Senior Fullstack Developer (Angular, Golang, Kubernetes) (offline)

The leading Buy Now Pay Later company operating in the Central Eastern European markets of Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria. Mokka has more than 12 million registered customers.

Manager mission

My role is to drive innovations and delivery in a startup environment.

What makes this role amazing?

Join our dynamic startup, shape innovative products, and see your impact in real-time. Be a key player in a (yet )small, agile team driving meaningful change in the hiring industry.


AI-driven candidate assessments for hiring great talent.


Stealth-mode innovating talent acquisition with AI-powered candidate assessments, enhancing hiring processes for companies worldwide.


Foster happiness at work by aligning people with roles, companies and teams where they thrive.

Role Mission

You will play a central role in designing and implementing both the front and back end of our platform, ensuring seamless, high-performance user interfaces and robust, scalable backend solutions.

Develop a personal account for recruiters, including login, candidates pipeline and company settings within a month

Develop dynamic job descriptions that can be crafted and distributed by recruiters autonomously within 3 months

Make existing “self-assessment” product pixel-perfect within 2 months

Angular, Golang, Kubernetes



UTC -1 to UTC +4


Salary - Competitive salary

Bonuses - ESOP

Vacation - 21 days off