Front-end (React) engineer (offline)

Full-stack engineers with Node.js are also welcome!


The set-up

- We are starting a new project, which will be your main focus, at least initially. The project is being initiated by 2 of our engineers (FE & BE), who will remain your main collaborators throughout the delivery.

- By being a part of our software development team you will also have an opportunity to engage with various other projects in the future.

- We're looking for an experienced engineer capable of working without too much guidance (around "middle" level; but more than 5 YoE might be too much for the role considering the anticipated project complexity)

- While we do have an established development process and a preferred tech stack (Typescript, React, Redux Toolkit, Tailwind, Node.js, Express, TypeORM, PostgreSQL, AWS, and Docker), we do welcome and encourage you to reflect, challenge, and expand upon these!


Key Requirements

- English proficiency (seamless verbal and written communication)

- 2+ years of commercial experience with Typescript

- 1+ years of commercial experience with React and its ecosystem

- Experience using Git and Docker in a team setting

- Node.js / Full-stack experience or ambition is a nice bonus


Our Ideal Candidate

- Resonates with Agile values and principles

- Follows dev excellence and clean code principles

- Able to provide feedback on and enhance product specifications

- Appreciates the importance of user experience

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