In this role, you will be working together with our hardware/embedded and business departments and will be responsible for building the software systems designed for different electronics.

As a member of Alnicko Development’s team, you’ll do the following:

• Develop multiprocessing, subprocessing, threading modules,
• Code, debug using of HTTP/S, Websockets, MQTT,
• Perform unit and integration testing, logging,
• Using of Git workflow,
• Programming solutions for Linux (good knowledge).

Будет плюсом:
• GUI knowledge,
• Experience using of cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud etc.,
• Experience using of low-level interfaces such as UART, SPI, I2C, USB,
• TDD.

Приглашаем всех, кому интересна разработка завершенных продуктов и есть желание сменить профиль деятельности. Мы разрабатываем портативные и носимые устройства, IoT беспроводную электронику, видеокамеры, промышленную технику.

Что отличает команду Alnicko Development от других:

• Участие в разработке прорывных продуктов для рынков ЕС и США,
• Преимущественно молодой, но профессиональный коллектив инженеров,
• Хорошо организованный процесс и командная работа,
• Комфортный офис в центре города.

Python developer (Linux based solutions)

About Alnicko Development

Alnicko Development works with Customers from Israel, Europe, China, and engineers have a proven track records of successfully completed projects for clients from USA, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and France.
Competitive pricing makes our services a cost-effective solution to any business.
We ensure timely delivery of hardware products on a regular basis.

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This job is no longer active.
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