yet powerful, intuitive yet awesome. We intend to make it so.

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This job is no longer active.
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