FE Lead(React/node.js) For AI startup (offline) $2000-2500

We're an AI startup that is related to HR and recruitment. We're building a Cat Recruiter AI solution to make the life of recruiters easier.


We are looking for an FE lead with React.js expertise and BE experience. To lead a team of FE developers that going to implement layouts, work on voice chat-bot, integrate with ATS systems, implement dashboards, statistics and many more.


What will be your responsibilities?


- Writing FE on Next.js/React

- Integrate product with ATS systems

- Write a Voice chat-bot NPM package using WebSocket

- Leading and mentoring a team of 2-3 other devs.

- Collaborating with CTO and founder


Tech Stack:

- React/Next.js

- Node.js/Express

- trpc

- WebSocket

- Prisma ORM, firebase, PSQL

- Google Cloud


Compensation and Benefits:

- Equity/Options;

- 2 days off per month with accumulation;

- Meetings only if required except daily standups;

- Having a say in what we're doing;

- Zero bureaucracy

- Full remote and flexible fours

- Salary growth depending on milestones