Senior Software Engineer (Angular, NestJS, Node.JS, GraphQL) EU (offline)

We are currently looking for a Senior Software Engineer Angular, NestJS (Node.JS, GraphQL).


Location: EU


Open Position

Developing an Open Reference Architecture (ORA) for a secure and sustainable cloud edge infrastructure that includes intelligent optimization methods for data transparency and security. This reference infrastructure, aspired by the EU IPCEI-CIS program, shall be the basis for future software development and a prerequisite for a pan-European cloud edge infrastructure.

Project ”ORA” is formal content and execution proposal. It has been qualified and accepted by the public funding stakeholder (EU and BMWk) and has external visibility.

Our micro-frontend portal framework (internal project name “Jukebox”) adds dynamic configuration of micro frontends on top of Luigi. This enables large-scale distribution and loosely coupled development of UIs into single frontend application. While in most Luigi-based applications, the configuration is hard-coded, Jukebox determines the configuration (i.e. the navigation entries including the links to the micro-frontends) during runtime. This is achieved by reading the configuration data from a persistence provided within a Kubernetes cluster. Jukebox consists of a server application implemented using the NestJS framework and a frontend application implemented as Angular application using the Luigi framework.


Development tasks:

• Develop the Jukebox micro-frontend portal framework

• Drive open sourcing of Jukebox so that it can be used within the ORA context

• Write reliable and fast unit and end-to-end tests to deliver quality software


Developer profile:

• Angular, NestJS (Node.JS, GraphQL) knowledge

• Experience with micro frontends and microservices

• Practice of agile software engineering


Reporting requirements

Each workstream will have a supervisor assigned from the ORA Cockpit team. The progress in each project shall be reported to the project supervisor on a bi-weekly basis. Furthermore, on a monthly basis a written progress update shall be sent and be presented in a project steering incl. ORA cockpit project management.